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UPDATE: JAMES PERLOFF RESPONDS TO PJ Bloggs Article, ‘ET Agendas For Both Good and Ill’

by PJ Bloggs,

UPDATE: James Perloff has submitted a thoughtful and detailed response to the article written by PJ Bloggs. Here are James’ thoughts on the piece which he calls “marvelous”, and then read on for the original article which is attached. ~ SGT

Hi, Sean. I’d like you to decide how you want to post this in relation to Blogg’s article. Here we go:

Regarding P J Bloggs’ intelligent post of yesterday, there are too many diverse topics within it to respond to, so I’ll confine myself to this one important comment: “The fossil record shows a progression of life forms from bacteria to worms to lizards, dinosaurs, sabre tooth tigers, multiple apes and humans etc. And I hope he doesn’t think over 6 million land based plant and animal species (let alone many times more subspecies variants) spent several months in a boat with a small extended family that incestuously multiplied rapidly from just around the time the pyramids were built.”

First, according to the Bible, the people on the Ark were Noah, his wife, their three sons and the sons’ three wives. So the relationships were not incestuous, unless one applies that term to first-cousin marriages that would have initially ensued. Also, if you started with 8 people in 2350 BC (just to take Ussher’s date as a starting point), you would get today’s world population from an annual growth rate of only 0.5 percent, which is well below today’s population growth rate of 1.1%. (I am speaking hypothetically, of course, since eight people cannot grow by exactly 0.5 %).

Also, you wouldn’t have needed “over 6 million land based plant and animal species“ on the ark. Plants were not taken on the ark; the Bible never references them, but floating foliage and seeds would probably have taken care of their survival. For the animals you only needed the basic progenitors of the various types; and bear in mind that based on the dimensions given in the Bible, the ark’s carrying capacity was equal to more than 500 modern boxcars.

In my atheist youth, I regarded the Biblical Flood as nothing more than a fairy tale for naïve Sunday School children. In reality, there is much scientific evidence supporting it.

About 75 percent of the rock in the Earth’s geologic column is sedimentary (deposited chiefly by water, like limestone or sandstone). Since the days of Charles Darwin’s close friend Charles Lyell (1797-1875), evolutionary geologists have argued that the geologic layers simply resulted from natural processes visible today – gradual erosion and sedimentation, from oceans covering Earth. This explanation supplied Darwin with the endless millions of years his theory of evolution required in order to work.

However, this claim is belied by the very thing Bloggs refers to: the countless billions of fossils found throughout the geologic layers. Most fossils are remains mineralized by sediments. It’s not just bones we find, but soft body parts such as fishes’ fins and scales, jellyfish, and tree leaves. We even have fossils of animals in the act of giving birth and eating each other. These cannot have been generated by slow sedimentation. When an animal dies, it normally either (1) decomposes, or (2) is devoured by predators, before it can be buried under sediment. That is why so few fossils have been created in recent years. For example, millions of buffaloes were killed in the 19th century, but they left no fossils – scavengers and decomposing bacteria took care of that. Fossilization requires quick burial.

The epic worldwide flood described in the Bible, by churning up billions of tons of sediment, would have resulted in rapid burial of Earth’s living organisms, and explains why innumerable well-preserved fossils are found throughout the world. It also explains why most of the geologic column’s rock is sedimentary. The Flood also explains why marine fossils are found in mountains—even near the top of Mount Everest. Further reinforcing the Flood are the flood legends of more than 200 cultures.
But doesn’t science prove the Earth is 4.6 billion years old, as Bloggs says? Actually, it depends on the methodologies you use. Darwinists like radiometric dating because it can give you an old Earth. But even that, besides yielding many contradictory results, depends on various assumptions, such as the assumption that radioactive decay has always been the same throughout all time, and was never accelerated in the past by cosmic events.

But there are other, equally valid dating methods that give you a much younger Earth. To take just one example, by comparing the number of meteorites in the earth to the rate at which they fall, we should be able to roughly estimate our planet’s age. Meteorites’ scarcity suggests that Earth is only a few thousand years old. They are found only in very recent (uppermost) terrain. If the geologic layers slowly formed over billions of years, as evolutionists say, they should be filled with meteorites.

