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FBI Now Can Read Your Emails Without A WARRANT!


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1 comment to FBI Now Can Read Your Emails Without A WARRANT!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    To keep our 4th Amendment rights in force, we are forced to follow “Edward Snowden’s example” and setup our communications OUT of any country that bows down to the USA.

    Snowden escaped to Russia for his Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness. Russia does NOT bow down to American government warrants, National Security Letters, intimidation, etc.

    So get yourself a FREE email service from one of the MANY email services that are available from Russia.

    They have their own version of “Hotmail & Rocketmail”, they have a HUGE version of their own GOOGLE & Yahoo.

    There is one of the world’s BIGGEST email services, based in Russia, find it at
    It’s FREE, it’s PROTECTED against the USSA spying or any other USSA searches or thefts.

    Yandex is Russia’s competition for the NSA/CIA’s “Google”. If it’s good enough for Edward Snowden, it’s good enough for you and me.

    Now we need to add encryption to just about everything we do, even encrypt our harddrives, our cellphones, use a PASSWORD (but DON’T set up things with your FINGERPRINT because the courts have ruled that your FINGERPRINTS are NOT private and can be “taken” against your wishes.)

    How nice. We really DO live in a world like an animal in a glass cage.

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