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Trump Will Be Next President; Hillary Clinton Destined To Be Remembered By History As CORRUPT LIAR

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:

Barring “establishment” forces within the Republican Party successfully preventing Trump from securing the Republican Party nomination and thus, ultimately imploding the Republican Party, Trump will be the next President of the United States. By this time next year, Clinton is going to be happy to sit on her vast fortune while not serving time behind bars.

I know you’re shaking your head at the implausibility of my assessment. But a major segment of the establishment is turning on Clinton. From that highly unusual Saturday Night Live skit that marked the exact week ‘Clinton as pathological liar’ transitioned to mainstream understanding to this documentary, ‘Clinton Corruption’, that will premier at the Cannes Film Festival, there’s a very subtle shift going on in the American zeitgeist.

My article about the SNL skit, “Hillary Clinton as Liar Oozes Into American Zeitgeist,” was pretty much ignored. No one believed the assessment, and that’s surprising since the polling trends are plain to see; there’s a growing understanding that Hillary is indeed a pathological liar.

“Maybe, just maybe, the American People are tired of being sold out.” – Clinton Cash trailer

Trump has many flaws. But he does have a somewhat more nuanced understanding that empire is antithetical to true national security, and that the Republican Party’s core value of a “strong defense” is in fact undermined by policies advanced by both mainstream parties while flushing down the toilet our Constitutional Republic. Trump is more of an economic nationalist and not a “globalist.” The neocons absolutely hate Trump. But Trump is an enigma, because he is simultaneously an insider, while also ruffling the feathers of the establishment.

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4 comments to Trump Will Be Next President; Hillary Clinton Destined To Be Remembered By History As CORRUPT LIAR

  • KRELL427

    Hillary is destined for an orange jumpsuit.

    • chris

      Presidential Pardon coming up, next January.

      • Ed_B

        Why? All evidence to date shows that: 1) Obama is not interested in his legacy, which is pathetic to everyone but him and his most rabid supporters; and 2) the Clintons and the Obamas despise each other. Here, he has a perfect opportunity to back-stab her and destroy her chance of becoming elected as the 1st woman president. This is just too juicy and ripe a plum to ignore, IMO.

  • No One

    It doesn’t matter, Ed, that Obama despises the Clintons. He will do as he is told and grant a pardon. She, at that point, will be more useful to the masters than he. Once his term is over he will be useless to everyone but the sycophants.

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