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4-Minute Video: Orlando Crisis Actor’s Glasses Reflect Green-Screen Studio For ‘Grieving Mom’ to Promote Gun Confiscation.

by Carl Herman, Washington’s Blog:

Russianvids 4-minute video that proves another corporate media lie: this is not a “live” shot but staged for green-screen with a likely crisis actor (and here, here):

30-second video of a “wounded” man in the right thigh being carried past cameras, then apparently after the team think they’re off-camera, simply dropping the “wounded” man back to the ground along with doing a few dance steps!

We the People have obvious reasons to challenge Orlando as a .01% false flag attack, including game-changing histories of creating ISIS, supplying them, and usual use of false flag attacks to sell the 99.99% on offensive war; this time on Syria, and ongoingly in Afghanistan, Iraq, several drone-targeted nations, and ongoing selling of war on Iran. In fact, US .01% historical and present lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression best label the US as a “rogue state.

Please note that gun confiscation (“control”) was the flash-point issue of the American Revolution when British military acted to take American guns. Please consider the possible .01% plot to create ISIS, export ISIS as “refugees” among the record number of 65 million displaced people in 2015, create false flag attacks to “justify” gun confiscation then martial law, and finally arrest “truthers” to FEMA camps to crush dissent. The necessity of such a harsh plan is to prevent a critical mass of Americans from discovering the Emperor’s New Clothes obviousness of Orwellian crimes centered in war, money, and lies. In fact, after I wrote an article to suggest this plan, it was attacked by an apparent prominent disinformation agent.

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