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Trump/Sanders Ticket…What If?

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

Me: Hi God, I’ve had the strangest thought running through my head all day. God: Tell Me.

Me: What if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders joined forces and ran on the same Presidential ticket? God: Go on.

Me: I know it sounds absolutely absurd because they are polar opposites, but what if, for the good of uniting the Nation, they shook hands and decided to run together. God: They are not as opposite as you think, Bix.

Me: What do you mean? God: Although Trump is running as a Republican he never really was one. He had always been an Independent with Democratic/Libertarian tendencies. It was only after he had decided to run for President that he joined the Republican Party in order to have a legitimate chance of winning.

Me: That’s right!

God: And Sanders was always a Conservative Independent with many Libertarian ideologies but joined the Democratic Party in order to spread his message to all of the people in the United States.

Me: And neither is loved by either of the Political Party’s leaders and controllers.

God: Correct. Due to your two-party political system it was the only way that either candidate would have any chance of being heard on the National Stage for any possibility of winning the Presidential Election.

Me: Interesting. One thing is for sure, they BOTH tore down the facade of fairness in the two-party system. I doubt that either party will remain in tact after being exposed as being totally and completely corrupt. It’s all over the news that “We the People” have no real say in who gets the nomination. Truthfully, I don’t even think it matters which party wins as the same people end up controlling the same agenda from behind the scenes.

God: You are correct but the two-party system is in its final days and along with it will go your controllers.

Me: Wow! Finally! The United States of America was created as a Republic where the Rights of the individual have all the power and not as a Democracy where the desires of the majority supersede the Rights of the individual. These controllers have used the two-party system to divide us into two ideologies for over a hundred years!

God: Yes, and your country has never been more divided than it is today. It is divided socially, culturally and economically.

Me: I know. I am very scared that my country will not survive the coming economic and social chaos. People in the United States take it for granted that our country will stay “One Nation Under God” forever. They never think it can end but it can.

God: Yes, Bix. Everything ends.

Me: And this Primary Election process has been as ugly and divisive as we have ever seen with all sides vowing to cause wreak havoc should their candidate not be chosen fairly.

God: Americans are a strong and independent group of people who have been taught to fight for what they want and what they think is right. Some will tear down anything to see their vision of the United States come to pass.

Me: But I don’t want anyone to tear down the United States. I love my country and I don’t want to stand by and watch it be destroyed.

God: Then don’t.

Me: You mean I have a choice?

God: Yes, you always have a choice. You always have a different Road you can choose when you lose your way.

Me: That’s Right! We have discussed this throughout our other “Conversations.” We can always change how things are going by changing the decisions we make.

God: Yes, your experience on Earth is all up to you. You are creating it through your thoughts, choices and actions as they manifest into your future.

Me: I understand that. The future is not set. It is ours to create and experience. Literally, the world is our canvas.

God: Yes! So what Road do you think you should take now to help you get to where you want to be?

Me: I know it sounds crazy given where we are today, but I think a Trump/Sanders Presidential ticket would have the power to unite both sides of the conflicting ideologies. Imagine the radical left and the radical right shaking hands and vowing to work together to foster the kind of unity needed to get through the economic and social challenges directly ahead of us.

God: Sounds like a very different Road for the people of the United States of America to take.

Me: I guess so because it’s hard to see where our “States” are “United” these days! But that’s what I want to happen and changing times require unique and creative solutions.

God: As you choose. Tell me more about your thoughts on a Trump/Sanders ticket.

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