Bloggs refers to a sequence of fossils, which he sees as proof of evolution. He’s right—there is a general sequence. One generally does find invertebrates at the lowest geologic levels, fish above them, then amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and finally man. This seems to support evolution. However, we still lack the transitional forms between these major groups. There should be billions of transitionals, and they aren’t there.
Once again, the Flood provides the explanation. Suppose there was a great Flood today: the continents overrun with water, land savagely eroded, massive sediments poured into the sea. What creatures would be buried lowest? Those that dwell at the lowest levels: clams and other invertebrates on the ocean floor.

In our imaginary scenario, who would get buried next? Well, who lives over the marine invertebrates? Fish. Their ability to swim above the sediments would exceed that of invertebrates.

As the oceans and lakes overflowed, and water rose on the continents, the next creatures buried would probably be those living at water’s edge: amphibians. Then would come terrestrial animals. The ones with the least mobility for escape? Reptiles. Above them, one would find mammals; and at the greatest height, the most resourceful being of all: man.

Now, the fossils of these creatures would not always be in precise order, but this would probably be the trend. And that is exactly what we see in the geologic column. Darwinists see it as evolution’s history revealed; I see it as the sequence of ecological zones impacted by the Biblical Flood.

So I wouldn’t necessarily agree with P J that “ancient texts carry spiritual but not scientific truths,” but nonetheless he’s written a marvelous piece.


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friends, SGT here. after listening to my God is Real interview with author James Perloff, PJ Bloggs wrote to me to offer his thoughts on the God and evolution question. Though I do firmly believe that James and I covered the hardcore truth in our interview, I also do not possess the hubris needed to claim that I hold all of the answers to these complex questions, so despite there being a bit of “UFO woo” in this piece (which is a subject we continue to follow at The Phaser), I asked PJ if I could share his comments, and he obliged.

“PJ Bloggs” is an Australian MD writing under a pen-name after researching UFOs in light of his previous readings on near death experiences (NDE’s), consciousness and spirituality – all of which are subjects we have covered at SGT report, here’s just one example: Free Energy & the End Of Global Poverty? Evidence Suppressed Technology Could Save The Planet

So without further adieu, Here are PJ’s thoughts on my interview with author James Perloff.

Hi Sean,

I just listened to your interview with James Perloff. If you recall the section of my “eBook” on UFOs where I segue into near-death experiences, I too became an atheist for a period of time at medical school under the mountain of evidence and theory in the life sciences based on Darwinian theory.

For me it was reading Raymond Moody’s book on NDEs “Life After Life” [watch the documentary here] plus my deep adherence to philosophy and a positive experience I had had of Christianity and prayer plus Reason from both my mother and several teachers at my Jesuit school (yes I know about the conspiracy theory re Jesuits – however I would say there’s no way in all God’s Creation that those excellent Jesuit school teachers were in any way part of some high level Vatican Satanic conspiracy) – that had me resist a full permanent adherence to atheistic materialism.

Perloff is knowledgeable and a good thinker. He lands 4 good punches on Darwinian evolution
theory. But I’m concerned he could be throwing a baby out with the bath water – though I don’t know, because the interview was not long enough to cover the issues in depth and also I haven’t had time to look at his books or website. But I would’ve liked to hear some up front acknowledgement that we live in a Universe of immense age – at least 14Billion years and on a planet of 4.6 Billion years by best calculation, with stars and galaxies millions of light years away etc. And that the fossil record shows a progression of life forms from bacteria to worms to lizards, dinosaurs, sabre tooth tigers, multiple apes and humans etc. And I hope he doesn’t think over 6 million land based plant and animal species (let alone many times more subspecies variants) spent several months in a boat with a small extended family that incestuosly multiplied rapidly from just around the time the pyramids were built.

Agreed that there has to be more than blind chance to this. Intelligent design makes more sense. But that doesn’t mean the biosphere and myriad ecosystems haven’t been changing and evolving in adaptive integrated beautiful ways over time.

