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Yellen Says Fed NEGATIVE Interest Rates a Possible Tool to Boost Economy!

from The Money GPS:

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3 comments to Yellen Says Fed NEGATIVE Interest Rates a Possible Tool to Boost Economy!

  • Eric

    Yellen is a TOOL!

    Negative interest rates to rob depositors and boost the Gold Price!!!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Our answer to “Negative tools”?


    The central banksters say: “Let them eat Fiat.”

    And we say: “Oh look, I got shiney, kiss my hiney.”

  • Ed_B

    Yeah, right. Negative rates will somehow fix the damage that has been done by forcing interest rates too low for too long. Somehow, the logic of that concept escapes me.

    Negative interest rates are a capital abomination and anyone with even a shred of knowledge about real economics knows it.

    When the Fed began cutting interest rates in the US, the initial rate was in the area of 5%. Cutting this to 3% did help the economy. Cutting again to 2% showed virtually no improvement in the US economy. Further reductions show no benefit at all and did show that some damage was being done to the economy. When rates are too low, capital is mis-allocated on the basis of the cheap rates and not because the use of the capital is a good idea. Cutting rates below zero is a 1st class sign that those at the Fed either do not understand basic economics OR that they have painted themselves into a corner and now cannot figure out an exit plan. Negative interest rates are the financial equivalent of a “Hail Mary” pass in football… a move that is unlikely to work but it’s all that they have left in the play-book. The use of negative rates is an admission that the economy is locked in a death spiral. It is also the final signpost that will be seen before a complete financial collapse occurs.

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