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Kamikaze Bond Market

from Rogue Money:

If a Japanese Kamikaze pilot plummets earthward in a ball of fire, but the Federal Reserve ignores Abe’s pleas for help, does it leave a mark? Yes, we’re certain it will. I have a sneaky feeling that our own V. the Guerrilla Economist will have plenty to say over the next few weeks about what comes next in the Japanese bond market, just as he warned three years ago of the disaster that is the Land of the Rising Sun. Meanwhile, I wanted to post this quick blog if for no other reason than to “document the collapse,” as Sean at @SGTreport is wont to say.

I thank Jeff Berwick of for pointing out the obvious in his blog dated June 01, 2016 and linked here: “Now Japanese Prime Minister Abe Predicts Global Economic Catastrophe Is Imminent”. A few of the pertinent points are copied below his YouTube summary of the same blog:

Jeff writes:

The latest to join this list of doomsayers is Japanese Prime Minister Abe. This past Thursday at the G7 meeting he warned about the upcoming global crisis.

Abe was trying to generate support for global fiscal stimulus, according to reports. He told G7 members that the present times reminded him of the “post-Lehman era” in 2008. Lehman went bankrupt in September of that year and by the end of 2009, stock markets lost as much as half their value.
He even displayed a number of charts supporting his position that we are on the cusp of a massive collapse.

Instead, Abe’s comments received a near media blackout. Some media mentioned it but certainly not as headline news. We didn’t even hear about it until today, five days later.

You’d think this would be pretty big news. The Prime Minister of one of the biggest economies in the world just made a presentation saying we are on the brink of collapse not only in Japan but worldwide and it was mostly swept under the rug.

So why doesn’t anybody listen? Jeff’s answer concurs with something that Brandon Smith has been saying for months:

The idea is NOT to prepare for economic catastrophe.

It could even be that Abe’s role was somehow pre-planned to warn leaders and thus generate headlines that would show discussions at the highest levels. The IMF and the World Bank have also warned of an impending crisis… even Alan Greenspan. Post-collapse, they can always point to Abe’s warnings to say they understood what could happen, but that none of these warnings were picked up in a meaningful way.

For this reason most people will be blindsided by the collapse just like they were in 2008.

Indeed, Brandon Smith said nearly the same thing on June 08, 2016 in his blog “The Federal Reserve’s Strange Behavior Makes Perfect Sense”. Brandon, with probably a hint of frustration in his voice, wrote:

I have made this comment many times in the past, but I think it needs to be stated again here: If you think the Federal Reserve’s goal is to maintain or repair the U.S. economy, then you will never understand why they do the things they do or why the economy evolves the way that it does. The Fed’s job is not to protect the U.S. economy. The Fed’s job is to DESTROY the U.S. economy to make way for a truly global system.

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