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Writer and researcher David Jensen returns to SGT report to discuss the latest precious metal developments at the Comex and LBMA. David explains, “The disappearance of visible metal stockpiles are pointing to the fact that Gresham’s Law is taking root and the metal is being swept away leaving only the digital contracts swirling around on these exchanges.”

David and I also discuss the outlook for the US petrodollar and David reminds us that some of the smartest people in the world are warning “We are reaching a crisis point… It’s going to be a massive event.” David says. “I just encourage people to take the steps that they can take to protect themselves. It’s going to be a very difficult time.”

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63 comments to IT’S LIFEBOAT TIME — David Jensen

  • KRELL427

    That was a good interview, I actually don’t think I have heard David before.Get your metals while you can.People are becoming complacent because the collapse is taking so long,but when it hits it is going to be unbelievable. Thanks Sean for bringing an expert on to hear the real low down on physical metal draw down.

  • Kim

    WOW Sean, that was a brilliant interview, Mr. Jensen is as good as any I have heard on this site!!!!!

  • anon

    This was interesting, too:

    In one respect, it’s a “Money Morning” infomerical, but contains good info.

    Jim Rickards

  • Philosopher

    Great interview. I am still stacking silver when it pulls back.

  • Well, the “Big Four” Chinese banks have been represented in the LBMA since 1987… Bank of China joined the LBMA gold board (though not the auction) a mere 5 years after David Rockefeller, Rong Yiren, Deng Xiaoping, and Henry Kissinger met to establish CITIC and give BoC additional liquidity for the Neomercantile “Opening of China.”

    So while Sean and David remain optimistic about this acceptance to the auction being some form of “Trojan Horse” to destroy the London markets, it’s London and New York that built up the Chinese commercial banks and let ’em through the front door in the first place.

    Still, a worthwhile listen into a good conversation, despite the historical breadth of China’s “Big Four” or the “Eight Immortals” being absent.

    • KRELL427

      Rusticus i really hope you are joking posting a article like that, here is one quoate. “In Grand Chessboard itself, Brzezinski declares that “even by the year 2020, it is quite unlikely even under the best of circumstances that China could become truly competitive in the key dimensions of global power,” while conceding that China will be regionally dominant, and a competitor for energy resources in the South China Sea and elsewhere.”

      • The article was written in early 2005 – things have changed a lot since then, certainly. Again, it’s not posted because I agree or disagree with the author’s conclusions, but as primary evidence substantiating the involvement of Kissinger, Rockefeller, CITI, et. al. in the creation of CITIC as well as initial capital inflows for Bank of China, who, five years later, was accepted into the LBMA:

        The linked articles are much cheaper than Chossudovsky’s book.

        Not to mention that Brzezinski, like every other Globalist talking-head, speaks from both sides of his mouth. His chapter entitled “The Far Eastern Anchor” in The Grand Chessboard from which your quote comes declares that China will not become a “global power” by 2020, and mere pages later, emphatically states them to be “the world’s center of economic gravity” who must adopt “cooperative multilateral structures” to ensure their dominance – exactly as has occurred. Anyone who’s ever read a Brzezinski book from cover to cover becomes familiar with his doublespeak quite quickly.

        Though I don’t see how Brzezinski’s more outlandish statements or wishful thinking have any bearing upon the history of CITIC, BoC, ICBC, etc.’s admitted involvement with the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and major American commercial banks since the early 1980s:

        Nor how they affect the 29 year involvement of Chinese commercial banks being involved in the LBMA gold fix. If one wished to incorporate these facts into some grander thesis about China infiltrating Western markets to destroy them beginning with Nelson Rockefeller’s Neomercantile “Opening of China” in the 70s, I’d love to hear that theory – but no metals market analyst I’ve come across yet takes such a long historical view in context.

  • long john silver

    Big Banks Too Rich for Jail: HSBC Whistleblower John Cruz Pulls Back Curtain on Corruption

    • Ed_B

      John Cruz had better watch his back VERY closely. Revealing corruption info on the banksters is likely to lead to a fatal “accident”.

