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U.S. “Jobs-Report Friday” Loses Relevance

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

What a difference a few years makes! Not too long ago, the monthly U.S. jobs report from the ultra-corrupt Bureau of Labor Statistics used to be one of the most-dreaded moments of the month for precious metals bulls.

It was the #1 excuse/mechanism which the banksters used to bash bullion prices lower each month, subject to the occasional, surprising reversal. But that was then and this is now.

For the past five years, EVERYTHING has been used as a pretext/excuse to bash bullion prices, even though most of the “reasons” for the price-suppression were pure nonsense and/or fiction. Thus, Jobs-Report Friday simply became one ofmany gold-bashing excuses.

Even more recently, with gold and silver in their fake-rally, there has been no worry of any “nasty surprises” in this pseudo-report. The consequence of this is that I (once again) woke up this morning completely forgetting that it is Jobs Report Friday — until I saw the propaganda at Basher Central telling me why I’m still supposed to care about these bogus reports.

The other reason that Jobs-Report Friday has lost relevance is that (by now) anyone paying attention to economic data knows that there aren’t any “new U.S. jobs”, and (for 7+ years) there have NEVER been any “new U.S. jobs” — just more/bigger lies.

U.S. jobs report numbers are now like the latest releases of “CPI” statistics. We know we’re being lied to, but because the numbers have no connection at all to the real world, we simply no longer even pay attention to the lies.

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