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Friends, this interview with JS Mineset’s Bill Holter is not for the faint of heart. It contains information you absolutely must share with your friends and family, no matter how closed-minded they are, no matter how many times you may have tried to warn them in the past. This may well be their last chance to protect themselves from an economic calamity so severe that they will never recover.

Holter warns, “I think what we are looking at is an EVENT that you’re not going to be able to recover from. If this market snaps and the markets close, and you’re not in position, you’re out. You’re out for the rest of your life. This is going to be an EVENT that you can’t recover from.”

As readers of SGT Report know, Silver is the best performing commodity asset of 2016 thus far, and there are some very quantifiable, very important reasons for it. This may well be YOUR last chance to protect yourself from what’s coming.

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  • Millicent

    They were saying the same thing leading up to Y2K…

    You are being conditioned to accept your gradual enslavement. i.e. You are being slow cooked while you are programmed to expect some TEOTWAWKI event.

  • matt

    said it before..will say it again..Sean your work is second to none IMO..My only go to site..thanks so much..very interesting times indeed!!

    • SGT

      Hey Matt, this one took my six hours away from the family to record, edit with articles & upload. Thanks for the kind feedback, it is appreciated.

      • Eric

        We appreciate your sacrifice. This is definitely going to be ugly.

      • matt

        Too easy Sean..I work as a sound/video editor so I appreciate how much time you are putting in just to provide this info..I hope you are sufficiently prepared for the upcoming bumps in the road for you and your family..I’ve been working at it for the past 8 yrs..Thanks again! 😉

        • SGT

          Hey Matt, I enjoy the process & the opportunity to talk with so many interesting people, but it’s more time consuming thank people might think. You know what I’m talking about!

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        6 hours and not one minute to Google Hybrid Armies or Little Green Men? You must have been busy.

    • Desert Fox

      Matt, to your comment.
      Couldn’t agree more. After years of actively participating in Silver/Gold type forums and sparring with the trolls, shills and idiots it became apparent all that could be done is get as much {good} information as possible and learn learn and learn some more.
      Props to Sean and Holter/Sinclair for the time, effort and persistence.
      Lucky and Blessed to have the resource.
      DF out…………..

    • chris

      matt +1 for certain.

    • Jeff

      +1MM Thanks so much SGT for your tireless work over the years.

  • Philosopher

    SGT great interview with Holter. He is not the only one that is very concerned. Episode 521 on Friday night between John B. Wells and Chuck Coppes was incredible. (Yes, I know it cost $5 a month for Caravan but you have immediate access to all of the previous shows at no extra cost).

    I was able to purchase gold at under $14 an ounce and also at $15.30 (for my most recent purchase). I want to be able to survive what happens. Thank you SGT and Holter for daring to tell the truth. A revolutionary act.

    SGT I know you said to talk to our families. My family has no interest in any of this information I am sad to say. Keep up the good work. And thank you for taking time from your family to post critical information. Much appreciated.

    • Philosopher

      Typo: I meant silver NOT gold!

      • Eric

        I was gonna say, dude you better tell us where that deal is!!!

        • Philosopher

          Hehehehe! I have been dollar-cost averaging silver for a few years. I don’t need the money. Silver was just a way to make sure I didn’t end up completely broke and ripped off once the Ponzi scheme failed.

          It looks like I will do okay in the end. What makes me sad is how many people are clueles.

          • Eric

            What makes me sad is how most of the millenial generation seems to think they are entitled to receive free educayshun, healthcare, food, and more, and they still think the government is their daddy, brother, lover, and their little boy.

          • Ed_B

            I’m tempted to feel the same but know that we are all here to learn lessons, struggle, improve, and grow into better people. It is the function of some to learn, some to teach, and some to just struggle. We are all playing our parts in this.

            Agree 100% on people not wanting to hear this info. They have already made up their minds and dismissed the need for an alternative currency. This is very unfortunate because even a little financial prepping is MUCH better than none. Anyone who drives around with no spare tire in their car, jack, or cell phone to summon help is the same type of person who sees no need to own gold or silver. But sooner or later, they WILL need help and they will have no way to get it. This is what leads to desperation and extremely bad behavior.

            While I have no sympathy for strangers who do this, it is different with our family members. We MUST be in this for them, regardless of what their attitude might be. Because I can afford it, I stack extra for those in my family who will desperately need it before this is over. I don’t do this for vindication. I do it for them and because it is the right thing to do.

            If there is no financial collapse, then I have converted soft fiat money into hard PM money, which WILL do better against long-term inflation. I have not “spent” ANY money doing this. All I have done is convert one form of money into another. At need, this conversion can be reversed. I have less fiat now but more PMs, so my net worth is the same. The only difference is, if fiat goes down hard, I can survive on the PMs for an extended period of time. Buying time in this way is good because it will give me options that those without PMs will not have but will desperately need.

    • SGT

      Hey Philosopher, I think the majority of us have had the same experience with family – and friends for the most part. Sadly, they’ll learn soon enough, Look at Venezuelans, Look at Puerto Rico’s bond holders. Look at Illinois’ pension promises. All paper dreams turn into nightmares eventually.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes Sean, sadly, MOST SHeeple don’t wake up until they receive a fist in the face, or the muzzle of a bankster’s bail-in gun up the nose.

        When the sheeple observe the PM holders doing very well, they will do a lot of whining and crying. And our response will be something like= “Sorry pal, I tried to warn and educate you, but you chose to ignore it, and I really did not spend MY fiat currency to save YOUR sorry ass.