One person you should look into Sean and consider referencing on your site, is Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake is in my view one of the greatest minds in science. He is also a professing Christian. His concept of morphogenetic fields makes a lot of sense in reforming and reintroducing life and soul and God into Darwin’s atheistic mechanistic theory. See Sheldrake’s banned TED talk and his excellent book called “Science Set Free” – which was titled “The Science Delusion” to set it against Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” in the UK market. It was also the title of his TED talk that an anonymous TED scientific panel had banned.

To me Sheldrake is a hero who follows the data and uses reason without kowtowing to dogmas. What frustrates me with a lot of others, and I’m not sure if Perloff is completely free of this, is this human tendency to flip flop from dogmatic atheism on one side to religious fundamentalism on the other side. Genesis is not a scientific text – rather it is a primitive creation narrative text similar to but generally much better (perhaps because it’s divinely inspired) than the myriad other creation mythologies of various cultures like our Australian Aboriginal creation dreamtime stories (though they may have some level of divine inspiration too). A strong theological as well as scientific (in terms of quantum physics) case can be made that our individual and collective human consciousness is contiguous with Divine Consciousness. There is no separation from God, only an illusion of it created out of ego limitations in this physical realm (and – according to NDE testimony and some Biblical scholars like William Barkley – temporary hellish realms) and exacerbated by narcissistic free will choices.

The authors of sacred texts are constrained by culture, personality, experience and the dominat paradigms of their times. God has a hard time getting through! Perhaps that is why many Christians see the “Word of God” as Jesus Himself (as per The Gospel of John) rather than the books of the Bible per se. Jesus’ words in scripture to me stand tall above the many contradictions and some abhorrent passages in other biblical passages.

Returning to the issue of evolution, though. I work in a large hospital. Although microbiology is not my field I know we combat very real Darwinian forces in microbial genetic adaptation to antibiotics.

Darwin was a genius, but of course far from infallible. His second major book – on the study of emotion and behaviour in humans and animals – correctly identified the Vagus nerve as the main regulator of emotion – a fact that is only now being fully recognised and utilised therapeutically. As an Anglican minister Darwin was tortured by his slide into atheism from his discoveries and research. A victim of his own theory.

The tragedy is Darwin could’ve found hope if he’d been more into philosophy, particularly Plato. Materialistic atheism has a longer history, going back to Democritus and the Atomists who in Ancient Greece put forward the theory there existed “only atoms and the void”. The Platonists and most other schools of Greek philosophy believed in the soul (psyche) and to varying degrees in the gods/divine beings and the afterlife place Hades. The Platonists “won” the debate with the Atomists by sarcastically simply pointing out “so where are YOU Democritus? Oh in Democritus’ case we can in fact see there is a void!”  Laughter all round the Acropolis. It is self-evident to ancient Greeks at least that we have conscious minds and inert unalive atoms can’t be conscious, neither can a void. So there must be a soul, a psyche, in addition to atoms and space in between. Humour can cut to the heart of the issue!

The battle against materialistic atheism is hugely important. I see suicidal depressed young people in my work, where existential meaningless is a major factor. But it won’t be won by (at least solely) tackling Darwinian evolution with appeal to ancient texts that carry spiritual but not scientific truths. The key is to focus on consciousness. That conscious awareness and intentionality (the I AM THAT I AM plus free will) – which is the real image of God within all of us – including many higher animals.

I mention this to suicidal young people where atheistic nihilism is part of their problem. I also sometimes suggest they look at the growing NDE literature. As I mentioned in my “eBook”  – after reading and listening to literally several thousands of NDE testimonies – it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that we are eternal souls in a marvellous created multiverse that is infinite in scope. A picture of existence, a map of heavenly and hellish realms emerges from this growing body of evidence. It is a vision that Neo-Darwinian bioscience cannot compete with. However Quantum Physics is harmonious with it. Biblical literalism cannot contain this vision of reality either – as the premises of fundamentalism are too narrow – a small geocentric universe of short time duration (which no doubt seemed big to the ancient Hebrews).