  • mike

    BTC is going up, cant saturate the market with paper. Think the PMs would be able to go up but I suspect $18 for silver is pretty close to the high unless a massive demand comes in in order to overwhelm the paper market. BTC is a normally traded 1 for 1 market. PMs in order for them to go up significantly need 100-1000 times the current investment to overwhelm the paper right? 100-1000 claims on the same oz.. …Dont think that is going to happen…BTC is the real destroyer of the fiat paradigm. It can not be so easily manipulated like PMs. They are real world divisible unlike PMs at a high purchasing power value, they are a store of unmanipulated value unlike PMs. They are the definition of money meaning whatever the market aka real live people accept as money and you can do real world transactions unlike PMs, but anything you want. They’re portable unlike PMs,They cant be counterfeited unlike Pms, They are indestructible and will exist forever but like PMs can be lost, BTC is limited in quantity totally unlike PMs…The true destroyer of the Fiat and bankers and middlemen…Dont believe me just asked the unknown Seattle blogger BJF or Andy Hoffman.

    • Eric

      The massive demand is already there. When the algos are turned off, we’ll find out fair market value for metals and everything else. Especially when there’s not more to buy. Coming soon.

      Needs to bust through $18 and get past $18.50 first.
      Gold support at $1286 and resistance at $1325.

      The CME is a paper settled market. No physical exchanges. SLV is paper, not metal. Lots of paper derivatives of metal where people think they own metal.

      Basically, metal prices will go up when China wants them to go up.

      Gold and Silver is divisible. They can always be exchanged for smaller or larger units.

      BTC does not fit the definition of portable. It cannot be placed in one’s hand or pocket. It can be transported but it cannot be carried.

      “real live people accept as money.” Actually it’s accepted as just a medium of exchange. Money has a store of value and a long history of being used as money. BTC needs a few more centuries before it can be considered “money.” It’s called a crypto-CURRENCY.

      “They are indestructible and will exist forever…” What happens after 2140 AD?

      What are you going to do with all your bitcoins mike?

      • Ed_B

        Currently, the very best way to find out what the REAL prices of gold and silver are would be to get the Chinese to sell us a serious chunk of their hoard. THAT will be when the true price is, at long last, revealed. Until then, it is paper games and BS aplenty but no true price discovery.

        But this does not concern me in the least. Having more time to stack and prep before the SHTF is a GOOD thing, all the whining from some about how long it is taking notwithstanding. In all likelihood, those who are whining the loudest and longest are not especially well prepared for a serious SHTF time. If they were into doing that, they would KNOW that the extra time we have for this is a GIFT and not a problem.

        • Eric

          I’d rather see them reprice it then tell the bullion banks to arbitrage it.

          Americans aren’t really that interested in money. They just want the toys.

          It is a good thing to have this time though. I wouldn’t mind stacking another monster box of Silver, adding to my mining shares, adding to my bitgold, storing more food, working on my garden more, etc. Most of you guys have some years on me. So I’ve been playing catch up as fast as I can.

          • Ed_B

            “Most of you guys have some years on me. So Iโ€™ve been playing catch up as fast as I can.”

            Indeed so, and from what you have said here, you have done a really good job of it.

            Just remember, folks… it’s not the years in your prepping but the prepping in your years that matters. The brain-dead and the comatose do not see any reason to prep. A ton of bricks HAS to fall on them before they understand that we are rapidly approaching a deep s**t situation. While not all of this can be avoided, it CAN be attenuated and reduced in its effects upon us and our loved ones. But only if we get off the couch, turn off the TV, and get busy with it. Our food storage program, gardening program, PM acquisition program, our water storage and purification program, and all of the other things that we do to prep for an economic collapse, which seems the most likely form of SHTF to me (economist opinions notwithstanding), will be of immense value to ourselves and to our loved ones. So many out there will be caught so flat-footed that they will be unable to function once reality actually sinks into their cognitive process. While that will take some time, the real question they will face is… Do they have that time once the SHTF becomes obvious? Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But this is not something upon which any of us should be wagering the lives of those we love. The math of this is simple: if preppers are wrong, then they will have spent some time and money on things that they may not ever need to use. But if the sheeple are wrong, most of them will die. Yes, it really IS just that simple.

            • Eric

              Ed, it’s worse than you think. I have one buddy who is still paying off cc debt from 16 years ago.

              It’s not how much you make. It’s how much you SAVE!!!