        My efforts went into saving my OWN family, and you’ve got to fend for yourself. Good luck.

        P.S. Don’t show up at MY door, or you’ll get my prepper’s shotgun up your nose, and if you force your way into my family’s life-saving items, you will not survive. Go away, and come back when you have survived and can bring help to MY family instead of asking or demanding help from me.

        • willygroper

          tell that to the visitor holding an infant.

          your response is no different than tptb.

          congratulations, you’ve managed to achieve their level.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            As much as I feel compassion, sadness and pain for those who suffer, I absolutely REFUSE to SLASH the THROATS of my OWN family by taking away the few preps that I have saved for our own household.

            Would you have me line my own family up against a wall and execute them just to be able to give our own life-saving-supplies to those who REFUSED to heed the good warnings?

            Even JESUS will CLOSE the DOOR to the marriage feast and leave those outside the doors, with crying and nashing of teeth who beg to come inside. Do you also condemn Jesus as evil?
            He gave good advice, he gave warnings to be ready and to come inside, but they refused to heed the warnings and it became their own undoing.

            The suffering is NOT to be blame on the Host, but put the blame on the stubborn, angry fools who put themselves in danger.

            I think that you would have been cheering the Roman soldiers as they were pounding the nails into Jesus’s flesh, because in your twisted thinking, Jesus deserved it for preaching that people must repent instead of preaching that it’s OK to do anything you wish and everything will be OK anyway.

            • willygroper

              yea, turn ’em away empty handed…that’s what Jesus would do, eh?

              no, you don’t think. you are reacting.

              your words & intent display that you are not handling the strategy of tension well at all. i’ve watched a real change in your posts, from contributory/common sense strategy to downright mean spirited.

              get it in your head, we live in a fractal world. we are one with the creator in his image. what you do or not, to/for your brother you do to yourself.

              you are spiritually bankrupt.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                I do try to contribute often, with logic, care and truth.

                But when it comes to murdering my own family (by throwing away their supplies into the hands of sheeple who never cared to learn the lessons before the SHTF), I will not kill my own family just to add a few extra days of life to lemmings headed for the cliff.

                Yes, it certainly is cold hearted and difficult to do, and I may have a few handfuls of food to give out to some lucky sheeple, but I would hope that doing so, will not invite further and further depletions of my own family’s life saving, rare and limited supplies. That is why I don’t feed wild animals, stray dogs or cats, because they will become MORE pathetic and more demanding of a continuous supply of food, until I myself am starving to death, and then those animals will eat me to save themselves.

                It is not my job, nor is it your job, to destroy yourself trying to save a million or billion starving souls. I am sure that you would agree, that it would be destructive to give away your house, your job money, and everything you own, trying to feed all the poor people in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, etc.

                If you and I deplete ourselves trying to save everybody out there, we will be dead far too early to be able to actually save our own families. Even the bible explains that charity (help) begins at home. It would be a “sin” to deprive your own family in some valiant attempt to save the sheeple.

                Family first. Then neighbors, and lastly, the strangers. It’s logical. It’s biblical. It’s the only thing that works well.

                Be strong, be prepped, be safe, be ready, be clever, be awake. Help if you can, but don’t stand in front of the freight train of death. Step to the side, and let it pass.

                Grow as much food as you can do. Set up some solar stuff to have some power when there is none coming thru the grid. Have a supply of water that does not come from the government.

                Stack some PM’s, Stock up with as much food as you can stash away, but you must also be prepared to defend your family & their supplies, or you will be devoured.

                Good Luck to you Willy. I know you are NOT one of the sheeple, you are awake, and most likely pretty well “prepped”.

                I know some of my attitudes go against your better character, but I have drawn a line in the concrete where I will not allow the uninvited to devour me or my family. I hope I never am faced with such dark choices, but I have thought about it, and decided that my own family comes before any stranger.

                It is cold, but it may be the only way to save those who are part of my own house, because even my own family are sheeple at this moment. I will try to save them, but my preps have a limit.

                • willygroper

                  “Sorry pal, I tried to warn and educate you, but you chose to ignore it, and I really did not spend MY fiat currency to save YOUR sorry ass.”

                  MY…ME…MINE. hmmm, who else thinks that way?
                  are not all of us dealing with those too afraid to see? does that elevate us above them? so only preppers deserve grace, eh?

                  ‘P.S. Don’t show up at MY door, or you’ll get my prepper’s shotgun up your nose”

                  ” Go away, and come back when you have survived and can bring help to MY family instead of asking or demanding help from me.”

                  MY…ME…MINE…count your stack.

                  “I absolutely REFUSE to SLASH the THROATS of my OWN family by taking away the few preps that I have saved for our own household.”

                  really bordering hysterics there.

                  “angry fools who put themselves in danger.”

                  you reek of fear by displaying your anger and directing it at the “sheeple” instead of those that control the cult of death.

                  “I think that you would have been cheering the Roman soldiers as they were pounding the nails into Jesus’s flesh, because in your twisted thinking, Jesus deserved it for preaching that people must repent instead of preaching that it’s OK to do anything you wish and everything will be OK anyway.”

                  my twisted way of thinking? so you are compelled to attack my faith? where’s yours? in your earthly preps? stacks? or your “faith?”

