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Fulfilling The Economist Magazine Prophecies & Discovering the Road to Roota

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

News today that there was a “terrorist” attack in England got my email inbox fired up with people claiming that my analysis of The Economist Magazine “Year in 2016” at the back of Book 3 was fulfilled.

Here’s the news: BREXIT Campaigns Suspended After British Lawmaker Critically Shot By “Britain First” Shouting Assailant

“With tensions in the UK already running high ahead of next week’s historic Brexit vote, moments ago the Guardian reported that Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, was in critical condition after she was shot and stabbed in her West Yorkshire constituency. The Labour politician was injured in the attack and there is an ongoing police operation in the area, a witness told the Press Association. It is unclear who the assailant was or the motive.”

And this from my book “The Road Awakens” that was published in January 2016 BEFORE the BREXIT vote was scheduled…

“On another chilling note, there is only 1 arrow that hit anything in the picture and that is the debate pulpit with the UK Flag on it. Notice the city of “London” is written across the flag for some reason. This may be forecasting a terrorist attack THREAT near the time of the UK Elections on May 5, 2016 if the UK decides to include a vote on an exit from the European Union. Currently, the vote to stay or leave the EU is not scheduled but has to happen sometime before the end of 2017. There have been rumors that the EU vote may be included during the May 2016 elections in London if the European Union continues to struggle economically.”


Yes, I was off by 1 month but analyzing these things is not an exact science. I would note that there is A LOT MORE chaos barreling our way as I discuss in the Book including the REAL war over the Grand Canyon Gold. You can buy Book 3 here:

Book 3: “The Road Awakens” – by Bix Weir

And if you would like to know the entire story of the Road to Roota theory, here it is, in full!

Discovering the Road to Roota:

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