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What Canned Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life

from survivalists2012:

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14 comments to What Canned Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OK, the video was originally posted in 2012, so that Pink Salmon was good for 4 more years.

    BUT, I’d avoid ANYTHING that comes out of the PACIFIC Ocean (Fukushima, eh?).

    But there is some canned fish that comes from “safer” waters. Some Bumble Bee Sardines, says “Product of Morocco”. Some other canned fish I’ve found, says Product of Poland, or Germany, etc. and these have some pretty LONG freshness dates.

    Canned ham, Spam, have some pretty long dates. (But if you want 10-20 year shelf life, get the Augason Farms dehydrated foods- they pack them with an Oxygen absorber- From Walmart or Sam’s Club website.)

    Other things, such as DRY beans, white rice, etc. It helps if you store it in a COOL DRY place, or add another bag to it, and stick it in the deep freeze. (Can’t get drier or cooler than the deep freeze.)

    Most canned goods, have from 8-15 months of “Best Before” dates on them. I always check the dates, and buy the ones that last longer, and at home, I use a felt market, to put that date in LARGE numbers on top and front of the cans.

    I stack my shelves, with the longer dates in back, shorter dates in front to make it easy to keep a good rotation going.

    Sugar is a PRESERVATIVE, so you can keep pure sugars a long time if it’s kept DRY.

    I’ve often found canned beans (pinto, kidney, chili beans, etc) that sometimes have a Freshness date that is 4 years or longer. CHECK out those dates when you are shopping.

    I picked up a few cans of CHEESE (often in the Mexican isle), so I can add it to various dishes. There also is some cheese sauces in the spaghetti sauce area.

    In the Augason stuff, they also sell (very long dated) POWDERED EGGS (your choice of WHOLE eggs or “egg whites”).
    Powdered Honey, Powdered Butter, Powdered Cheese.

    Plenty of the “normal things”. Veggie stew, soups, fruits, meats, vegetables, breakfast foods.

    The “Hard Wheat grain-whole grain- not flour”, shelf life (sealed) about 30 years!!!!
    You can also PLANT the wheat (berries) as SEEDS? Have not opened one to see if the “germ” is still intact.

    At my local “feed store”, among the bags of things for “deer feed” bait, or crops that attract deer (forage), I found “Naked Oats” (for planting).

    Naked Oats, are the NORMAL OATS you eat for breakfast, but it is the ONE GRAIN that you don’t need to “remove the husks” or “winnow” it. The “chaff” is “self shedding”. I think I paid about $30 or $40 for a 50 pound bag. I put some into large jars for long term storage, and I’ll eat some, and PLANT some for growing.

    For growing there are TYPES of RICE in the world, that DON’T need to be planted in water. I think it’s called “Mountain Rice”? But you have to go thru all the “de-chaffing & winnowing, etc”. Having a variety of edible grains to grow, may become very important in the future.

    Don’t forget about Amaranth Flower (it’s a WEED too.). The “grain” are the seeds, and also contain LYSINE (a VITAL ingredient NOT usually found in plants!!!)

    Amaranth (also known as PigWeed), can grow in fields that have used ROUNDUP. (Farmers HATE Amaranth because Roundup often will not kill it.)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS. NO more TUNA for me (Fukushima radiation is found in 100% of ALL tuna in the Pacific).

    Sad about it, because I really love a tuna salad sandwich, but I don’t want to ingest a single particle of Plutonium into my gut and get CANCER from it. The risk is larger than some may believe it to be.

    That also goes for Alaska Salmon, and for EVERYTHING out of the Pacific.

    Perhaps I’ll make a small fish pond here, and grow my own fish. Bluegills (breem), bass, Tilapia (but not catfish, it’s not a “healthy” thing to eat.)

    I did some research about shrimp & prawns, & eels, but the life cycle & breeding is difficult, and shrimp/prawns need TOO much space per pound of harvest.

    • Eric

      Everything bioaccumulates in your body.

      I’m giving away some evaporative milk, canned fruit, and popeye spinach to the food drive today. They’re all way past the date but I bet they’re all still good to eat.

      Have some canned tuna pre 3/11 that I’ll have to check one of these days.

      Most canned food lasts way way WAY past the date. You just have to check it first. If it smells funky, it’s bad. I’ve eaten some things that were less than ideal but they were still fine and didn’t make me sick. It’s amazing how much resistance your body can actually put up.

      Gonna buy some of the powdered milk from the prepper’s market link on this page. Sounds pretty decent. How else am I gonna eat cocoa puffs if I got no milk???

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Oh yes, “bio accumulation” really increased total radioactivity higher in the food chain, but they also know that plutonium, (a highly potent Alpha emitter), when lodged into tissues, a single particle will sit in the same spot, radiating the nearby cells, with radiation, and cause cancer at that spot, and the cancer will take it from there.

        I think they said that reactor 3 (Fukugheddon), was fueled (illegally?) with MOX (plutonium blend), and suffered an actual nuclear mini-explosion (rather than the “claimed” hydrogen gas ignition), and expelled the entire reactor core into the environment (air & water, land & sea).

        Within 1 week of the event (3-11-11), some high readings were coming in from all over the USA, including Colorado, Oregon, Tampa, New York, etc. The EPA & gov’t shut down monitoring stations in the USA (to avoid recording the bad news). It’s the never ending story, as it keeps “fermenting” into stronger amounts of Stronium-90, and many other “goodies”.

        Independent Radiation monitoring and news.

    • Gerald

      Where do you get that catfish is not good to be eating?From my research it is as good for you as most fish.Please explain.

      • Randy

        Catfish are the pigs of the water world, from what I’ve read. I’d never eat it, especially if it was eating poop! Maybe if someone had a really clean aquaponics system and the feed stock was tightly controlled, I might be willing to try it. But catfish that eats out in the wild, no effin’ way, Jose!

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I’ve certainly read information defending catfish as healthy or good, but also, plenty of info about the levels of “bad-omega 6” fatty oils that are the ones linked to “clogging” inflammation, etc. (heart attack increased risk, similar to red meats).

        It certainly is a POPULAR choice, and it’s oily content makes it delicate & tasty, but hey, so is icecream.

        For the bible-people, it’s one of the “banned” foods. (screw that, as I really like shrimp, lobster, fried clams).

        The psychic ‘Edgar Cayce’ also said it was to be avoided. (He’s quite famous for much of what he “revealed” during his “readings”.)

        There are a lot of sites talking about “healthy catfish” and others talking about “unhealthy catfish”.

        Take your pick and run with it.

        • Eric

          Catfish is a very filling meal and quite tasty.

          Every time I’ve eaten one, it’s a spiritual experience. Vivid dreams that night.

          A lot like eating a rattlesnake I imagine.

          Not a weekly meal to have like hamburger helper.

  • Eric

    I have yet to see peanut butter go bad.

    • Randy

      ALL plant derived oils go rancid if not kept under the right conditions. Believe me, you don’t want to go and spread 10 year old PB that was stored on top of your fridge on your crackers! YUCK!!

      • Eric

        That only thing I store on top of my fridge are paper towels. It’s way too hot up there to store food or most anything else.

        Ideally everything should be in a cool, dark, DRY storage space.

    • KRELL427

      I will savour every bite at the local steakhouse while it lasts.

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