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A Second Great Depression Is Now A Certainty

from GregoryMannarino:

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2 comments to A Second Great Depression Is Now A Certainty

  • I look forward to your stuff. Interesting to note that the 100m have survived so far by living off the fat of the land which must be, in large part, trickle down of Entitlements which get smaller. One hand is imminent collapse and the other is a slow nickle and dimeing. I think both are in store as life will go on and the people will get squished to a greatly reduced level and as unemployment skyrockets the major source of income will probably be a stipend to all because without it nothing can move, money must flow and the govt is the only place it can come from. To look at any third world country over the past 30 years is to predict America’s future and the life style changes coming as people group in the cities, use buses instead of cars, and all the generations live together in a single structure and everybody chips in. Open markets and cheap food stands will line the roads and everybody will be scamming their services just to survive. Very much like a scene from blade runner.

  • Ed_B

    The 2nd Great Depression started in 2008 and is still running. It was papered over with several trillion worth of thin-air derived paper money and made to look better than it really is but that is merely an illusion. There is not enough lipstick in this world to make this pig of an economy look better than it really is. The US economy has been in serious decline for at least the past 10 years… and it is not recovering, getting better, or sprouting any “green shoots”. Nor will it until there is a profound change in leadership in this country. A substantial change in the hearts and minds of the people will also be necessary. Unfortunately, most of this will require genuine personal sacrifice and we are WAY out of practice for that.

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