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A King Dollar Devaluation or Collapse?….Will Anyone Notice a Difference…?

from Rogue Money:

Almost two years ago we discussed the question in the above title here at ‘’. And now it seems the news realities indicate we are about to stare down the barrel of the final answer to this question. Any & all answers will ultimately be intimidating & painful, thus the barrel reference. Once the news segment in this installment gets rolling, I will try and approach the evidence trail like a prosecuting attorney, and then close with some obvious ‘real time’ signs.

Repeated from last week; we are now faced with signs that mean “the light switch moment” has already happened. In fact, the entire wall switch has been removed. It happened in 2008, and the US 3rd world remodeling event is starting to pick up pace across the nation. Some areas of the US are already heavily affected, but the nationwide remodeling will include switches that are controlled by others remotely, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be). Let’s all get in charge of our own ‘DIY’ economic/business remodeling. Need I remind you, being in charge will only be available to those with a well thought out personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).

In last week’s installment we alluded to the possibility of ongoing business negotiations between the Western Paper Ponzi Captains & the BRICS & Associates Power brokers (whether they are negotiating or not will not matter, the result for us will be the same). The surmised keynote of these negotiations being a discussion of ways to smooth out a trade transition for the debt strapped, import dependent US populous, via an equitable devaluation of the domestic US dollar (home of the King Dollar). This would temporarily put off the fiat record of 100% failures. Only temporarily, that’s for sure….! Why do I say that?

Because, just like I theorized almost two years ago, will anyone really care? As in anyone who is the holder of these devalued dollar legal tender units. As a reminder, does anyone truly doubt that the most minor of devaluations for a overly indebted country that relies on imports for the majority of it’s needs based products will collapse the purchasing power completely? Especially when factoring statistics that indicate the potential purchasers & holders of these legal tender pieces of crap, “the US Sixpacks,’’ are now reduced to living off their savings as well as their declining paychecks. Why? Because of the ill-perceived necessity of living a bit “TOO LARGE” over the past couple decades. Living too big for our britches, as Grandpa Wolf Gray would say.

This is the negative side of being the world’s reserve currency, and at the same time not having made productive use of your own vast natural resources. In our case getting lazy and relying on the labors of others off our shores, others who ironically also hold our debt. You can’t get much dumber than that folks. Wolf Gray

If you can’t pay for the ‘debt holders’ goods output (imports), and you can’t even pay for your debt either without resorting to the printing of the same colored paper they already hold, you guessed it, you have got one big big problem. As mentioned nearly two years ago, when things are rolling your way being the world reserve currency has lots of perks like the natural “vig” on the paper transactions. But, when you are at the ‘obverse’ scenario, then adjustments to your life style will soon be ‘a-comin’. They’re here!

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