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by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

Recently Barack Obama urged citizens to be prepared. He broke this new ground in a May 31st speech to the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington.

He explained that it was up to each citizen to be prepared for disasters. This preparation should extend to “having an evacuation plan” and “having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.”

One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. -Barack Obama

Ignore the propaganda where he says the government has played a vital role. Yes, it has played a role along with the Federal Reserve, but only in causing the current sorry state of affairs.

Obama promoting prepping is certainly a change. Both the FBI and Homeland Security have seen “prepping” as a sign of incipient terrorism – as a matter of policy. In fact, you can get investigated if the federal government notices signs of unusual prepping in your house.

But now Obama appears to be warning people to prepare… for something.

When the US fedgov – responsible for so much ruin in the world – begins warning of disasters, it is probably advisable to pay attention. Governments love disasters of any kind and often encourage them because of the opportunity to extend control, raise taxes and expand bureaucracy.

For instance, the hurricane season just started. Is he talking about a New Orleans-type hurricane disaster? Sadly, quite a bit of evidence has come out that the New Orleans levees were sabotaged by the feds themselves, and the FEMA response was awful. At the very least, it was a failure by the government in both installing the levees and not making them adequate to withstand a large hurricane… of the kind that commonly hits in that area.

There are plenty of other kinds of disasters that the federal government might be able to take advantage of. The Seattle Times recently reported on a federal government rehearsal for a mega-quake plus a tsunami.

A massive earthquake and tsunami readiness drill… has been developed by the U.S. government, the military, and state and local emergency managers over the past few years to test their readiness for what — when it strikes — will likely be the nation’s worst natural calamity. The June 7-10 exercise is called Cascadia Rising. It is named after the Cascadia Subduction Zone — a 600-mile-long fault just off the coast that runs from Northern California to British Columbia.

“This is the largest exercise ever for a Cascadia break,” said Lt. Col. Clayton Braun of the Washington State National Guard. Braun has been a key planner of the doomsday drill, which is being overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

And the recently reported on ways US law enforcement was preparing for civil disturbances.

A new report from analysts with industry research group, Sandler Research, forecasts the Global Riot Control System Market for the next four years… Sandler predicts the market will have an annual growth of 3.5 percent…

Various U.S. law enforcement agencies have been gearing up for the virtually inevitable unrest both during and following those elections. Militarized police forces have become de rigueur, even in the nation’s smallest towns.

Civil disturbances can happen many ways. Weather disasters can spark major chaos, but so can economic catastrophes.

We’ve been watching for and speculating on what could set off the coming crisis and have previously suggested that Deutsche Bank might be the 2016 version of Lehman Brothers. For years the bank has flirted with bankruptcy, and reports are that fiscal insolvency is getting closer. The bank was recently downgraded by Moody’s amidst reports that its derivatives exposure was in the area of an impossible-to-comprehend $75 trillion.

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