As I showed in my eBook on UFOs – the wonder and enormity of Creation (that encompasses evolutionary principles more in a Design fashion based on conscious intentionality than a solely blind chance Darwinism) – is far beyond any current religious tradition. Nonetheless NDE testimonies, and alleged contactees with benevolent ETs and higher dimensional beings paint a picture where Love as embodied in the life, death, teachings and resurrection of Jesus Christ – is key to meaning.

That said, there is most definitely a spiritual battle going on over this small planet in this outer arm of one average sized galaxy. Evil forces (powers and principalities) do rule. The human banksters and aristocratic cabal is reportedly in league with malevolent ETs and demonic entities. However there are whistleblowers and contactees that profess that our planet is surrounded by benevolent ETs and higher dimensional angelic forces as well. How this battle will progress does depend (in a multiverse where Divine Law respects the autonomy of free will/ conscious intentionality) on the collective decision making of humanity.

Thus waking the sheeple is vital for our collective future. But I think it needs to involve more open minded examination of all the evidence, and less biblical fundamentalism that blinkers viewpoints back to a more primitive cosmological perspective.  As several NDE experiencers have pointed out – the main purpose of the Bible was to point to spiritual Truth highlighted in Jesus’ teaching, not to be an encyclopaedia about everything in existence.

As for the latest UFO/ET revelations, read some of the recent happenings on

Listen to some of James Gilliland recent interviews

Gilliland talk with photo evidence:

Just thought I’d share these thoughts. Continue your great work. But must rush to my busy day job.

God bless,

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28 comments to UPDATE: JAMES PERLOFF RESPONDS TO PJ Bloggs Article, ‘ET Agendas For Both Good and Ill’

  • This writer has said so much that is “all over the place” that I cannot really pinpoint what he is trying to say. Or “What is your point?” He speaks about science and about Jesus and I am not sure which one he really believes in, or is it both. That would be a first because they are really quite regards to the creation of life and the universe. It would have been much simpler to speak of one or two issues and leave the rest alone. To me it’s quite simple: No matter what you believe regarding this, you will have to do so by faith because it is impossible to prove.

    • Sayldog

      Yeah he sounds a little too “New Age” for me. Wouldn’t expect him to hold a belief system too far outside the influence of his Jesuit fabricated education (aliens and all). But there really is little difference between science and Bible record, just in the way the individual processes them. There are plenty of Christian MDs.
      And Thank You PJ Bloggs and SGT Report.

  • That depends, of course, on what you will accept as proof.

  • glitter 1

    Ge 1:1 ¶ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

    Yeah,pretty straight forward,primitively speaking.So why didn’t/wouldn’t GOD provide the science to go along with it,but why bother since no one would be able to understand it anyway.

    “We hold these truths to be self evident,that all men were created equal”

    Created….Equal…? Where did the Founders derive those theories from?Most likely from primitive texts mixed in with a little of those pagan Greek Philosophies.

    With all due respect to Mr. Bloggs his statements are existential in nature and he doesn’t believe The Book for one second.
    There is enough information on Loyola and his Jesuit creation if you really want to learn the facts/history.

    Malevolent/Benevolent ET’s,UFO’s,NDE’s,mutiple/alternate dimensions,much like what you get with Fulford,Wilcox and that hair guy on Ancient Aliens.

    I’m sure when he was a young child he knew who his mother and father were even though he wasn’t there to witness/verify conception,he accepted who he was and where he came from by faith.He also accepted what his parents told him by faith,never challenging it’s veracity until of course when he hit the early teens where the introduction/infusion/onslaught of pollution and bombardment of vain philosophies enters and takes hold.

    I mean no disrespect towards Mr.Bloggs,however I do detect his bias and discredit/disregard of anyone who may hold fast their faith in what the “Primitive” Book full of self evident truths says on all these issues he brings up.

    Jesus said that one must have faith as a child in order to enter the kingdom of GOD.Why would GOD in The Flesh make that statement.Because his words provide all that is necessary to make it to and through the Narrow Gate that leads to eternal life.Faith as a child to believe what GOD has said without a PhD explaination on what they can’t prove anyway.It is more of a stretch of faith to place any veracity towards his presumed scientific approach of these studies/subjects.

