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High, Dry, and Left to Die in Kazakhstan

from Rogue Money:

In a news event today that may prove to be nothing more than a metaphor of the dying power of a decaying brotherhood of clownish thugs, this apparently abandoned gang of “Islamic radicals” barged into a local gun shop in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, stole weapons, and immediately proceeded to take hostages and kill and wound bystanders. Social media reports that the Kazakh forces are right now responding swiftly, so maybe you’ll get to see a fleeting summary posted on CNN tomorrow.

Naturally, the loss of life of the bystanders and military personnel is tragic. As with any news story, we hope that the whole truth about the situation will get exposed. The reason I refer to this gang as “clownish thugs” is because we should already be wondering how is it that these brainless goons got left hanging high-and-dry with no armaments (and Victoria Nuland’s cookies) being supplied to them? Where was the usual Western, Soros-sponsored backstop? Two weeks ago the color revolution architects were certainly present as we will show further down this blog. But today … not so much.


If you read no further than this paragraph here, then do give a look to this 3-minute video from intel regarding the events from May 21, 2016. On that weekend, as Lada Ray of @LadaTweets reported at her FuturisTrendcast blog, “a full-scale color revolution against Nazarbayev was planned in Kazakhstan for May 21. Mass protests were pre-announced for May 20-21, weapons, subversive literature, money and alcohol were hidden in capital Astana and several major cities, where the explosion was supposed to happen simultaneously. A media and PR attack was prepared. Foreign fingerprints are very vivid. Soros, Endowment for Democracy and other US NGOs are implicated. Ukraine right sector’s hand was also in it.” expanded on that report with their own intel published on June 04:

The joint forces of Russia and Kazakhstan are the last barrier preventing the ISIS expansion in Central Asia.

The SouthFront blog adds this information:

Naturally, Kiev and Ankara are only the executors. The concepts are made by other strategic centers elsewhere. The Kazakh revolutionaries “craving freedom” are prepared in Ukraine. The striking units of the “revolutionary groups” are trained in Turkey. The prominent Kazakh opposition is not left behind either. They actively cooperate with immigrant groups residing in London. Primarily with the circle around Mukhtar Ablyazov Kabulovich, a former Kazakh energy minister and now businessman and opponent of President Nazarbayev.

The technology to trigger mass unrest in Kazakhstan absolutely replicates the model of the Maidan in Kiev. Overall, nothing new under the sun. Ukrainian radicals train their Kazakh counterparts. It is reported that Kazakhs “revolutionaries” are trained in revolutionary activities in the camps Koncha Zaspa, Nikolayev and Dnepropetrovsk, located on Ukrainian territory.

Of particular concern to the leadership of Kazakhstan were alerts of a supply of arms in Almaty and Astana. Sharply stepped up were calls for removing Nazarbayev on the social networks. The reason for the unrest of May 21, 2016 in Almaty was the discontent of the population in connection with the adopted amendments to land reform. Logistics immediately before the events in Kazakhstan were provided by the International Fund for protection of freedom of speech “Adel CO”, whose donors are the embassies of the US and UK, George Soros’s “Open society”, Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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