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Warren Buffett: “It’s a Huge Advantage Not to Have a Lot of Money…”

from Sovereign Man:

Warren Buffet has famously said many times that the vast majority of investors shouldn’t bother picking stocks.

Instead, he’s advised everyone from Lebron James to his own children to simply buy an S&P index fund and hold it ‘for the next 50 years.’

He’s probably right; most people probably should just buy an S&P index fund. But not because it’s a superior investment.

It’s because most people simply aren’t educated about business, finance, and investing.

Proper financial education isn’t taught in public schools, so for a lot of folks, investing is an alien concept.

Learning about investment means seeking an independent education. A real education. And it’s amazing what a real education can do.

Whereas the average person is relegated to an insipid index fund, an educated investor can generate phenomenal wealth and prosperity.

Buffett himself is a great example of this.

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