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The Riskiest Places to Live

from The Burning Platform:

Risk, from a mathematical perspective, is the probability of an event multiplied by its potential impact.

The World Risk Report, which is published each year, looks at the risks of natural disasters in this way. The model used in the report takes into consideration the exposure of countries to natural disasters, but also their ability to cope and deal with such events. The end result is a World Risk Index that ranks 171 countries based on the risk that natural disasters can pose.

The below graphic comes from The Guardian, where data from the report was visualized. For the interactive version of the graphic that allows each country data point to be highlighted, go to original article.


Here are the riskiest places to live in the world:

The Riskiest Places in the World to Live

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2 comments to The Riskiest Places to Live

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That’s easy to figure out.

    The more dense the population, the more dangerous it is, and the less likely you will survive a big crash. Every Metropolis, all the Cities and suburbs etc. Medium sized cities are NOT any better.

    The SMALL towns MAY have a bit of a decent chance to be OK if there are a lot of local farmers growing goods for the local markets.

    NYC? Hahaha. It and every large city is gonna be “French Toast dipped in the Septic tank” and Deep Fried in a burning city.

    Anybody who dreams of surviving in any city with more than 5000 or 10,000 people is probably not going to make it. Even if you’ve got a double or triple lot with a nice big garden… all the starving local people will clean it out as fast as they can chew it.

    The OTHER dangerous place to live? Is anyplace that can be SEEN from the highway or freeway.
    The driving marauders will be looking for things to eat, rob or steal that is anywhere in sight of the main roads, or even the secondary roads.

    Main roads are great for operating a YARD sale, but that same great location for business is gonna be deadly for surviving the “starvation-apocalypse”.

  • Ed_B

    “The Riskiest Places to Live”

    The number 1 riskiest place to live… EARTH. 😉

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