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Rep. Hastings: At $174,000 Per Year, Congressmen Not ‘Paid Appropriately’

by Eric Scheiner, CNS News:

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) says that people find it surprising that members of Congress are in “year nine without a cost of living increase” and House members who make $174,000 a year, are “deserving of being paid appropriately.”

“People find it surprising that we’re entering this legislation in 2017 – year nine without a cost of living increase for members of Congress,” Hastings said on the House floor during the debate over legislative funding last week.

“Some substantial number of members of this body are multi-millionaires, a significant number of members of this body easily qualify to be in the middle-class or the upper-class – and there are some members here who are in the lower-class in our society,” Hastings said.

“Some of us own our own homes here in the metropolitan Virginia – Maryland area. Some rent apartments, some rent basements, some in one room some are gathered together because of the expenses here. My friend is right, I’d like to go home and be able to show to my constituents and to his, that we did everything that we could here to make for more efficiency.”

“Now I think it’s wrong for members of the House of Representatives to live in their offices. I think that there’s an ethics provision that needs to be addressed and I think that there is a tax consideration that needs to be addressed,” Hastings later added.

“And the public does not understand that nearly 100 members including the Speaker of The House of Representatives live in their offices, there is something drastically wrong with that. Most of them are there because they can’t afford to live in this town – and somehow or another we are deserving as are our staffs deserving of being paid appropriately. “

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1 comment to Rep. Hastings: At $174,000 Per Year, Congressmen Not ‘Paid Appropriately’

  • Stefan

    I have to admit, Rep. Alcee Hastings is 100% correct. Congress is not paid appropriately. Congress should take a pay cut to $25K per year so they can look for other work to support themselves and their families. Additionally, their staff must be culled to no more than 3. Then we can all consider these folks plus the Senate are paid appropriately. Thank you Mr. Hastings for your blunt honesty. LOL!

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