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by Andy Hoffman Miles Franklin:

Last night marked a sad day in the history of America’s dying culture. After 156 episodes, “The Good Wife” ended its reign as the nation’s top prime-time drama. For seven years, the show was must-see Sunday night television, in a medium where writing, producing, and performing – like music – has been unceremoniously “phased out” by dumbed down, get rich quick commercialism. For me particularly, “The Good Wife” – and the “Big Bang Theory,” which likely has just one season left itself – have been the only shows, other than ESPN’s “Sports Reporters,” that I regularly watch. And now that the Good Wife is gone, with the Big Bang Theory right behind it, the odds of my retaining our cable contract when it expires later this year are close to zero. Good riddance to what is becoming a blight on society – featuring reality shows, one-time specials, and anything else that can generate a quick buck; and farewell to one of America’s great, industry-leading arts.

To that end, I’d like to be “happier” this morning – but as usual, I’m agitated by the unrelenting stress caused by a gold Cartel intent on leaving me not a second to breathe easy – even amidst a bull market that commenced six months ago, featuring record demand, “peak production,” and vanishing above-ground inventories; the latter, as described in Paul Mylchreest’s latest missive, describing just how tight the physical gold market has become.


To that end, this weekend’s epic regarding how the Fed, the Cartel, and Powers that Be are “on the precipice” couldn’t better describe the rapidly growing tsunami of political, economic, and social reality better.  And this, before the headlines of the past 48 hours.

1. Essentially all Greek unions commenced a three-day strike, as its psychotic, soon-to-be deposed Parliament voted for additional “austerity measures” to unlock a €4 billion “bail-out” payment, to be used entirely to pay off ECB bond interest payments.  In other words, a 2016 “GrExit” is becoming as real of a 2016 possibility as a UK “BrExit.”

2. China reported massively weaker than expected April imports (-11%) and exports (-2%), despite the PBOC having “injected” (printed) $1 trillion of new “credit” (debt) into the economy in the first quarter alone.  After which, the state run People’s Dailyominously espoused that “after comprehensive judgment, our economic recovery cannot be U-shaped or V-shaped, but will be L-shaped.”  In other words, admitting China’s economy is toast – as its historic credit bubble implodes!  Heck, even top MSM cheerleading lackey Yahoo! Finance’s top story this morning was the following…


3. ECB board member Vitor Constancio, speaking at a conference, unleashed his best Mario Draghi impression, in espousing the ECB is not only determined to “pursue expansionary monetary policies,” but will do “whatever is necessary” to achieve its goal of 2% inflation – with which, it has “plenty of additional policy tools” to utilize.

4. Saudi Arabia’s oil minister was unceremoniously replaced after 21 years on the job.  Incredibly, the “oil PPT’s” initial reaction was to goose prices higher, despite the new oil minister’s statement that Saudi Arabia has absolutely no plans to change its (essentially all-out) production strategy.

5. The U.S. Treasury rejected the Central States Pension Fund’s request to cut benefits to 270,000 retired truck drivers, construction workers, and other service workers, despite the fund’s claim that it will be insolvent within ten years otherwise.  In other words, the government essentially admitted that it will “bail out” the CSFP down the road with freshly printed dollars – as well as countless other, massively underfunded retirement plans.

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5 comments to SCARED HALF TO DEATH

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OK, I do know that the economic crisis is the thing that is vitally important, and NOT TV, but having said that, here are MY favorite TV shows.

    Dr. Who (the updated version that began in 2005, BEST stuff I’ve ever seen).
    Red Dwarf (British Sci-Fi Schlock humor) FUNNIEST stuff I’ve ever seen.
    Married with Children.
    The Venture Brothers
    Samurai Jack.

    Also great.
    The Simpsons
    All in the Family
    Are You Being Served (& Coronation Street, Faulty Towers etc)
    Twilight Zone, & The Outer Limits

    Can’t neglect= Star Trek, DS9, Stargate SG1, and the really cheesy “Lost in Space”.

  • Craig

    The best show on tv.


    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I really used to like “Boston Legal”. Some drama, and some clever humor too.

      Shows that are 100% serious, get to be a bit like a soap opera, people get really hooked on them, but with soap operas, you can miss a year or three, and not miss a thing.

      I’ll tell you what sucks. is the “D.C. Legends of Tomorrow”, just a stale FORMULA of good guys trying to beat the superior bad guy, over and over again. (a lot like Battlestar Galactica. Some tired formula).

      Even the old Star Trek had a formula, explore, notice something interesting, get caught into bad trouble, and snatch an unlikely victory at the last possible moment. But hey, it was 1969 and FAR ahead of its time.

      What I like about NCIS & Bones, is that they throw in some decent humor to change the atmosphere, give it some sugar to go with all that salt & pepper.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here’s a NEW idea. How about the makers of “Married With Children” come up with a NEW show, perhaps “Meet The FED”, or “Meet the Elites”?

    They could have a blast with so much material out there. John Kerry as Herman Munster.
    Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke, Timmy Geithner, George Bush & Ronnie Reagan, or “The Clintons”, etc etc.

    With SO many Supreme Court and Congressional nutjobs, and Wall Street criminals, there is enough material to the next 100 years.

    George Carlin.

  • chuck

    Seven years. Has it been that long since the idiot box has been turned on at my house? Yes, now that I think about it, probably even longer. The Good Wife? I’ve never heard of it and I work for the public.

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