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Clueless Liberal on Minimum Wage

from FoxNews via TheDailyTrump:

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5 comments to Clueless Liberal on Minimum Wage

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    I don’t get it. High paid wankers trying to lump the discrepancies vagaries and imbalances of a fiat monetary system onto the shoulders of a fast food worker. This is a very lame attack on one of the lowest paid receivers in the trickle-down chain.
    End your stupidity; End The Fed.

  • windrunner56

    I wouldn’t eat at McDonald’s if it were free. But having said that, with “Robots” coming in, the Elite’s want everyone making $15.00 per hour. Trickle up, not trickle down. Soon office workers will be making that, then management. It will be take it, or robot it. Just watch….

    • Sayldog

      Robots. This whole “burger flippin’ robots” threat is a joke. We are supposed to use the fear of robots replacing fast food workers as a reason NOT to provide the EXPLODING numbers of low income FAMILIES with a living wage. WHERE is the outcry over robots being used in industry replacing jobs that historically provided a middle-class lifestyle? It’s all peaches and progress to replace a decent paying job with a robot, but we’re supposed to feel threatened by the possibility of burger flipping robots if the minimum wage is raised to something meaningful.

  • Sayldog

    I like Cavuto’s logic after throwing out the projected rise in a Big Mac Meal due to a raise in minimum wage to $15 per hour, “…for a lot of families who don’t have a lot of money that’s a big deal.” BUT THEY WILL HAVE MORE MONEY BECAUSE THEIR WAGES WILL BE INCREASED. The clueless liberal said it herself “I can put more money into the economy.”

    The idea that a low minimum wage encourages the hiring of entry level workers is BS. Go to any McD and see the folks working there who are trying to earn a living: wives, single parents, college grads. Today’s economy has forced older and skilled workers into such jobs. Pundits bemoan the abundance of millennials who are living in their parents’ basement because they can’t find decent paying jobs after college, and at the same time mock those who would say it’s time for a minimum wage that provides a living wage. Pundits point out the deficiencies of a fast food menu, and at the same time worry that those diners may go elsewhere for their meals. The poorest workers and families are deemed not worthy of a wage hike, while at the same time CEOs of FAILING BANKS and BUSINESSES get multi-million-dollar bonuses if not FROM OUR TAX DOLLARS than certainly from the myriad of fees and service charges laid on us.
    Class warfare hypocrisy.

  • Quest Jen

    Is the new robot security guard that rents out for $7/hour at the mall requesting a raise, also?

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