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Cannabis Compound Found to Help Rare forms of Epilepsy

by Anna Scanlon, Natural Society:

Researchers are continuously finding that an oil derived from the cannabis plant is actually incredibly effective in treating and controlling a rare form of epilepsy. Since an estimated 30,000 Americans live with the particular form of this disease, this relatively recent discovery brings new hope to tens of thousands of people in helping them to regain control of their lives.

In light of these discoveries, pharmaceutical companies have taken action in creating a pharmaceutical drug derived from the cannabis oil. The drug has been produced at GW Pharmaceuticals, which is based in London. It contains a high dose of cannabidiol, which is found within marijuana plants.

Those worried about getting high while taking the drug, which will be called Epidiolex, should be aware that it only contains a very small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the compound that makes people feel “high” from smoking marijuana.

The drug targets a rare form of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), which usually begins around ages 3-5 in children. It will be safe to give to kids, as the compounds which make drug users feel the “high” is only present in trace amounts.

Those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome have on average 74 seizures that result in falling on the floor each month. Patients in the trial were tested against a control group receiving a placebo. Those who took the actual medication found their seizures reduced by 44 percent, while those in the placebo group found their seizures reduced by 22 percent.

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1 comment to Cannabis Compound Found to Help Rare forms of Epilepsy

  • Ed_B

    With enough d,9-THC in your bloodstream, you might not get any better… but you very likely won’t care. Sometimes, that just might be enough.

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