                  “Even JESUS will CLOSE the DOOR to the marriage feast and leave those outside the doors, with crying and nashing of teeth who beg to come inside. Do you also condemn Jesus as evil?”

                  rethink that allegory Craig…don’t think he was referring to food as in your preps.

                  we’re all destined to die once.
                  when the tribulation comes, the evil ones in their hidey holes will be sealed into the bowels of hell once again.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  ….we’re all destined to die once.

                  Nope, we are NOT destined to die “once”, because if that were true, then Jesus would be condemned to hell forever by his “Raising Lazarus from the dead”. (to live more years, and die yet again.)

                  There are multiple examples in the bible of “human reincarnation” of living life after life.

                  Jesus even revealed one such example to his disciples=
                  Matthew 11:14
                  “And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.”

                  He was teaching his men, that John the Baptist was the RETURN of Elias the prophet, (but they knew him not- means the people did not, could not RECOGNIZE the new body as the same soul that PREVIOUSLY had been known as Elias.)

                  Everything in the Universe (or Multiverse) has a REPEATING CYCLE, over and over again. So WHY would the MOST important, everlasting energy we call a “soul” be a “One time Use, throw away item? (It’s also “scientific”= Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed the form.)

                  Then there is the clear case of the Reincarnation of King Melchizedek (the most high priest of God), who was later “incarnated” again, as the one that you call “Jesus”. This example, spans several areas of the bible for the good detective to piece together.

                  Both by what was said, when it was said, who said it, and what was NOT said, etc.

                  Starting in Genesis, where Abraham meets Melchizedek. Later, when Jesus is saying “Before Abraham was, I am.”
                  And after Jesus is “gone”, in Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, Paul gives a somewhat CONFUSING speech about Melchizedek & Jesus in a mixture of comparisons that only becomes MORE clear when you understand that they are the SAME soul, just in different time zones of history.

                  Then, in another place, strong example, of disciples asking Jesus, “Why was this man born blind” Was it from his Parent’s sin, or from his OWN SIN? (Excuse me, but if REINCARNATION is impossible, then how can somebody be BORN with their OWN sin- rather than some crazy ideas of “original sin”.) Jesus never said “NO NO NO, you’ve got the wrong ideas. After all, you do know that Jesus knew their thoughts, right? He KNEW what the question involved.

                  Then, it is revealed that sinless Jesus, who was BORN without SIN, yet he (prior to his own life as Jesus), was a SINNER who was NOT perfect.

                  Evidence? “Though he were a SON, yet he LEARNED OBEDIENCE by the things through which he suffered.” Excuse me, but you CANNOT learn something that you already know. It’s clear the DISOBEDIENCE to God is a SIN, yet Jesus himself was ALWAYS obedient during his life as Jesus, but the BIBLE says he LEARNED OBEDIENCE (which means he had to be a DISOBEDIENT SINNER, PRIOR to his being born as Jesus.)

                  More bible hints at reincarnation? I am the first & the last, the Alpha & Omega.

                  Then in a different part, the Bible CONNECTS (not in your face, but a connection none the less), “In the FIRST man Adam came sin & death, and in the LAST Adam= JESUS, came life everlasting.” Duh?

                  Check out the Lineage of Jesus, which was the son of Joseph, which was the son of …..which was the son of SETH, which was the SON of Adam,,,WHICH WAS THE SON OF GOD. Double DUH!!!

                  I’d call that a highly advanced explanation that Adam & Jesus are one, the first and the last, the sinner and the lamb. They BOTH were Conceived by the Spirit, etc etc.

                  I kinda rusty at this old stuff, but still remember some of the basics. To most people, it is extra terrestrial moon science, and it takes a long time to absorb it. Glad it’s old news for me. If you think THIS is “advanced bible study”, you should see the stuff that is far above MY understanding of things. This is CHILD’s Play., but it still is “the MEAT of the word”, and far above MOST people’s understanding.

                  The super advanced understandings, are like the BONES of the meat. (Such as the bible from Genesis to Moses, is some kind of analogy or allegory of the conception of a human egg, and the development until the birth.) Now THAT is reaching a level I have not felt the need to study. There’s more, but You get the idea.

                  May The FORCE be with you.

                • willygroper

                  well land o goshen, we gots us a lazarus with his personal experience & interpretation.

                  ur armaments gonna work against this?


                  you’ve become a parody of yourself.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  OMG. Not Dr. Deagle? Hahaha. Bwahahahaha.

                  Described as the Einstein of Moonbats, and after doing some reading, I’m inclined to agree with the consensus that he’s a “Looney looking for a Bin”.

                  The list of craziness about that guy is more than just deep-end Looney-Toonie, but he’s Nuclear-Nutjob in the flesh.


                • Ed_B

                  Wow… an epic rant from both of you guys. I see both sides of this argument and must confess that I am leaning towards Craig’s approach. Look, people, once the SHTF, we will not know how bad it will get or how long it will last. Because of this, there is no way to know how much food, water, etc. we will need to get through these times. Yes, we should help those whom we can but NOT at the expense of sacrificing our own family members in the effort. I can see helping people with gardening and building skills. Those are critical and do not take away from my own family. I donate those happily and they are not of small value. Rather than giving away my fish, I will teach them how to fish. 🙂

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  I love the old wisdom,

                  “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day, but TEACH a man HOW to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”

                • willygroper

                  ATS…great source. 😀

                  how on earth could sites like this compete with such ground breaking research?


                  guess it’s no coincidence the judge presiding (matsch) over mcveigh’s trial is the one that allegedly revoked his medical license. imagine that! tell me again what they do to whistle blowers, i forgot.

