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Robert Kiyosaki Invited Me to Speak to 2,500 People Last Night. Here’s What I Told Them

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

Right before I walked on stage last night in front of an audience of roughly 2,500 people, I said to myself, ‘This isn’t how I thought my day would turn out…’

Hours before, I met up with Robert Kiyosaki at his hotel in Santiago to have a drink and catch up; he’s in town giving a series of seminars and invited me to come over and hang out for a bit.

After a couple of hours of great conversation, I accompanied him to the venue where the audience was eagerly waiting for him to speak.

Robert’s seminal work Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed so many lives and completely shattered the staid, traditional notions of finance and success.

Perhaps one of his biggest ideas from the book is that most school systems simply do not prepare people for success.

You don’t learn critical lessons in school like how to invest money, how to start a successful business, how to create value and improve the lives of other people.

Instead, you learn how to be a good taxpayer.

And as usual, Robert’s remarks were spot-on last night.

After about an hour, Robert invited me up on stage to speak to the crowd about the incredible risks in the financial system that we face, as well as all the amazing opportunities in the world right now.

I took the audience back in time 10,000 years.

Prior to what we commonly call the Agricultural Revolution, our ancient ancestors never knew where their next meal would come from.

They were constantly hunting, always roaming from place to place in search of food.

But around 10,000 years ago, human beings discovered that they could plant seeds in the ground and grow their own food… and LOTS of it.

That changed everything.

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2 comments to Robert Kiyosaki Invited Me to Speak to 2,500 People Last Night. Here’s What I Told Them

  • GoldTooth999

    SB just damaged his own creditability by hanging out professionally with Kiyosaki. How are the returns for Kiyosaki’s oil investments? Maloney might be the next pawn to risk his creditability by associating with Kiyosaki. Check out the business break up over philosophical differences between Kiyosaki and the co-author to Rich Dad Poor Dad book. She is right to say Kiyosaki is more of a scandalous salesman than a shrewd businessman.

    • Jerry

      Simon Black really had little credibility to begin with. He makes too many erroneous statements and exaggerates too much in his articles and podcasts.

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