              Buy a monster box of “pieces of 8” from the doc.

              Create some pirate booty for your grandkids.

  • mike

    That is where infinite divisibility comes into play. After 2140 BTC will just continue to rise in purchasing power. At that point if you own one entire BTC you will be the richest man on earth. BTC can be carried on a thumb drive or something even smaller if so desired. It is totally portable. Your doing a disservice to people who are truly interested in something outside the banker paper paradigm. Tell me honestly if gold finds it true value say 50k or 100k an oz..How are you going to pay for a chicken in 1/100000th of a graham? PMs are not real world divisible. You can’t clip something that small off you coin..Its not even visible. As long as this paper paradigm exist pms will never have the purchasing power you seem to think they do..Why not use the only money that completely circumvents the current system?

    • KRELL427

      Then the alarm clock goes off and the dream is over.Or technological obsolescence rears its ugly head

      • mike

        Then ask yourself why Silver just peaked at 18 and is going down, probably to all time lows from here? Is there not a huge supply problem according to comex numbers, gubberment mining output numbers you take as the word of God? Isn’t there massive investment demand that has sucked up all available supply? Should be going straight up right, that’s really super duper bullish news.. Is there not still plenty of trees to make plenty of paper contracts still growing? Do what you want Krell but your never ever going to see truly significant rises in the pms until the paper tiger is killed. You not going to kill by buying PMs and ignoring the only true stake in the heart of the beast…BTC…It is in direct competition right NOW with all fiat currency’s without banks,middlemen etc. You can purchase anything you want with it. It completely circumvents the current system something the PMs can only dream about now. Dont you believe in PMs enough to free them? ..Man you guys are strange..Complain about the banksters and manipulation then totally support the manipulation and bankers instead of bucking the system? Weird.

        • Millicent

          Yup, these guys will be sitting around polishing their “stacks” and waiting for the “collapse” when they are geriatrics… any day now.

          • mike

            The paper market is strong with dark side of the force….Until the paper market is taken down by BTC there can only one unfortunate outcome for PMS, going down..Plus Eric likes my PM updates, although it is always going to be the same thing…

            • fonestar

              Yeah Mike it’s cool to see Bitcoin soaring now! But we need to think post-dollar-world values. That’s what really counts in the long run.

              • Eric

                Bitcoin can’t exist in a world without a fiat currency system.

                • mike

                  Neither can the PMs lol..What do you think miners count on to keep diesel in the machines, lights on and their staff paid? Can an oil company pay people in PMs?..Can steel miners who produce steel for machines pay people in pms, can manufactures of those mining machines pay in Pms? Can you purchase a thing with PMs right now??..Eric if the dollar dies the infrastructure does not go away. PMs will be good to purchase whatever the new currency is going to replace the dollar..What will replace the dollar when the dollar dies? It will be a new currency called “The Dollar”…It has already collapsed 2 times (Full Gold, partial gold to none) and each time the new currency replacing it is called the Dollar. The world is not going to go into madmax…Sorry man. You will be purchasing new US dollar bills with your PMs after the dollar dies..The world will go on, wont stop. BTC will be worth a fortune in the future not PMs because PMs can not function as money, There is simply not enough. A PM standard would cause the price to go mad rendering PMs not divisible in real life. BTC however is infinitely divisible.

                • SGT

                  Mike, sorry your comment got stuck in the “pending approval” folder all day! ~SGT

                • Eric

                  mike, bombarding me with a million ignorant downright stupid questions won’t help you understand this financial system nor save you.

                  -If the miners go off, Gold will be invaluable.
                  -any company can pay their employees in different currencies or money (Gold and Silver).
                  -Yes I can exchange PM’s for dollars or any other currency which are backed by governments. I can also go buy a cup of coffee, beer, anything they have at the local market.
                  -The infrastructure of the financial system could shut down including the internet at any time. At least in your location.
                  -Whatever currency I need, PM’s will transfer one’s wealth into the future.
                  -I hope to not have to exchange any Gold or Silver for new US dollars. Hopefully I will continue to get paid in whatever currency exists.
                  -BTC will be worth exactly what it is worth. Zero. It’s just a matter of time.
                  -Divisible is just one characteristic of money. You obviously didn’t read Andy Hoffmans article I posted a million times.
                  -Only, criminals, tax evaders, money launderers, and scam artists use currencies like BTC. Honest people transact in Honest Money (Gold and Silver).

