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Nothing to Admire in Bush’s Attack on Trump

from The Daily Bell:

Sending a coded message: Bush 43 skewers Trump without saying a word … George W. Bush just pulled off something rather remarkable. He got himself on the front page of the New York Times as helping to save the Republican Party from Donald Trump without uttering a word. Nice work if you can get it. – Howard Kurtz/Fox

So George Bush is “saving” the GOP from Donald Trump.

Too bad someone couldn’t save the GOP and America from George Bush.

For some reason, Howard Kurtz seems to believe that Bush did something clever in positioning himself to attack Trump.

Kurtz is a liberal journalist. He finds Bush’s approach to Trump “remarkable.”

That’s probably because he doesn’t like Trump very much.

Here’s a bit of Kurtz’s bio:

Howard Kurtz currently serves as host of Fox News Channel’s (FNC) “MediaBuzz.” … Kurtz, a veteran journalist and renowned media reporter, had been the host of CNN’s weekly media criticism program, “Reliable Sources,” since 1998.

He had also served as the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for The Daily Beast and Newsweek writing on the intersection of politics and media. Prior to that role, Kurtz spent 29 years at The Washington Post in various capacities.

Kurtz quotes from the New York Times article to explain some of the disagreements that Bush has with Trump.

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