                  hmmm, now what other judge linked to the okc event has been nominated to fill scalia’s vacancy? cuz we all know the judicial branch is for trufe, justUS & the amorikan way.

                  i look at the new spring leaves on my trees falling off, looking like they have leprosy and burned.

                  deagle rightly mentions mycoplasma. might want to research a bit on that & ishii shiro, area 731.

                  hint: try another source other than ATS


                • Ed_B

                  lol @Craig

                  “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day, but TEACH a man HOW to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”

                  Those of us without gallon-sized bladders resist the temptation to drink beer while fishing. Serious fishermen don’t drink beer while fishing, anyway. That’s reserved for later when telling lies around the campfire. 😉

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  Here is a simple, but vital (and can be life-saving), to have a supply of urinary catheters (for men & women too), but for the men, the medical information says that by about age 80, more than 75% of ALL (Caucasian) men will have enlarged prostates (Asian men rarely get this).

                  It starts to block urine flow, and when the bladder bursts, you die. The enlarged prostate pushes up into the bladder, making you have to go PEE very often, and restricts flow, etc.

                  Sharing MY experience, so it may help others. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but it’s an important and dangerous condition when it becomes severe as it was in my case.

                  This is common in my family, and it hit me pretty hard by age 56. I researched all the surgeries, etc, and opted to avoid the MOST dangerous version called “TURP”, some men actually have died from it, but DOCTORS prefer this method, because it brings in the MOST amount of money for doctors and hospitals.

                  From what I found, the SAFEST, fastest, and also CHEAP method (if you work out a cash payment-discount, it should be NO more than about $800… but the ‘book price’ is more than $4000.)

                  It’s got at least 2 names, the only one I can remember is “TUNA” (Trans-Urethral-Needle-Ablation.) I got that done. Took a while to find a place that did this proceedure.

                  It took only about 45 minute visit in a regular office. No overnight stay, no general anesthetic, etc. I took one “Norco-vicodin” an hour prior, you drop your drawers, they insert a scope-tube in the urethra, and the job was all done in less than an hour, they insert a catheter tube and bag, for a few days, but I got up with the bag, put on my pants, and drove myself home. In 3 days, the catheter is removed, and I was SO MUCH BETTER than before. (still not perfect, but no more blockage or hospital visits).

                  I was able to get right back to work, even the SAME day. Very little bit sore, nothing that bothered me. In fact, I hate MORE, going to the dentist than getting this done.

                  So, to prevent from dieing from bursting bladder, those catheters are a LIFE SAVER. We need to find a supply of them without a prescription. (that market is OVER controlled by the “establishment”.)

                  For anybody who has some injury or infection in the urinary tract, those catheters are needed, or for bed-ridden patients, or comatose, etc.

                  For enlarged or blocked prostates, the catheter with “Coday Tip” is the right one, it glides best without damage. Some of the sterile lube also is needed. Infections can be a side effect of insertion.

                  As we may enter a time of limited access to medical care or devices, this simple item will become very important for older men.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  PS. One additional information about the “prostate office proceedure”.

                  It did NOT take away from sexual function or enjoyment. OTHER procedures may kill it… or cause “bladder leakage”, etc.

                  I am NOT back to my “25 year old self”, but I’m much better than before I had it done. Glad to be alive, and functional, even though I still have to go to the bathroom frequently, at least I can go. Same at night, get up, go pee, and go back to sleep.

                  It does break up the sleep patterns, so I usually take a mid-day nap too.

                  For MY condition, it sends me to the bathroom, every 1.5 to 2.5 hours, all day, every day. No long BUS trips for me unless they have a toilet.

                  When driving on the road, I have to stop about every 100 miles.

  • Loquito

    The one site that tell you how it is!! Always great work Sean!!

  • fonestar

    $2000 Bitcoin Summer 2016!!

    Stand behind Satoshi Nakamoto and never surrender or go suck some more banker c0ck you f**’n FAKE “stackers” using Visa and Mastercard! TRAITORS!!!

    • Eric

      Zero Gold Eagles for Bitcoin Summer 2016!!

      • KRELL427

        Satoshi is doing the Deliverance pig squeal with Larry Summers as his new advisor.

        • Don

          By your logic the miner who pulled the au out of the ground is complicit with bankers when they protect themselves with metals. Anything not fiat will have its place. And considering someone will trade 20 some Oz of silver for a btc, don’t underestimate it.

    • Allender

      “Money” from nothing is not gonna work anymore after the Samson Option.

      Same as people racking up friends they will never look in the eyes.

      Fractional-reserve friends…FaceHuggers, and banks too big to fail.

      And, “Bitcon”.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    FTP. = FILL the pantry.

    fill the tank & the spare gas cans (& stabilizer), check the ammo.
    seeds. fertilizer, bug control, flea & roach & rodent control. TP.
    spare parts.

