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Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens Like an ATM

by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:

As if civil asset forfeiture, where police can seize your property without having to prove you actually committed a crime, wasn’t contentious enough already, a new device allows the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to steal money directly from your bank account — on the spot.

And it’s already in use.

The Electronic Recovery and Access to Data Machine, known by the acronym ERAD, can scan your bank account and prepaid cards, giving OHP instant access to the balance — and the funds — if a trooper believes the money is tied to a crime. OHP rolled out 16 ERAD devices in May, and unsurprisingly, has already employed the technology.

You don’t even have to be charged with a crime to be a victim of these badge-wearing armed robbers — which makes OHP’s new ERAD device an astonishing prospect.

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent told local News 9. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s some way that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.”

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7 comments to Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens Like an ATM

  • Ed_B

    As if we needed ANY more reasons not to have a bank account or keep a minimal amount of money in any accounts we have. :-/

  • john

    These Fuckers,should be shot on the spot.They are only Criminals wearing a badge and they have no right,as a robber has no right to steal your money

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here’s a CLEVER idea that just HIT ME. It is possible (easy) to have a pre-paid MasterCard showing ZERO (or very tiny balance), yet you can actually have thousands of dollars in your “account”.


    You can do this with a BitGOLD account. You open the account (for those who don’t know, it is a PHYSICAL GOLD BULLION account & you chose which “world vault” your gold is stored at), and you buy a bunch of gold, (of course, do NOT have it stored in London USA, Canada or Europe where the criminal cartel can confiscate it).

    And you sign up for (request) the pre-paid debit card (MasterCard).

    You either take delivery of your gold by mail (a small fee, of course), OR, you SELL your gold & you choose HOW to take the cash, either they can WIRE it to your other bank accounts, OR, you can have them “LOAD it” onto the DEBIT card (you do this with your ONLINE account.)

    SO, you can have tens or HUNDREDS of OUNCES of GOLD in your vault account but you only sell as many parts of a GRAM, or grams, or ounces as you wish, and load that cash onto your DEBIT card, exactly on the day you wish.

    Otherwise you should maintain a ZERO balance on the card so there is NOTHING that can be stolen, confiscated or “frozen” on it.

    Yes it still uses the SWIFT system, but at least YOU have full control of owning physical gold (perhaps keep it at Hong Kong or Singapore), but nobody (no police department) can have easy access to your “out of the country” information. The accounts are headquartered in Canada, but the bullion is under your control to move from vault to vault or to your mailbox, or to your cash balance Debit card. And, you can always transfer your unused balances, either back into your GOLD vault (ounces, grams, partial grams, etc), or you can pay online bills, buy stuff, or take out cash at an ATM machine, etc.

    PS. This really kills the BitCOINERS who claim that GOLD is NOT divisible or SPENDABLE other than face to face barter.

    • Eric


      I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking I need to add more to my bitgold stash.

      I don’t like using the word “account.” It’s not really an account. It’s allocated physical gold stored in the vaults of your choice.

      Have you used the prepaid debit card yet? I need to add a little more next time I get paid.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes, I have used the debit card. Not all ATM’s take it, and not all stores either.
        One of my grocery stores did not take it. I have no way of testing if they just don’t take the MasterCards, or if there is anything “special” about this one.

        I have not used it for any “bill pay” yet, but I cleaned out my cash balance at a local ATM machine.
        Because of the possible “tax implications” of gold going UP very high and “selling it” to my card (and becoming “liable” for Capital gains tax), I sold almost all of my gold at the same price, and took out the money for now.

        Later, I will put MORE gold back into my account, and when it skyrockets, I’d be an idiot to sell it (and pay the tax). SO in THAT situation, I will pay the $30 FEE and have the ounces MAILED to my home TAX FREE. (you don’t owe any tax if you didn’t sell it for a “profit”.)

        Right now, I’m TRYING to register & fund ANOTHER pre-paid account (got it at WalMart), it’s American Express, has a few benefits, such as linking to accounts, and can have up to 3 or 4 “sub accounts” where you can have OTHER people with their own card. Not yet sure, if I can “load those extra cards separately, or if they all grab from the same pool).

        It’s almost a true bank account, but it’s not. The advantage, is you can LOAD it without fees at any WAlmart and a couple other big places. Online bill pay, etc.
        But their registration is NOT letting me register & get an account, so I may have to “Spend” off the money I loaded onto this “temporary card”.

        I hope to get the permanent account active, because I have use for this. I will give a “sub card” to a family member who often needs “money gram / Western Union” at $11 per transfer, and this card in their hands, would save me the fees. I can load it up, and they can spend it or ATM cash it out. There are 24,000 FREE (no surcharge) ATM’s around the nation for this card.

        It’s called BLUEBIRD. And it has NO MONTHLY FEES. 🙂

        I’ve read the reviews & various COMPLAINTS. So I recommend NOT linking this to any PAYPAL account (because PayPal is a dictator who is known for freezing or taking from accounts when they should NOT be taking.)

        I’ve read enough complaints about ALL the cards, that it’s best to NOT put a bunch of money on them because MANY people have experienced loss of their funds and could NOT get it back, etc.

        That’s also why I really like the BITGOLD card.

        • Eric

          That’s interesting if not all stores take it. Should work just like a mastercard.

          I wouldn’t sweat the taxes too much. If it goes up, pay the tax. No way your “dollars” are going to go up. I still have losses to carry forward from the last few years so I don’t sweat paying the tax too much.

          I did notice that Gold transfer payments are available in Texas, Ohio, and Colorado now. You probably need to be a resident of those states however.

          Still, it looks like it’s making progress.

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