                  Please don’t ask so many stupid questions next time. Get to the point and concentrate your energy on one good well thought out question so you at least try to learn something.

                • mike

                  No problem after I posted it and it said pending, I realized I forgot a letter in my email address…I didnt think I was being censored.

                  Eric all I am saying and I can not believe you cant grasp hold of the fact if 1oz of gold has the purchasing power of 50k today how in the name of god are you going to divide up your 1oz gold eagle to pay for everyday items? You are seriously taking about 1/10000 of a graham..Get it? Almost the same deal with silver in that scenario..If 1/10 of an oz is worth in today’s purchasing power $100 bucks how are you going to pay for a $2.00 chicken? with a 5th of a graham? Are you understanding that there will have to be something to fill in the gap..Copper maybe? The PMs will hold value so you can purchase the new currency when the dollar dies…It wont be a total loss for you like most will face but there are alternatives that are better in that type of scenario.

                • Eric

                  Show me a $2.00 chicken and I’ll show you how to pay for it.

                  Do you know how to spell “gram?”

                  Read the coinage act of 1792.

                • Eric

                  One gram = 0.0353 ounces

                  At $150/oz. Silver, one gram of Silver = $5.29

                  Mike, you are either…

                  a) trying to be a smart ass and failing miserably or
                  b) a retard

                  Try to use your brain if you have one.

                • mike

                  Your so hopelessly lost eric ..2 or 5$ for a chicken whatever…IF there is only 1bil ozs of silver in the world that is far less per person than roman times. IF in roman times 1/10 oz equaled roughly $100 in today’s purchasing power, imagine in a collapse scenario the purchasing power of silver will go up 100 fold, even more than gold since there is less? ..Right? Isn’t that what Chris Duane and all the other say?
                  So again with a silver eagle or gold eagle how are you going to pay for a 5 dollar chicken? You cant, you would have to attempt to clip off something so small you wouldn’t be able to see it.
                  The only thing you will be able to do with your PMs is trade it for something that spends in a dollar collapse.
                  I am sure you will be able to find people here and there willing to trade for things but there is simply not enough Silver or gold to be money….If you believe the Miners and mining numbers which you take as the gospel.
                  Why would silver be only worth 150$? If there is not a paper market you talking a minimum of $2500 in today’s purchasing power dollars, not hyper inflated dollars if you believe in the intrinsic value. Are you capable of thought?…Parrots usually just repeat.

                • Eric


                  Who would sell a chicken for 5 bucks if the currency already went to zero? You’re not too bright are you?

                  Hopelessly lost on a huge stack of wealth. Got plenty of small denomination copper and silver coins to trade and barter with too. What you got? No bitcoins accepted here.

                  It’s amazing you can fit that many words through your butthole.

                • Eric

                  By the way, the chickens I buy are herb roasted and $6.99 already cooked for the whole chicken. Very tasty. I usually just swipe my card and pay it off the following month with all the MONEY I’ve saved!

                  What are you having for dinner? Coke and beans?

                • Eric

                  I’ll tell you what mike, if for some reason I need to buy a $5 chicken and I can’t come up with the $$$ to pay for it, I’ll go exchange one of the many many many ounces of Silver I have stacked and saved for currency OR I will purchase other items I need at the local store and ask him for change since the owner knows the VALUE of Silver.

                  I don’t know what you are going to do. I haven’t seen one sign that says “bitcoins accepted.” And I live in a major metropolitan area. I know it’s big in tel aviv. Maybe you can move there. Lots of “We Buy Gold” stores around. Not that I would ever want to sell MONEY.

                  I have seen some people willing to accept precious metals in exchange for land before, but do not care to search for one just to entertain you.

          • Eric

            I polish my stack once in a while and check some old coins to see that they have a much higher trade value than just the spot price.

            It’s like looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty.

            Yes mike. I like how you pull numbers out of nowhere with nothing to back up anything. Good analysis.