    • Don

      Get a stabilizer designed to treat ethanol. The ethanol (alcohol) effectively gives gas a shelf life of a few months. Smaller the carb, quicker it varnishes and clogs the jets. Generators, chainsaws, wood splitters, etc…

  • Goodsport

    I see we have an interesting mix here of informed and uninformed readers/listeners. Yes, the hard money people have been predicting problems for years. Remember – gold and silver are puts against the Fed and the elite. These people control the money supply and political leaders throughout the world. They aren’t going to give up the considerable control they have over our lives without a fight to the finish. With public schools educating most of our children, and with the US govt. controlling college curriculums via student loans, it is not surprising that most people do not understand monetary history or the function of money.
    The scam has continued because of public stupidity and blind faith. Hope will never be a strategy. Gold and silver are essential lifelines. Be thankful each day that the next crisis has not yet hit because key events are now coming to a climax. Be thankful for any physical that you may have. If you don’t own any, and the system breaks, do you think the bankrupt Socialists and their fiat currencies are going to bail you out. Also be thankful for the Holters of the world who are sounding the alarm despite constant ridicule.
    Finally, my advice to Millicent is this: “You are clearly a brilliant person. To further demonstrate your superior knowledge, I suggest you call your life insurance company first thing tomorrow and complain that you paid good money for a policy but haven’t collected on your bet. And be sure to ask how one goes about filing a claim.”

    • Millicent

      Thank you for your suggestion. Keep listening to BH, I’m sure he cares about your well being.

    • Ed_B

      Good post, Goodsport. I agree with most of it.

      Where we part ways is here:

      “The scam has continued because of public stupidity and blind faith.”

      IMO, it is not stupidity but ignorance that is the root of this problem. The good news is that, unlike stupidity,ignorance CAN be cured… by the inculcation of knowledge. While many today are not ready for the message that many of us carry regarding prepping and owning PMs, they will once the SHTF. Yes, that is too late according to all we know but it is better to learn late than not at all. No one can be helped until they are ready to be helped. Attempting to do so is a fruitless effort, IMO.

      • glitter 1


        You have it correct,stupidity and ignorance are different.However,once one has heard/learned the truth and fails to take action then ignorance becomes stupidity.OK then how does one recognize the truth and therefore come out of ignorance?Is it possible that one believes they have learned the truth and come out of ignorance?Yes that is possible,however,one could still remain ignorant/stupid at the same time.Yes, it’s called deception.It all depends on what the frame of reference/truth is.

        “What is truth” – Pilot

        • Ed_B

          Truth is THAT WHICH IS. And no, let’s not sink to Bill Clinton’s level by asking for “is” to be defined. We all know what “is” means. Truth is not relative. It is absolute. Something is either true or it is not. There is no sort of pregnant and kinda dead. 😉

          Failure to recognize the truth when it is presented is another issue. Whether recognized or not, that which is true remains true and does not depend on being recognized as true.

          Dang… circular logic can be a real buzz-kill. lol

  • Dave

    The “little green men” in the video clip refers to the unmarked green uniforms worn by troops appearing in the Crimea before the Russian takeover.

  • Kakistocracy

    Good interview.

    However I am concerned that once again we are talking about “this is it”, “here it comes”.
    We must keep in mind that if one agrees that Gold/Silver Au/Ag prices are 100% rigged on the fraudulent Crimex (COMEX), then we can’t look at the technical !

    Come on guys !
    The Technicals are ALL FRAUD !
    We can’t assume these are real figures depicting true demand !

    It is VERY LIKELY, that the Banksters/Rothschild Parasites are going to build up Silver for a few months and then hammer it down again for one final DESTRUCTION of SENTIMENT.
    Then and only then, will the price explode.

    Because we must never forget who we are dealing with.
    We are dealing with Pathological Psychopathic Professional Liars !
    They will never allow the common people to make money on Gold and Silver!

    Please remember that folks.
    These parasites would sell their own mother for an extra dime.

  • Kakistocracy

    The DEBT can be paid off in exactly ONE SECOND.

    Does anybody know how ?

    Very simple.


    Once this is done, PEOPLE in every country with a Rothschild Owned Central Bank will realize that they have been SCAMMED FOR DECADES ! SOME FOR CENTURIES !




    P.S. The owners of the Criminal Parasite Privately Owned FEDERAL RESERVE get a

    Doesn’t matter really since the amount is now worth over

    $100 TRILLION !
    That is how much the Jewish Zionist owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE Own.
    That is why society has become corrupted.

    One family owns approx. 40% of the WORLD ECONOMY THRU a SCAM called
    Private Central Banking.

    And still most Americans don’t know.
    We Canadians sued the Bank of Canada for issueing currency as DEBT to the Rothschild Family. But Rocco Galati lost.

    We are F*cked.

  • Great interview Sean. I like Bill, not just because we are both Texans but because he makes “good sense”. I disagree with him on one thing; we will never recover, not in 10 years or, as he mentioned, a generation. Rather than trying to explain I’ll leave a link if you are interested. If not, just keep up the excellent work.

    God bless you and yours,

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean,

    Great interview indeed. One thing to clarify to you. Little green men are Russian (naval) soldiers that helped to keep the peace in Sevastapol (Crimea) and helped the locals to rejoin Russia. This way thus keeping the deep water port to Russia. The USA military thought they could annex that. Hope that clears it up!

    regards, Hugo

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS. One further observation about “trying” to help every hungry, starving sheeple who never prepared for it.

    Knowing that a LOT of people would say that Jesus would help etc etc. but they forget that even JESUS had Limits. Even Jesus lost his temper and his patience as he violently threw the money changers out of the temple. (today, Jesus would be arrested for felony battery, attempted murder, and destruction of property and inciting a riot and trespassing.)

    He also said, that the NEXT time he comes, he will NOT come to bring peace, but he will come with a SWORD.

    The “Wedding feast” begins, and those who did not prepare, will be OUTSIDE the doors which will be LOCKED.

    Be ready, or be dead. It’s better to be FAR too early, or you will surely be far too late.

