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Block Reward Halving to Bring $3,000 Per Bitcoin?! – Trace Mayer Interview

from CrushTheStreet:

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3 comments to Block Reward Halving to Bring $3,000 Per Bitcoin?! – Trace Mayer Interview

  • mike

    Everything is already in place for the big crash with BTC. The perfect international Money you can trade for fiat..I will probably sell 1 BTC for 5000-10000oz of gold after the crash for chump change to barter with the local natives after the collapse. If you have the idea of hunkering down in your hole like a dragon watching over it’s hoard then BTC is not for you..You’re beyond hopeless and no one will bother the grumpy dragon. All others that choose to live in a wold after the collapse that is still trading then BTC is for you…Gold will be good for barter but not that good. Will be very difficult to trade a sub sub sub graham for a piece of bread since gold absolutely lacks the divisibility aspect of money. Also in that scenario gold will be a lot less valuable considering all the gold that will appear in the market. Every single American owns gold in one form or another, jewellery etc and all of it will be bartered and brought into the market. So I imagine the purchasing power will be diminished quite a bit. Not every American owns a piece of BTC, the only money in the world to ever be limited in quantity and infinitely divisible. Good luck all and keep those thinking caps on!

    • Eric

      bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.

      pump and dump.

      Soon it will be dead as it is completely worthless as a store of value.

      Mt Gox 2 here we come.

      Hopefully the meathead will regenerate some cells above his neck before he loses everything.

  • Randy

    But here’s the rub! Without PLENTY of electricity (think of Venezuela right now!), how will anyone be able to turn on any electrical device such as a cell phone, pad, lap top or desk top computer or especially a main frame computer, to be able to access any of this fictitious medium of exchange that is created completely out of some electrons whirling around in space?
    The exact same fate awaits all of the OTHER 700+ crypto-currencies too, you know! All of them will just cease to exist, and there won’t be a shred of anything left to prove that they were once here, except of course for the memories! The ultimate confidence game will have come to a glorious end with lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth to mark its passing. All of those quadrillions and more ones and zeroes will be turned into one BIG zero!! Whatcha gonna do when it happens to YOU?
    It looks to me, Mike, like you are exhibiting some kind of a psychotic break or something there in your second line! “1 BTC for 5000-10000 Oz of gold after the crash for chump change to barter with the local natives after the crash”? Can you write something that makes even just a LITTLE bit of sense here?? You appear to be unable to string two coherent thoughts together!
    You obviously do not have the vaguest idea of what barter means. You can’t even spell gram correctly! The 14K gold plating in costume jewelry isn’t really worth all that much. BTW, how many of those reproductions of the buffalo that are clad with 14 micro grams of gold did you buy from the late night infomercials?
    If you had only a clue as to what money really is, you’d not write nonsensical stuff like your comments above.
    Neither BitCONJOB nor any of the other 700+ crypto-currencies is money, they are all nothing but pure illusions created to rip off the gullible.


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