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Opposing Forces Ultimately Ending Up Going the Same Direction

from Rogue Money:

The headline picture depicts what I believe is going on at this very moment among the world’s power brokers. As highlighted in many of my installments the business macro events are now nearly running hand in hand with the micro events, no time differential at all, with respect to business/economic visibility. Also as reported on multiple occasions, witness the announcements of layoffs, preceding the actual quarterly earnings reports of western based businesses. Not a time honored practice of any honest businesses. A sure sign of weakness, and a sign of an impending disaster. For most of us, it simply means “batten down the hatches and be prepared”… problems are coming on multiple fronts.

A recent interview (shown below) with Dr. Jim Willie, provided some support of this Wolf Gray theory. A theory that signals the western elite are working at this moment with eastern power brokers to come up with a viable solution to help all concerned. All except for us, the little guys. I have been of the opinion that once the western PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) recognizes the BRICS economic momentum is unstoppable, they will implode things ‘ASAP’ to keep as much ownership rights of their home turf from being titled to the BRICS & Assoc. Theory being, “they can’t afford to lose everything….!”

And why is this important to the little guys in the USSA, and by little guys I mean almost anyone with less than a 9 figure net worth (might need to be north of that to boot)? This group which comprises over 99+% of the western populous will be left, “To Fend for themselves, for an unknown time period!” We are the sacrificial lambs in the LBO (leveraged buy out) of the USSA. Our side of the negotiating table is manned by a bunch of limp wristed numb nutzes, pounding their chests like Tarzan, but deep down knowing nothing can change things for the moment. Time has to play itself out on this business chess board. We aren’t always the good guys….I suspect I will piss off many of you by the end of this installment……

Whether this theory is accurate or not matters not, as the western business/economic foundations will be upended. And are in active upheaval now with no return trip yet in sight. We gave away the advantages of God given bounty, while tending to these gifts with no respect…no respect whatsoever. That will change, and soon if we are to survive. As a reference to another ‘’ article by Ken Schortgen Jr., caused my feeble brain to go into deep think overload, more in a second.

That being said, it appears to the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell that enemies are now forced to reluctantly work together, loosely but together for the moment. A very necessary overture for one side to stem it’s economic bleeding. On the outward surfaces, reported by the msm and alternative media outlets, they might be fighting (recently still active in some cases, Ukraine, Syria etc.), but the big dogs at the top seem to now recognize the end games are in sight. Thus the possibility that they are working to salvage as much of their own rights as is possible. The losers included, of course. And make no mistake about it, we in the west are the losers this time, and our elite overlords may very well be trying to assess the damages at this very moment. But, for the first time in several centuries, the west will be deciding from the loser’s side of the equation. Now a quick review, of only a few news briefs……..

Recent News

The answer to this first headline from Zero Hedge is?

Because market supply & demand fundamentals & metrics have no meaning anymore. I suspect in keeping with the theme of this installment, it is a ‘front’ to keep the 99+% at ease will negotiations are ongoing for the ownership rights to the world’s assets. Quick insert here, “God owns said assets, we are just tending to and or leasing his gifts. Poorly at the moment I might add.”

Next up is more stock market high-jinks….

Amazing, equity fund outflows at record highs and the stock market does what? Stays at or near it’s all time highs. Makes sense doesn’t it folks? “NOT!” Many of us have witnessed businesses that are flying high, and have nothing of value to offer. And we always left saying, “That won’t last long!” So if “it won’t last long” is defined by the bubblicious equity rise from 2009 to now, then what will “LONG” be defined by in the aftermath of the end of this Miss Bubblicious Equity Market? It will be defined by “Pain”……..”the time frames, only in question”….

Speaking of Miss Bubblicious, how about this stunner from the moron of morons, a magna-cume-laude in the “I haven’t got a financial clue” category……next up Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe……

Clearly one has to ask “why & why now?” that this comes from one of the most lost societies on the planet when referenced to business/finance. I got an answer, one that I know is a large part of the “why & why now” reason, FEAR! C.Y.A (cover your arse) before the chaos begins. And speaking of chaos, one of the other contributing factors to the “why & why now”, might just be the sinking ship of their world masters, “us”…..the Empire of Chaos. The guys rumored to have stolen 1.2 trillion dollars from Japan’s public pension fund.

Another “why & why now” possibility, is they probably took a deeper look at the full details inside the fascist manifesto, the TPP, and realized it was a real “shit sandwich” of a trade agreement. All speculation, but does this sort of news see the light of day at the news stands, when times are good? You be the judge. Wolf Gray

Next up a great article by Charles Hugh Smith…..

In the above article a variety of thought provoking questions, and bullet points are thrown to the reader, but the final two paragraphs are the highlight of this article…….and worth absorbing…

The political winds are also changing. The public’s passive acceptance of central banks’ let’s make the rich richer and everyone else poorer policies may be ending, and demands to put the heads of central bankers on spikes in the town square (figuratively speaking) may increase exponentially.

It’s looking increasingly likely that third time’s the charm: this set of bubbles is the last one central banks can blow. And when markets free-fall and don’t reflate into new bubbles, pension funds will expire, as they were fated to do the day central banks chose zero interest rates forever as their cure for a broken economic model.

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