    • chris

      CED – good post for a guy who is “spiritually bankrupt.” 🙂

      • willygroper

        chris, got a dog in this fight? your quote would imply so.

        gonna reincarnate, get biblical & preach jesus? guess you’re not gonna die either, eh? cog/dis inspiring.

        Gen 4:10

        perhaps you gotta shotgun to meet a stranger at the door too. gonna blow their head off for a “perceived threat?”

        tell me pal, is it going to work on bioterror or microwaves?

        gonna shoot’m? all of us are outgunned at EVERY level. you keyboard bad asses take the cake.

        what both of you (epic) fail to see is the division spouted. is that not the strategy of tension implemented on racial, religious, financial grounds? divide & conquer. as long as you focus on your brother, you’ll never take your slave master to task. it’s worked for thousands of years.

        both of you perpetuate it.

        to paraphrase benji…we hang together or surely hang separately.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          How in the heck does anybody of intellectual honesty, morph from dealing with an unprepared, hungry-zombie sheeple pounding at the door (and shotgun deterrent), into attempting to detour my points by asking if I’m gonna use a shotgun against Bio-weapons, armed platoon of military men, air stikes, etc etc blah blah yadda yadda woof woof?

          Of course, I CERTAINLY understand that my meager, pathetic defenses, may work ONLY against the Darwin-Straggler trying to rob me of my family’s preps.

          I certainly understand that I am likely to be 99% defenseless against some diseases, chemical, and organized aggressors. I am also defenseless against a large meteor or comet strike, or against a 2000 ft tall tsunami, or a direct hit from a Force 5 tornado, or old age, car accident, plane crash, etc.

          But I am NOT defenseless against some demanding sheeple pounding on my door. I can probably deal with THAT particular threat quite well, and I’m not going to wait 2000 more years for some “no-show” savior to come to my rescue.

          Jesus didn’t wait for the money changers to decide to get up and leave. Jesus kicked their asses OUT of there, NO waiting, no “would you please move to the other side of the street.” etc. He just grabbed a WEAPON and ATTACKED the threat with physical violence and force.

          If that weapon was a “cat of 9 tails”, those can cause DEATH, and certainly cause FLESH to be RIPPED from the body. It is considered at times, as a LETHAL weapon, or at the least, as a weapon of terrible torture, maiming, etc.

          Jesus had his “whip”, and I have my shotgun and my handgun. Same difference.

          • willygroper

            1. chris was the one being addressed. not you.

            2. “hungry-zombie sheeple pounding at the door ”

            you are whipping yourself into a frenzy of fear.

            no worries, ur not gonna die…reincarnate, amirite?

            jesus & reincarnation are 2 mutually exclusive concepts.
            you are not going to have both, which explains your bible thumping cog/dis. you don’t believe your own bs.
            if you were secure in your belief system, there would be no need for a rabid attack on others based on your perceptions.

            fear…your master wins again, slave.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Jesus the Prepper.
          Jesus the Vigilante’.

          He taught people to PREPARE, spiritually, yes, but also PHYSICALLY too. Care for, and protect your family was taught.

          But Jesus also taught about being prepared for VIOLENCE and physical battle when he said “He that does NOT have a SWORD, SELL your coat and BUY a sword.”

          He was not talking about going into the TREE TRIMMING business. He was talking about a MILITARY weapon that is capable of killing LARGE numbers of people without needing to be “re-loaded”.

          A sword, is a SILENCED-SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT weapon that NEVER runs out of AMMO. As long as you can SWING it, it can potentially kill THOUSANDS of people.

          And Jesus said people should be armed with this deadly weapon. It’s not very useful to plow a garden, or to cut the grass or trim trees. Nope, but it’s really good at chopping heads and stabbing torsos, or chopping arms, legs and hands.

          That’s the Jesus in the bible. That’s the PREPPER Jesus of REAL LIFE telling people to be ready to DEFEND your family, save yourself from criminals, robbers or other threats.

    • Ed_B

      “Be ready, or be dead. It’s better to be FAR too early, or you will surely be far too late.”

      Agreed, which is why many of us prep with the following thought in mind: “It is better to be a year too early than a day too late”. Or even several years too early because it will be VERY difficult to come back after being any amount of time too late.

      Speaking of such things, I recently reviewed my food stock and found some cases of canned fruit that I had put away in 2010. Yes, I should have been eating these and rotating the foods all along but did not do that. My bad. Still, I brought a few of these cans up from the basement and opened a can of pineapple. It looked and smelled good, so I ate a piece. It was good, so I ate 1/2 the can. I put the rest in the fridge and ate it the next day. This pineapple was 6 years in the can and was still good. Yes, I learned from this experience: 1) get busy with my food supply rotation; and 2) canned food, even something like pineapple, lasts a lot longer than the “use by” date on the can. Those dates are very conservative. They are a guide, not a law.

    • Ed_B

      “today, Jesus would be arrested for felony battery, attempted murder, and destruction of property and inciting a riot and trespassing.”

      Agreed. But then, just how well is that going to work out for his persecutors? Life is filled to over-flowing with choices. Choose wisely. 🙂

      But, who knows? Perhaps the next time around, Jesus will appear as God’s High General wielding the Power of God, and not as “the prince of peace”. If so, we’ll see who gets persecuted!

  • Von Braun did warn of the invasion of little green men to bring about the N. W. O. ….

