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Beware the Women of the Hegemon

from Verify Events Research:

In this video we explore the role of women in war propaganda and domestic misinformation campaigns. The social engineers have created the myths that “women are for peace” and “female politicians cannot lie or be dishonest” or have dark agendas. Left propaganda outlets like “Democracy Now” routinely push the war agenda (ex. during the Libya, Syria wars), demonize their political enemies, and help cover up lies like the pre-engineered destruction of Building 7 on 9/11 (which would have taken months of planning to accomplish, even to the most aggressive/knowledgeable military planners). “Progressive” traitor Amy Goodman was in the front lines when according to her “THEY brought the building down”, but nobody seems to know where that rumor and pre-knowledge of the event originated. In this video compilation, we let the viewers see for themselves these artificially created myths regarding the “women of the hegemon” and their domestic and foreign policy hidden agendas. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sue or prosecute those individuals (selfish, ignorant Americans) that enable (vote) for those known corrupt war-criminals, over and over again?

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