    • Ed_B

      Obviously, gold is not chickenfeed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Silver is the money of everyday people who need to buy food and fuel as well as pay their other household bills. Gold will be used to buy BIG items… such as homes, land, cars and trucks, airplanes, or businesses. You would not go to the dollar store with nothing but $100 bills in your wallet, so why presuppose that the highest value PM should be used for small purchases?

      History shows that when gold and silver were used as everyday money, few people actually used gold for much of anything. My grandfather was typical of this. He had a $5 gold piece ONCE in his life. All of the rest of his life, he had silver coins and / or paper money. He was not a fan of paper money because to him gold, rare as it was for him, and silver were REAL money.

      • mike

        I think your forgetting if silver really is in short supply and population has grown the purchasing power of silver has increased 100 fold. The common people wont be using Silver because it will have massive purchasing power value, rendering it basically not divisible for small items. If the supply is truly 1 billion above ground ozs in a collaspe scenario it will have the purchasing power far greater than gold..That is why it wont work and BTC or new gubberment paper will be the currency of the future. That is not to say people with PMs wont be rich but the pms will not be used as money just a great asset to own. You will have to trade your PMs for BTC or the new currency and have lots of $$$$$.

        • Eric

          Gold and Silver are already MONEY. Always have been. Always will be.

          Can you name one CURRENCY besides Gold and Silver that has stood the test of time and held its purchasing power?

          There is not a supply problem. There is a pricing problem.

          Grams can be divided fractionally just like any other number can be divided fractionally.

          A UNIT OF ACCOUNT is one characteristic of MONEY.

          • mike

            Ok of they are money send me a link to a store or anything..I would like to spend some of my money. Sorry man they are not money they are an asset. PMs are an asset not money. There is not enough to ever be money especially if you increased their value by population and to account for paper money. YOur talking insane values especially on silver since there is 6 times less than gold. If silver had a 100k and oz in toady’s purchasing power how small is 1/10000 of a gram for a Cocacola? Can you see it? Would the retailer even believe you it was in front of them? Come on man snap out of it. PMs are an asset not money.

            PS will be anxiously awaiting a link to a “pm for stuff” store.

            • Eric

              Why would you like to spend your money? Aren’t you aware of Gresham’s law? Bad money chases out good money.

              Do you do all your shopping online? Dont you ever leave the house?

              You can relatively easily fund a BitGold account, save in Gold, and spend in whatever currency you like.

              You can also make Gold payments in Ohio, Colorado, and Texas if you reside in those states.

              There is plenty of Gold in Vaults for a Gold Standard. At the right price. It’s a pricing problem, not a supply problem. But the supply problem will solve the price problem. It’s just that most people don’t know what money is so that’s why they don’t have any. Like yourself for instance. If you want to think in terms of coca cola and fractions of a gram, then all I can say is think small, be small. Think big, be larger than life. I’d rather think in tons and wealth. Not pennies and soda.

        • Ed_B

          lol @Mike

          Those who understand simple math know that they could take their silver to a market during a SHTF time and use it to buy food. If I can buy a weeks worth of groceries for, say, half a dollar in face value of silver, well then, I hand over 5 silver dimes or two silver quarters and the bill is paid… immediately and in full. But, let’s say that all I have are 1-oz. silver pieces that are worth 3x the amount needed for a weeks worth of groceries. OK, no problem. I give the grocer, with whom I have had a long time business relationship and know him to be an honest man just as he knows be to be the same, my 1-oz. silver coin, he gives me my week’s worth of groceries, AND a piece of paper that says he owes me 2/3 of an oz. of pure silver. For the next 2 weeks, I continue to buy a week’s worth of groceries each Saturday until the credit slip is consumed. After that, I hand over another oz. of silver and the process is repeated.

          Meanwhile, those without silver are looking in the windows at the fresh meat, produce, baked goods, and dairy products that they cannot purchase with their left-over fiat junk that no one wants. For a couple of silver dimes, two armed store security guards escort me out to my car, tip their caps, and say “Good day to you, sir. See you next week”. I smile at them, give them a jaunty wave, and drive off. I also fill up my car’s gas tank while I am at it and that costs another 1/2 oz. of silver. Those without silver cannot buy any gas because it is not for sale for ANY amount of fiat currency.

