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Scientists Outline 6 ‘No Duh’ Habits that Will Shorten our Live

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Eating too much junk food, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol – all these things can shorten our lives, and we know it. So set on proving most of the things that are terrible for us are fun, scientists from the University of Sydney followed more than 230,000 people aged 45 and older for 6 years. The team assembled a list of 6 ‘deadly sins’

Researcher Dr. Melody Ding, said:

“To examine specific patterns of lifestyle risk behaviors, 96 variables – representing all possible mutually exclusive combinations of smoking, high alcohol intake, physical inactivity, poor diet, prolonged sitting, and short/long sleep duration – were created Short and long sleep durations were separated as two different risk factors, as their associations with mortality may be explained by different mechanisms.

This analysis investigated four established and two [new] risk factors, namely, prolonged sitting and unhealthy sleep duration, which may be added to behavioral indices or risk combinations to quantify health risk.”

The ‘Deadly Sins’

Here are the 6 things that are most likely to pave way for an early tombstone if we indulge in them too often. They generally fall into the “No Duh” category.

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