    We’ll have all eternity to learn/gain an understanding of the Alpha/Omega.If one enters the narrow gate.

    Nothing against him,he has his opinions and the basis for them.I have mine.His arguments would never alter my beliefs and I’m sure mine wouldn’t alter his.

    There’s always a presumption that through science the existence of GOD will finally be proved or disproved. Knowledge of GOD is a revelation from him to us.All science will be able to do is discover/verify his Majesty in the creation.

    Anyway,good post on subject matter that will always spark sharp debate.

  • some guy

    I think it is much more useful and rewarding to try and discern truth than to defend belief.

    • glitter 1

      “I think it is much more useful and rewarding to try and discern truth than to defend belief.”

      Discerning truth is the process by which one continually/successfully observes obvious self evident facts which would cause one to believe what he/she has observed to be true.It’s not difficult/necessary to defend/accept a belief if the facts prove it out.

      It’s all about discernment.

      • some guy

        “Jesus said that one must have faith as a child in order to enter the kingdom of GOD”

        Did he say that to you face to face, or did you over hear him saying it so someone else?

        • Sayldog

          Says some guy in print, neither face-to-face nor overheard. By some guy’s own reasoning he is a myth, and extending the analogy the SGT Report has been written as a means of controlling weak minds (lol, well that much may be true anyway!).

        • glitter 1

          “Did he say that to you face to face, or did you over hear him saying it so someone else?”
          No,I wasn’t there,but there were 12 witnesses that were,he said it,they heard/saw it, they recorded it and it was passed on.Kinda like how most history is recorded.

          How do we know Thomas Jefferson penned the Constitution? Were any of us there to see him actually write it? NO!We have the historical record to look at along with the recorded historical account of witnesses passed down through time and we accept that fact by faith. Jesus had 12 witnesses that recorded what they saw and heard that were passed down through time.Where do you think our court system came up with juries of 12 people.

          This is getting silly.

  • “We hold these truths to be self evident,that all men were created equal” before the law.

    Creator God is no respected of persons. It is obvious we all have different gifts and callings. Even before man’s “law” there must be no favoritism. Justice is blind.

  • Kakistocracy

    There are no aliens.
    These ‘beings’ are actually indigenous to Earth.
    They are our genetic cousins.
    Not peaceful ones of course.
    And they hate us with a passion that only HELL can match.
    Because they were formed ill-ly and premature,
    While we were formed to mirror perfection.
    This created eons long jealousy which blossomed into the insane genetic hatred that we see now in the Satanic Illuminati Parasite “ELITE” ring of Rothschild Deep State Agents towards all mankind but particularly white Christians.

    • Kakistocracy

      So they captured and imprisoned our human souls in an ENERGY PRISON.
      We have been enslaved in that prison for countless centuries.
      During those centuries we live out our “THIRD DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE” here on this Flat Earth Plane(t). Heedless and oblivious to the SOUL TRAP that the FOURTH DIMENSIONAL ALIEN COUSINS of ours have created for us due to their undying hatred of us, we remain as recycled souls endlessly living out our SIMULATED lives in the 3-D world.

  • Kakistocracy

    Need to remove the ITALICs font operator from the original blog post

  • Enjoyed very much but easy to see the reasons Eastern Masters laugh at so many in the West. I never researched NDEs but I’ve had 2. The first was the common life flashing in front of eyes variety with a bizarre twist at the end, the second was very different, like brief moments of Enlightenment, and was definitely a test I passed for the life that came to me. Both should have caused awakening but didn’t. That payoff came 21 years later.

  • AA always emphasizes the extraterrestrial version and downplays or ignores the scriptural record (warnings).

    The “great deception” is gaining steam after years of preparation through TV and movies:

    “…ET belief is quickly becoming the world’s most scientifically acceptable false religion 
    and a major stumbling block to Christianity… ” 
    – Gary Bates

    This may be the strong delusion of the end times, as is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians:

    “And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.” 