  • The Other Kevin

    There is an alternative turning your back on those that did not prepare. It is called free enterprise. It is one of the most natural things man engages in. No prepper is going to have everything he needs. Everybody has something offer. My brother is not preparing, but he does have acreage. I do not have land. I could see us working together.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I agree. That is the PERFECT co-operation. You can stock up on SEEDS, bug chems, bug CLOTH, TOOLS, fertilizer, mason jars, and canning supplies, gardening books, well drilling books, etc, and when the SHTF, you’ll be ready to be part of the TEAM.

      SYAO. Pack your pantry (and bring a trailer to transport your preps to your brother’s land).

      • Woodchuck

        Yes have skills and things others will need. After watching real time Venezuela collapse I’m going to acquire more barter items to add to the larder. Simple but necessary items that will help others such as TP and Hygiene products that will not bring acute awareness to your preparedness status. When one of my older brother’s was in the Navy and stationed in Vietnam he helped some of the locals. The one thing they cherished was soap and hygiene products. Bill H is right when credit fails so will the JIT and shipping structure. As Jim Rawles indicates only donate anomalously through a structured local organizations and churches. Keep your OPSEC low profile, don’t be seen as a source of supply.

  • William

    Yes, anything is possible, including wishes and rainbows. It can come like a thief in the night, the mockingbird media, etc., etc., etc.
    Do you really believe that there a no more items in the bag of tricks to keep things going? Do you really believe that those in power so long are going to fade away?

    The COMEX is going to default, the dollar destroyed, and you will have nothing left. How many people right now can survive any type of serious natural disaster – – hardly anyone. Our lives are too dependent on food, medicine, etc. Even the peppers who have their own farm cannot survive long-term. They only think they can – – it is far more difficult than you can imagine. Ask anyone who has been in combat without food and water how tough it can be in the short-term – – never mind delusions of holding out for years.

    I hope none of this society breakdown comes to pass. Would you really want to live in a “Mad Max” world?

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I fully agree with you, that surviving is never going to be easy. Those who are most adept at it, seems to me, are the Amish, and they’ve got an entire community and large families and more than a couple hundred years of experience & tradition to support them.

      Mad Max living is NOT what I’m looking forward to. I do hope our system does NOT go all the way down, or at least not for TOO long duration.

      The worse it gets, the vastly more devastating the starvation will be. We could very quickly become the Bangladesh of America.

      I’d say, even if somebody has NO plans to EVER grow a garden, I still think it’s a GREAT idea to have LOTS of SEEDS, and all the SUPPLIES for doing it, even if your supplies are to be used as BARTERING items. Somebody out there will be desperately searching for things to grow a garden, but they don’t have the supplies.

      If we don’t fall down nearly that bad? Then all you’ll need is some PM’s to survive in style.

      • KRELL427

        Cutting a hole in my hood and installing a supercharger before its too late.😀

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          How about some sailing mast and sails for those “wind powered” monstrosities from Thunderdome?

          Two men enter, one man leaves. (Bernanke vs Paulson. Blankfein vs Dimon. Yellen vs. Blythe Masters, etc)

          Or how about the cars converted to WOOD BURNING gasification? That’s been around since the 30’s.

          I imagine it wouldn’t take TOO much work to put a chainsaw engine on a bicycle (but you’d hear it coming from a mile away if you don’t put a bigger muffler on it.)

          I like the idea of swapping a roto-tiller motor, back and forth on the bike, or trike, etc, as those things have got reverse, forward, and some have 2 forward speeds and a gear shift.

          Me and my neighbor, are planning on fixing up a busted roto tiller, (bad engine), and we’re going to slap a 2HP, or up to 5HP ELECTRIC motor on it and run it from an extension cord.

          Less vibration, NO gas, No oil, NO noise. And NO PULL ROPE trying to start the darn thing, and NO tuneups either.

          Decades ago, some company used to make ELECTRIC riding lawn mower-tractor. Interesting stuff.

          I’ll bet, you could even use a gas powered weed whipper (or maybe even an electric one), to slap it onto a bicycle for a boost.

          I’ve read about using a gas weed whipper motor, modified to use as an “outboard motor”, homemade prop, etc.
          I’ll bet a little (2HP, 4HP) outboard motor (even an electric TROLLING motor) would be workable on a bike-trike.

          There are people in the world, who have SOLAR electric powered BOATS. It would be easy to do on a PONTOON boat, with a roof full of solar panels, and 3 or 4 trolling motors, etc.

  • Executive Order 11110 ended the longstanding Silver Certificate program by handing the power of issuance over to the Treasure Department, which at the time was headed by C. Douglas Dillon of Dillon, Reed, & Co. infamy. Just go look up any number of pictures of Silver Certificate Treasury notes dated from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, which are of course pre-Kennedy.

    He was of the school of “New Economics,” essentially the beginning of Neo-Keynesianism. There were a lot of reasons the Georgetown Set blew his brains out, but monetary policy was definitely not one of them.

    This “Noble Lie” has paved the way for disinformation agents/fake whistleblowers like Karen Hudes to push their way into our sphere of influence and distract and discredit.

    Like the “BRICS Saviour” meme, this historical ignorance needs to end. The sad part is, it proves that NO ONE who regurgitates this crap has actually taken the time to investigate the history of the Silver Certificate program, let alone read the Executive Order in question. I don’t agree with a lot of G. Edward Griffin’s “solutions” to our financial woes, but he and Charles Savoie have done such a thorough job debunking this historical revisionism it’s a wonder why people still regurgitate it.

