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Many Brits Believe Technology Could Take Over Humanity by 2036

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

It sounds like the script of a sci-fi movie, but this story is real. New research suggests that many Brits believe that robots will outnumber humans in 20 years and that many people will swap humans for computers when it comes to romance.

But this doesn’t just mean we’ll be surrounded by cyborgs as we walk down the street. It means that computers will be doing many of the things humanity depends on itself to do right now.

The findings come from a survey of more than 2,000 British adults. The research was inspired by predictions made by Imperial College London’s Tech Foresight research team ahead of London Technology Week, an event celebrating innovation with the UK’s capital city.

David Gann, vice president of innovation at Imperial College London, said:

“London’s technologists, scientists, medics and entrepreneurs are creating the future. No city in the world enjoys London’s quotient of talent, technology culture and capital. It is a potent combination.

London is an environment where ideas flourish, design and innovation is embraced, and new technologies are transforming our lives for the better. In London, we don’t stand still.”

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