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Is TRUMP Controlled Opposition? | Chris Duane

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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11 comments to Is TRUMP Controlled Opposition? | Chris Duane

  • Fred Hayek

    I have tremendous respect for Chris but I disagree with his contention that the fact that Trump got media attention proves that he’s controlled opposition because Ron Paul couldn’t get any attention and he wasn’t controlled opposition.

    I think the U.S. media were reflexively giving Trump attention, salivating like Pavlov’s dogs and then snarling and barking at Trump for his politically incorrect statements. There wasn’t any thoughtful process behind what the media were doing. They were simply attacking anyone and anything politically incorrect as they have always done for the last several years.

    But in this instance, Trump had likely thought one step ahead of them and used their snarling and barking against them. For Chris to say that the attention they gave him proves that they had chosen to give Trump attention because he’s TPTB’s controlled opposition doesn’t take adequate account of the media’s modus operandi. Then, once they failed to destroy him with their first few barks and snarls they kept barking out of obstinate pride and ego.

    You have to cower! You have to go down! Everyone else did! We’re barking! Go away! What’s . . . going . . on?!

  • Moishe

    No one is coming to save you.

  • Moishe

    Trump is the zionist Trump card…..If they wanted Trump would be at best driving a UPS truck at worst homeless, he understands that & has sold his soul to the children of satan.

  • The Truth

    One day Americans will understand that you can never be a president and live without being a puppet! So if Trump is not a puppet or controlled, he will not see the White House and survive. These demons are not going to give up power without all hell breaking loose!

  • windunner56

    Thought Chris Duane said he had signed off on his You Tube thingy?? Back for more “new paradigm shift” stuff I guess.

  • GoldTooth999

    Absurd. Who is buying Duane’s overpriced silver? $50 over spot? That is ridiculous. Check out SD Bullion if this stuff sounds like slander. The biggest lies are Duane and the bankrupt Mulligan Mint. To make America great again and to reclaim our freedoms and liberties, just vote for either Gary Johnson or Trump. Duane isn’t peacefully protesting by abstaining his vote as much as he is wasting space.

  • anon

    Unless Donald Trump can obliterate the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” and print UNITED STATES NOTES through the U.S. Treasury WITH NO ADDED INTEREST, he may as well be controlled opposition, because unless that he makes THAT happen ~ NOTHING ~ will ever change.

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