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Brexit: The Stalling-and-Maneuvering Begins

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Many people have likely thought (hoped?) that the Brexit vote would be the end of a chapter. The UK people vote to secede from the EU, and then the UK gets on with its future, as a sovereign nation. Sadly, it is now clear that such sentiments are nothing more than wishful thinking. The Brexit vote was not the “end” of anything. Rather, it was the beginning of some twisted, new melodrama – orchestrated, as usual, by the puppet masters of the One Bank.

First we have the stalling. It began with the oligarchs’ loyal servant, David Cameron. Cameron fell on his sword, immediately after the Brexit vote. The reason for doing this was not political accountability. Amongst our puppet politicians, that is a concept almost as archaic as political ethics. Cameron resigned for one, and only one reason.

The prime minister said Friday morning he’ll stay in office for at least three months to “steady the ship.” He said Britain should have a new leader by the time his party meets for its annual conference in October and it should be the next prime minister who starts the formal negotiations with the EU.

Cameron said Friday he won’t trigger the start of the secession process under Article 50 of the EU Treaty. That will be up to the country’s next prime minister.

Unofficially, what Cameron has done with this stalling tactic is to unilaterally declare a three-month hold on the entire secession process. He refuses to even begin to honour the will of the People, until his successor is chosen. But this could be only the beginning of the political stalling inside the UK.

The Leave vote may also prompt calls for a general election to clear the decks and elect a government specifically charged to negotiate with the rest of the EU.

So, first we have the three months of stalling while the Conservative Party internally chooses a successor to Cameron. Then, after that, we could still see the Conservatives call a general election for a supposed mandate to negotiate Brexit, calling it “the right thing to do.”

Yes, at first glance such an election may seem the most-appropriate path. However, effectively such an election would be a “do-over” of the Brexit vote. In any subsequent general election, UK voters would not be forced to vote for a pro-Brexit party, nor would the parties themselves be compelled to support Brexit as a part of their own platform. Thus any subsequent election would be a re-vote on Brexit, irrespective of how it was labeled by the political puppets or media drones.

This brings us to more propaganda and theater:

Prime Minister David Cameron rejected calls for a do-over vote on leaving the European Union and assigned a team of officials to prepare for withdrawal following the referendum last week that stunned the world and triggered financial market turmoil.

There is a lot to digest in this one sentence of propaganda from Bloomberg. First of all, who was already “calling for a do-over”? Nobody. Obviously no serious political figure would make such a suggestion immediately after a heated political process, as all it would do is spark instant acrimony towards that individual and/or their party. Why manufacture such propaganda? To plant the seed.

Obviously one way to frustrate the will of the People would be to manufacture additional referendums (or elections), and force the UK people to vote again and again for the same thing. Here we have the Establishment pretending to be against the idea of a re-vote with this silly charade, but then subsequently we will see the propaganda drumbeat for a new vote start to grow louder and louder.

Secondly, we have Cameron apparently contradicting what he had said only last Friday. By “assigning a team” to begin the secession process, he is violating his previous pledge to do nothing for the next three months. Which is the truth here?

Third, we have the fear-mongering: the Brexit vote “stunned the world” and “triggered financial market turmoil”, we’re told. Why did it supposedly stun the world? Because the same Corporate media had spent the last two days prior to the vote assuring everyone that “new polls” showed the UK people would vote to remain. Why did the vote trigger “turmoil” in markets? Because the Big Banks had just spent the two days prior to the vote pushing markets much higher.

In hindsight, both the Corporate media’s pre-vote propaganda and the dramatic move higher in markets prior to the vote now reek of more corruption. The “polls” supposedly showing that UK voters would vote to stay in the EU were contrived. The assurances by the Corporate media were lies. And the pre-vote pumping up of markets was just more of the One Bank’s flagrant market manipulation, via use of its near-omnipotent trading algorithm.

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