          During a SHTF scenario, that which has intrinsic value can ONLY be acquired by those who have something to exchange for it that also has intrinsic value. And fiat currency of any kind ain’t it.

          Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eric

      lol “trustchain’

      sounds solid.

      • Eric

        You are correct Ed. Half the country is in denial. The other half is brain dead.

        It is what it is. You either do something about it or you don’t.

        I can only suggest to keep stacking and preparing.

        Smart and Final has 4/12 packs of coke for $10. Perhaps I’ll get some and hopefully not drink them. Should last a long time.

        Getting hot here. 120 in AZ on Monday.

        • Ed_B

          It is indeed what it is and your point about either doing something to protect our wealth or not is valid. I suspect that most on here are doing what they can in that regard.

          As to soda pop, it’s longevity has not been that great in my experience. I have had some cases in the basement that went bad after about 4-5 months. By bad I mean that it tasted bad and became a much lighter color. Both of these are not good signs. Now, this was diet soda, which is the only kind I drink, so it might be different from sugared soda. Sugar can be a preservative in some foods and drinks. It would be interesting to buy a fresh can of sugared soda once a week, date them, and set them aside for a taste test after 4 months to see what the approximate lifetime of this beverage really is. Beer is likely to last longer but I have no data on that, other than the home-brewed beer I’ve made and kept for 2 years in a cool basement. This was bottled in dark brown glass bottles, so maybe that helped preserve it longer than plastic film-lined aluminum cans?

          • Eric

            uh yeah definitely.

            Liquids should always be stored in dark colored glass to keep the light out which can ruin it. Water as well should be sipped from a glass not the crummy little plastic bottles. We all have plastic already in us, and a lot of people confused hunger for thirst. If you drink good water from a glass, you won’t be as hungry. Also, good idea to get rid of the candida so your body isn’t just craving more sugar all the time. Allicin C and colloidal Silver works great for that.

            I know we’ve talked about this before and you are very wise, but the diet soda is worse for your body than the regular soda. Of course it’s all bad. But I bought some lucerne yogurt the other day and was disgusted when I found out it has aspartame in it. Stay away from that junk. It gives people brain cancer. Hansens is pretty good. I buy that once in a while. And I do like stewarts as sweet as it is. But every once in a while you need a sprit or a coke and smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Beer on the other hand…I stick with my heinekins for the green bottle. Can’t drink canned beer anymore. The way we are used to doing everything is wrong. Aluminum contains BPA usually.

            As a rule of thumb, I don’t mind doing these things once in a while. And still like sushi occasionally. But I try to detox in between and keep it in moderation. Don’t sweat about it and just be smart. But keep it in moderation.

            • Eric, on the topic of candida, I recall you having some latent asthma/breathing issues a few months back. Just thought I’d let you know that I stopped in to see my naturopath after trying all the remedies I could think of, only to find that I’ve got a lung parasite overgrowth of some sort (can’t recall the name at the moment). He says it’s quite common and thrives in aluminum-rich, moist areas (like chemtrail-infested lungs) and he suspects most cases of “adult onset” asthma are actually parasite-related.

              He’s got me on diatomaceous earth as well as purslane extract to get rid of the junk in my lungs and evidently some residual ropeworm in my gut that took over when I killed off the candida from a few years ago.

              Thought you might wanna know in case you’re still gettin’ wheezy!

              • Eric

                Thanks Rusticus. But I don’t think that was me.

                I do take the Clear Lungs chinese herb from time to time as I do like to party with some things. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I live in a very dusty chemtrail laced area. But overall, other than being a total mouth breather which I have been my entire life, I am pretty clear. I do notice good results with the Clear Lungs though.

                I can’t emphasize enough the Allicin C for killing parasites. That stuff is amazing. And I do like colloidal silver from time to time. Either Silverwings or I haven’t tried MesoSilver yet. Also, the nutriodine for the thyroid.

                I’m also big on Holy Basil for the adrenal gland to replenish your cortisol levels if you’re ever feeling emotionally drained.

                I used to take supplements quite regularly but I try to just do it now when I feel like I need to since my dentist told me too much of that stuff can be tough on your liver.

                I take a liver detox sometimes, also a probiotic, and the Super Colon Cleanse or psyllium husk powder. That shit will clean you out! Calcium and Magnesium is really important as well as Vitamin C and chlorella and antioxidants.

