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Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Is freedom free? Can change happen without a revolution? Can a revolution ever be nonviolent and successful at the same time?

Does America need change? If so, what are you willing to do about it?

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2 comments to Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of America

  • anon

    Abraham Lincoln enacted Martial Law when he took us into the Civil War, in 1861. We’ve been under Martial Law ever since. It was the ‘Crown’ (Rothschilds/Jews) and Jesuits (Jewish-created & controlled) who Assassinated Lincoln. The United States became a corporation in 1871, under the Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877). (Not sure why it took them until Dec. 23rd, 1913 to pass the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act. Americans need to STOP FEEDING THE BEAST (SYSTEM).

    Find out more, here:

    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 555 Getting Back To Our Roots with John T. Wayne

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