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Would You Recognize a Slow Motion Collapse If One Was Right In Front of You?

by argentus maximus, TF Metals Report:

I reduced the full chart from it’s full size (in today’s RNP video) to about 30% to allow it to fit in here. The detail that matters most is still retained with adequate clarity.

It’s the kind of analog which a computer, using for example Pearson’s Ratio, would give a very low correlation. Looking at it by eye from experience I’d expect maybe not much more than a 15-25% Pearson’s Correlation score if that. But when somebody familiar with market movement, and the character of market movement, particularly someone who knows the difference between impulsive and corrective price action, sees this for the first time they’re more likely to say something like “How about that!”.

In the green and red is the price of gold in Venezuelan Bolivars. In the shocking pink is the price of gold in US Dollars, which is the leaders of society assure us is the strongest currency in the world. The World’s Reserve Currency. Timescale is deliberately different between the two. One chart is monthly and the other quarterly, which is one bar of one for every three (months) of the other. If the loose correlation continues, the USD will (continue to) decline at 1/3rd the speed of the unfortunate Venezuelan currency.

The vertical price scale in both is logarithmic, or on a percentage scale. Therefore because normalization has been done, comparisons can be made with reference to either of the numbered price scales shown.

The unfolding Venezuelan economic disaster is considered a full on collapse, complete with food riots, street protests and so on. By looking at the gold chart we can see the US economy has been doing much the same at 1/3rd the speed, but is considered to the “the best house in a bad neighbourhood” or “the least bad nag in the stable” to use phrases oft repeated in current times.

But if USD continues to do the same as VEF – it’s just a slower collapse. What a difference there is in sentiment between these two! How little real difference there is remains to be seen, as the coming three years to the next pivotal moment unfolds.


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5 comments to Would You Recognize a Slow Motion Collapse If One Was Right In Front of You?

  • GoldTooth999

    Before Turd’s banishment from ZH, he was easily recognized as a blithering idiot. Turd probably makes more money from website subscriptions than investing. Now would Turd charge a fee on his dilettante subscribers? Save the money and stack metals instead. Then avoid the collapse and decline while sipping Pina Coladas in Costa Rica like a jack ass.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I am probably NOT qualified to research, analyze and identify a slow motion collapse, but I see enough crap happening since 2008 that I have been into HIGH ALERT PREP mode ever since their housing bubble popped and my Detroit house, fell from about $110k, it was falling quickly, to $60k, $40k, and today, I cannot even sell it for $12k.

    I’m still paying the “home equity” loan I took on it, (the loan amount-line of credit= $70k) had been established back about 2003, and I GRABBED it in 2009 and used that money to buy my Florida home (paid cash to avoid any mortgage on it), and I’ve got it paid down now, to about $32k. Still paying, but also buying a bit of silver with every dollar not needed for bills.

    So, when SILVER jumps up BIG enough, I may (or may NOT) pay off the loan. They can take the Detroit house, I won’t miss that area. But right now, it’s my advantage to keep my credit score high, just in case I want to buy something on credit, AND, it lowers my car insurance a bit too. (Sad how the car insurance companies use people’s bad credit ratings to charge more for premiums. It’s robbery.)

    But at least I was able to “utilize” part of the banking system to buy my Florida escape.
    I’ve got an old buddy living in the Detroit house, and he’s SO poor, he hasn’t been able to send my a single dollar of any rent in more than a year, but he’s taking care of the place, and he’s grateful that he & his 2 kids have a place to stay. No jobs up there, and they cut grass, trim trees, etc, to make “food money”. The “scrap salvage” business has fallen so low, that people cannot make a living at that anymore. (I used to help him go “scrapping”, often earning each of us, $35-$70 per day, with some days earning $zero to $20.

    That was when scrap iron was $200/ton, but today, it’s only about $65/ton. And the place has been picked clean. No car, no job, and he “walks to death” 1-3 lawn mowers each year. I’m thankful that my situation is not his situation.

    I’ve told him of the crash that’s coming, and he sees it too, but he has NO way to prep for it. I help him out sometimes from emergencies from time to time.

    When the crash arrives, we will ALL be pretty much “on our own & all alone”.

    Good Luck to ALL of you out there. I know it can be impossible to prep if you cannot afford a case of Ramen Noodles or a bag of rice.
    I’m in better prepping shape than many out there, and I’m grateful.

    But I certainly “economize” all the time. A few days ago, walking along side of the road, I saw some EARS of Corn had fallen from some Farm Truck, (only about 3 ears), but I picked them up, they were NICE and DRY, so I took them home, removed all the seed-kernels from them, and stored them for planting in my own garden. Hey, when you look at the price of garden-seed packs at the store, this little “road treasure” was worth about $15 @ retail.

    I felt like I hit the lottery.

    There are a LOT of FREE seeds available if you just OPEN your eyes. Making a Salad? Got tomatoes? Save those SEEDS!!!

    Got fresh (or OLD) potatoes? Cut a few sections with “eyes” and PLANT them too.

    Cut the onion bottoms, celery bottoms, etc, and PLANT them, because they’ll GROW again.

    Bought some watermelon, squash, cucumbers etc from the store? Save, wash and PLANT those SEEDS!!! Pinto beans, kidney beans, peas, etc etc etc. Even if you live in a car, you can still pick old, rotten veggies out of store garbage dumpsters and PLANT the seeds, in some empty land, etc.

    Being without money does NOT mean we also have to turn off our brains. Dirt is FREE if you’ve got a shovel.

    All kinds of containers can be used for POTS.

    As for buying NEW, CHEAP POTS? I’ve OFTEN found, at the “Dollar TREE”, little plastic garbage buckets, or garden buckets, (sometimes 1 gallon size, sometimes bigger), for $1 each. Cut a few holes in the bottom, and it’s better than paying $5 or $10 each at a garden center.

    OK SGT preppers, GET OUT THERE and GROW.

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