                Also, I have been taking some things for the pancreas like Pancreatin and Chromium Picolinate.

                Best book ever…

                Order it. It is worth it. My older buddy turned me onto it and once you dive in it is really really helpful.

                Be your own doctor.

                I’ll look for purslane extract sometime if I remember. Thanks. I also want to order the Carnivora I hear so much about.

                Got a buddy of a buddy on chemotherapy right now. They removed his gall bladder, part of his stomach and part of something else I forget. Try telling him anything. Forget it. He won’t be around much longer. But I tried and tried hard. If he wants to eat Red Lobster and Del Taco, he deserves what he gets.

            • Ed_B

              A good 2ยต water filter will solve any Candida problems.

              No aluminum does not have bisphenol-A in it. The lining of the can might contain this additive as a plasticizer but IIRC the US Pharmacopoeia and FDA have rejected the use of BPA in any and all plastics that have ANY contact with food or drink. It’s been a while since I retired from the chemical business but I do recall that there are serious regulatory issues placed on any and all BPA manufacturers. The company where I worked specifically refused to manufacture this in spite of the fact that we were offered several multi-million dollar contracts to do so. We simply did not want this material in our plant. Additionally, food and food ingredient producers go to great lengths to avoid this particular compound, so it is not sneaking up on anyone who values their wealth and freedom.

              I have heard that nonsense about diet soda being worse for the body than heavily sugared soda but don’t believe a word of it. There is a lot of nonsense such as this in the food and beverage area. In virtually every case, one has to drink a horrendous volume of something before there is ANY visible effect on them at all. I recall one study that calculated that an average person would have to consume more than 200 cans of diet soda a day for several years BEFORE Aspartame caused ANY noticeable effect whatever.

              Note that this does not include those who are allergic to this compound or sensitive to it. They are few in number but then so are those who can die from eating a single peanut or 1 Aspirin tablet. Sensibly, we do not ban peanuts or products based on them or Aspirin to resolve these issues. Those who are sensitive to peanuts simply avoid eating or touching them while those of us who are not continue to enjoy peanut-based products and Aspirin-based medications.

              For years we had people bemoaning the drinking of a few cups of coffee each day. Then we had people saying that a few cups a day were actually good for us. The latest song and dance is that while coffee is not bad for us, excessively hot coffee is bad for us. :-/

              Some now believe that George Washington was killed by his physicians via excessive bleeding. That was all the rage in the early 1800s as a cure-all… let out the “bad blood” and all that. Medical experts now believe that GW would have survived his medical problems without the bleeding nonsense. Point is, medical issues are constantly reviewed and refined. What’s good today is likely bad tomorrow and vice versa.

              People are living a lot longer today than ever, so most of what we are doing must be reasonably good. When I was a kid in the 1950s, most people died in their 50s and 60s unless they were in an accident or had a serious illness earlier in life. These days? Many are living into their 90s and are in decent shape in their 80s. That was unheard of back in the 1950s.

              But no one gets out of this life alive. Anyone worrying about all this should get right with the Lord and then quit worrying. Worrying is probably worse for us than most of the things we now worry about, except excessive alcohol and tobacco use. Allergies and other sensitivities must be watched carefully by those who have them and proper food labeling can help these consumers avoid such products while the rest of us continue to enjoy them.

              Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Eric

                Ed, Aspartame, I’m telling ya. Find some diet soda without it. I can’t believe there is anything good about it.

                Coffee, has antioxidants. Nothing wrong with coffee in moderation.

                Mankind was meant to drink coffee and beer. But not bisphenol-A and Aspartame. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                People are living longer today than they were 100 years ago, but not as long as Methuselah lived at the ripe old age of 969 years young. Everything that is going into our bodies is toxic now. But we have supplements and ways of detoxing and modern medicine too.

                Most people in the 1950’s were smokers and whiskey drinkers. Most people 2500 years ago didn’t put toxins in their bodies on a daily basis.

              • Eric

                Also, Candida is a fungus that grows like all fungi. I have a difficult time understanding how a fungus can be cured with H20 alone. Garlic kills fungus. Perhaps you know something I don’t.

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