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Erdogan and Washington’s Neocon Sunni-Firsters Fume as Iraqis Liberate Fallujah and the Race to Raqqa Begins

from Rogue Money:

After weeks-long ceasefire negotiations that their jihadist and Saudi/Turkish proxy enemies used to regroup, the Syrian Arab Army is back on the offensive and so is the Russian Air Force in the skies over Syria. On the East Ghouta front east of Damascus the SAA and Hezbollah are chopping up the rebel factions into near-encircled pockets of resistance. To the south of Damascus, a shaky ceasefire is holding in the town of Daraya which has been a logistics hub for arms flows to the rebels from Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. In the west, SAA mortar and artillery fire exchanges continue with besieged rebels in Zabadani near the Lebanese border despite the U.S.-Russian negotiated truce to permit humanitarian aid into the city.

Raw drone footage of the area around the town of Birnah. Birnah is located at the frontline between Syrian government forces and oppposing factions (rebels / nusra-front). Location of the town: || Drohnenaufnahmen des Kampfgebietes an der Front südlich von Aleppo

As East Ghouta Falls to the SAA, the Aleppo and Eastern Desert Fronts Heat Up

War diary. Syria | May 27th – 29th 2016 Video material courtesy of Anna News – Be advised, VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES, not recommended for children under age of 18 Mature viewers only. This is a war documentary. For documentary and educational purposes only.

However, the main fronts are developing in the north where the SAA is preparing an assault to finally cut the Castillo road, the last highway into the rebel-held portion of Aleppo. After Russian diplomats complained about the continued flow of jihadists and arms from Turkey to the rebel-held territories, the highway has come under intensive Russian aerial and Syrian artillery bombardment in the last few days. There is yet no indication that it has been decisively cut to all rebel arms flows, which is why the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces under the command of Maj. Gen. Suheil Al Hassan are massing to block it.

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2 comments to Erdogan and Washington’s Neocon Sunni-Firsters Fume as Iraqis Liberate Fallujah and the Race to Raqqa Begins

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Let’s get outta there, and leave the muslim world kill each other as they have always done, and when they are down to the final 10 men, THEN we can go there and knock them down too and we’ll be done with the religion of “Sand Spitters”.

    It’s perfectly LOGICAL why & how the language of the desert (Arabic) evolved, was so that you could speak and spit out the sand at the same time. Pattooie. Hawk. Schrrrk.

  • Jed

    This was a good report. If a person is really serious about getting an ongoing view of the Syrian, Iraqi on ground situation. Go to you can get a credible almost daily sitrep of on site battlefield operations and ebbs and flow. Don’t waste your time listening to whitehouse conmen or msm nobodies. I put up a Mideast map a year ago, and have followed the daily sitreps of the actual events. After you do this for a couple of months, you will be able to spot the rubbish from msm without effort.

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