    On this passage of 2nd Thessalonians, Dr. David Allen Lewis and Robert Shrekhise wrote in their groundbreaking book, UFO: End Time Delusion:

    “For Satan to succeed in the last days, he must work a deception so subtle and so powerful that it will overwhelm the human race both with its rationality and attraction.”
    “An offer by visitors from an advanced civilization on another planet for assistance to a perishing human race confronted with war, crime, violence, pollution, global warming, genocide, and a host of other ills that man’s rebellion have produced will seem irresistible. That the mainstream scientific community is taking the UFO question seriously, as evidenced by the heavy-funded, government-sponsored SETI programs, demonstrates that we must look at the subject in a very serious light. 
    Any person who is well-grounded in the Bible and takes the word of God literally will not be prone to fall for the end-time delusion.”

  • John Australia


    Thank you so much for introducing SGT readers to James Perloff!

    I truly have had a couple of experiences in my life that UTTERLY CONVICE ME there is a God. And he supports Good people!

    Although Ive never been any sensitive psychic type (i was a fraud investigator) I had an experience after my son passed away where I KNOW I was communicated with by either God or my son. My wife was a witness. The process occurred on several occasions and sh was with me. We watched it physically happen!

    Im a Silver Stacker (just a small one..with my oz of gold) and frankly SGT Report is JUST ABOUT THE BEST for me. KUDOS to your friend at The Corbett Report though.

    • SGT

      Thanks for your kind note John, and God Bless your son, that has to be one of the hardest things any human being can live through. We appreciate your kind words and your personal testimony. May God BLESS you and your lovely wife!

  • Fraser

    The genius of humans is that they can create (and make exist) things in their minds that do not exist in reality. Like unicorns and other people’s Gods, but (of course) not your God! Indeed, psychiatric wards are full of people who get lost in the “imaginary world” and it is fact that in times of high stress, more and more people get lost.

    The philosopher Wittgenstein expressed this more deeply in his “Tractatus” :

    [1] The real world is as it is.

    [2] The real world is independent of human thought. .

    [3] Human thought is a logical construct which can only prove its own assumptions. .

    [4] If you do not know what you are talking about, it is better to shut up. .

    Now applying LOGIC to James Perloff’s commments:
    {1} He starts off assuming that (his) God exists and the Bible is literal fact. But with this assumption, he can only ever conclude that his God exists and the Bible is fact. Forget the hours of argument in between, his assumptions are his conclusions.
    {2) His assumption leads him to Genisis and Noah’s Ark and therefore against Darwin’s evolution and also (presumably) daVinci’s anatomy and Galileo’s cosmology.
    (3) But billions of plants and animals can’t fit on one boat and so without Darwin’s evolution (the very thing he denies), we simply cannot have all the plants and animals that exist in reality today.
    (4) So he must abandon his conclusion and revist his assumption, OR he could keep living in fairyland and book his bed in a psychiatric ward! Either way, his argument is false, because his assumption is false.

    • Fraser

      For some reason my notes to Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus” were deleted. He is another attempt to list them:
      [1] A = A and B = B, nothing more.
      [2] Humans can think or assume that A = B, but this does not make it so.
      [3] The assumption A = B can only either prove itself A = B or a restatement of itself B = A. It can say nothing of other things C, D, or E without further assumptions.
      [4] If you assume that A = B and the real world proves you wrong at any point in your argument, then you must abandon the conclusion and revisit the assumption.

    • hal

      It’s seems relatively simple to me.

      We have no idea what a GOD or CREATOR of everything that we observe and experience actually is. We can assume there was/is some type of creation done by something else, and that just may be, but as far as defining, describing or relating to it, I think that’s simply out of reach; and for all practical purposes might not even really matter in terms of this existence.

      God or not -AND/OR- our ability to comprehend God or not, really shouldn’t influence how we act and behave as individuals and societies. No matter what does or doesn’t happen after we pass on from here, this reality still exists as it is. We have the same choices to make and will affect people/things just as much with our words and actions.

      If there somehow was no GOD, or more accurately a guarantee of no consequence for action or “spiritual” pass-over after this life that has a foundation that YOU have built with your choice of thought and action…if we KNEW none of that could exist, we should still have just as much incentive to treat each other (animals too, sorry folks) with decency and respect by not infringing on basic rights that we all understand.