    But hey, who actually needs to understand metals flows and monetary history? Just selectively edit “Truth” to fit our agenda, because the “ends justify the means.” Will they justify the means when all of alt-media gasps in horror as our current gold flows are exposed as a massive “Lease In, Lease Out” program and not a sale from West to East, just as they were during the last two great monetary resets?

    Sean is too good a guy to reiterate this false meme deliberately; I just wish I could say that of the rest of the metals “analysts” who sell this line.

    • Eric


      On November 28, 1961, President Kennedy halted sales of silver by the Treasury Department. Increasing demand for silver as an industrial metal had led to an increase in the market price of silver above the United States government’s fixed price. This led to a decline in the government’s excess silver reserves by over 80% during 1961. Kennedy also called upon Congress to phase out silver certificates in favor of Federal Reserve notes which, according to the Associated Press at that time, were still backed by gold.

      The Silver Certificate program was in response to the Coinage Act of 1873 which angered citizens and put the US firmly on the Gold Standard eliminating bimetallism.

      Free silver was a major policy issue in late 19th century American politics. Its advocates were in favor of an inflationary monetary policy using the “free coinage of silver” as opposed to the deflationary gold standard. Its supporters were “Silverites”. The Silverites promoted bimetallism, the use of both silver and gold as currency at the ratio of 16 to 1 (16 ounces of silver would be worth 1 ounce of gold). Because the actual value ratio was about 32 to 1 at the time, most economists warned that the cheaper silver would drive the more expensive gold out of circulation. Everyone agreed that free silver would raise prices; the question was whether or not this inflationary measure would be beneficial. The issue peaked from 1893 to 1896, when the economy was in a severe depression—called the Panic of 1893—characterized by falling prices (deflation), high unemployment in industrial areas, and severe distress for farmers.

      What is the BRICS Saviour meme? That the BRICS countries are coming to save everybody?

      All they have to do is reject the Federal Reserve note and the cabal is on it’s knees. Hopefully soon, because the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get back to some form of economic reality.

      “I don’t agree with a lot of G. Edward Griffin’s “solutions” to our financial woes, but he and Charles Savoie have done such a thorough job debunking this historical revisionism it’s a wonder why people still regurgitate it.”

      That’s because there are no collective solutions to OUR problems. Only individual solutions. 😉

      In 3-5 days I’m buying back some of the junior resource miners I had to sell and hopefully stacking more metal. Then it’s off to the store to restock the fridge and the pantry.

      Trust in yourself. It’s going to be pretty hard to continue defending the dollar militarily when you ain’t got the metal.

      I’ll just go out on a limb here and say $20/oz Silver by June 1st!

  • ralph k

    Trump sez he could ‘settle’ the national dept ~18 Trillion ( + ) in 7 or 8 years. Everyone it seems, thinks that is impossible. My
    take is something that most have not considered in his statement. His company ( not The Donald personally ) has declared bankruptcy 3 or 4 times already. What about this… he states to ALL creditors of the USA, well, we will offer 40% on the dollar, take it or leave it, or as Monty Hall used to say, ” Lets make a Deal “. Why not? Better to be paid something versus nada and end up in litigation for multiple decades perhaps and then nothing anyway. Take the money and run.

    Just a thought.

  • Bill Holter is always interesting to listen to.

    As far as the “little green men” remark apparently this is being dismissed by the Govt mouth piece Army Times as a military term describing non-state military units and that this same term was used widely they say back in 2014 also at the start of the Ukraine conflict. given Project Blue Beam and all, it does make one wonder.

    From Army Times:
    “The phrase “little green men” typically refers to foreign troops or paramilitary forces who dress in green attire instead of traditional military gear, the officials said.

    “The term “little green men” was used in a non-extraterrestrial, military context as recently as 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, to refer to men wearing unmarked green uniforms. Reporters in Russia and Ukraine alike used the term to refer to the color of the uniforms and the men’s unconfirmed origin, the BBC reported.

    Meanwhile, the military has talked for years about preparing to face a hybrid threat, which can consist of regular forces, criminal elements, terrorist groups, cyber threats and more, all at the same time. This complex battlefield signals a shift away from the more traditional force-on-force battles of the past.”

  • GoldTooth999

    Is May 2016 the beginning for noticeable supply problems for precious metals? Think maybe limit up for months?

  • TTM

    So what exactly did Bill Holter say in this interview that is new and that we haven’t heard before for the last five years? What is it that warrants the ‘red alert’ label? The answer is, NOTHING!

    Has there been a scandal at COMEX exposing it as a fraud? NO! The only reason silver rose so far this year is that the powers-that-be wanted it this way. And it looks pathetic compared to how much it fell over the last five years.

    Maybe it’s the Saudis supposedly threatening to sell $750 bn of US dollars? Really?? This crypto-Jewish brutal Wahhabi regime wouldn’t dare do ANYTHING against the wishes of its Isreali and USA masters, because it knows full well that it is hated throughout the Arab world and is only able to keep its power thanks to the heavy US military support.

    Maybe it’s the rumor spread by Zero Hedge that the US has told China and Russia not to devalue their currencies? Do you really believe these lies spread by this Putin-worshipping disinformation outlet?? Do you really think that China and Russia are somehow independent in this game and are against the ‘evil Western NWO’? Then you are falling for the propaganda that the globalists have prepared for you, because both these countries are controlled by the same Jewish globalist forces. If you want to find out if this is true, just come to China or Russia and start criticizing the Jews publicly, and see how quickly you find yourself behind bars.

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