      Noting wrong with speculation or investigation, but either way we should all share the same ideals if for nothing else the GUARANTEE (based on what we know and experience first hand) that there will be future generations of us living here when we do expire.

      • Fraser

        Agree totally – I would behave no differently whether or not there was a God (or even a police force), because I don’t need IT or them to tell me how to behave properly. In fact, I urge readers of the Bible NOT to behave like their God, who seems to want to murder homosexuals, weekend workers, non-believers, women and children (during a seige) etc etc. Such pieces of shit should be in jail and certainly NOT worshipped!

  • The flood Noah was involved in was only the last of several between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2. When a large comet comes into the inner solar system this place often turns into a washing machine. Venus was the last one and it was captured after perturbing the orbit of Mars and settling in to it’s present orbit which changed our calender from 360 days to 365. Velocovsky studied calenders.

    The word “erats” means land, not planet. If I were to tell you I was going to go out and plow the land, you would not think I was talking about the whole planet. If the water covered the highest peaks, you would have to ask, where did all the water go (over 29,000 ft msl)? It was a local flood, only local (Tarim Basin = bowl shaped) animals were loaded up. There were survivors all over other areas due to less depth. The Chinese have written history going back 25,000 years. Doesn’t take away anything from a correct reading of the Hebrew scriptures.

  • glitter 1

    The real resting place of the boat.It’s 37 minutes long along with all the evidence.

  • Fraser

    When examining any structure, it is useful to consult the architect. Research indicates that the Bible was put together by elites within the dying Roman Empire and Peter the Apostle (the rock upon which the Christian Church was built). And this is (only part of) what Peter says:

    1 Peter 2:13 – “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority.”

    1 Peter 2:18 – “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”

    My view is that as the Roman Empire died, a plan was conceived whereby the last Caesar would become the first Pope, the Senators become the Cardinals and the Christian Church (still centered in Rome, language Latin) would take over power, now receiving authority directly from “God” rather than “we the people”. Slavery to the Church and the death penalty for blasphemy guaranteed success. Church rule then guaranteed a “dark ages”, lasting for nearly 1,000 years, during which almost all human progress stopped.

    Reading Peter’s words (above and elsewhere) and judging by the results, it appears that the purpose of the Christian Church was (and is) to hold power and raise taxes over all that was once the Roman Empire and to enslave the human mind by the use of gobbledygook and promises of eternal love in an after-life. This is history and my view, so forgive me for not bowing down!

  • This article is Pure Idiocy.
    Noah’s “Ark” is a metaphor for Noah going into a 40 day Meditation just like Moses “In the Wilderness”, Just like Elijah “in a Cave”, just like Jesus “Out in the Desert” and similar to what The Buddha did under the Bodhi Tree.
    GOD is LOVE.
    That is what Jesus taught.
    GOD cannot hurt anyone.
    The “Flood” was a metaphor for GOD destroying all of Noah’s earthly desires.
    Just like “The Red Sea” was a metaphor for GOD destroying “The Pharaoh’s Army” a metaphor for Moses’ desires as The Pharaoh is a metaphor for Moses’ Mind.
    The Mind is a Metaphor for Satan.
    Israel is a Metaphor for Consciousness.
    The land of Milk and Honey is a Metaphor for the Brain as The Pineal gland makes a liquid (honey) and the Pituitary gland makes a liquid (milk) that when combined together puts you into a very deep meditation (read about DMT which is a hormone your brain makes when you actually understand and follow Jesus’ teachings which over 99% of Christians have no understanding of)
    This is why GOD changed Jacob’s name to Israel after he struggled at Pineal and became enlightened.
    This how Jesus became a Christ after he opened the 6th Seal (The Third Eye or Ajna Chakra) in The Book of Revelations Chapter 8.
    After this event all 144,000 of the Tribes of Israel (Nerves of Jesus’ body taking electricity to every pore in his body) was purified.
    The two beasts died (Time and Space) and Jesus was no longer trapped in the Physical world (He had his Spiritual Birth and could leave his body at will)

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