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Red Alert: The Past Is the Best Predictor of the Future: What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Look Like

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I am no fan of the Republicans, but the Democrats are dedicated to the overt destruction of the United States of America and the Constitution. Hillary Clinton is the evil personification of the Democratic party.

The Democratic Party Is the Enemy of the People

Of all the unconstitutional acts committed by the Democrats, the best, or worst, is yet to come. When Hillary Clinton receives the Democratic nod to be their Presidential candidate, America will enter the darkest days in her history.

America is facing unprecedented challenges and when one surveys the field of presidential candidates and we are forced to say that Donald Trump is our best candidate, it is safe to say that things could not be much worse. American is truly about to learn the meaning of the term “choosing between the lesser of two evils” and Hillary Clinton is as evil as they come.

Ron Paul Fears Hillary

Ron Paul called Hillary Clinton pro-Fed and pro-War, and these two traits may represent her strong points.

With the country poised to go to war over Syria and/or the South China Sea issues, Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to enter into the decision making in this frightening series of events or any other crises for that matter. A Hillary Clinton presidency would spell the sudden and decisive doom for this country. Is she worse than Obama? Undoubtedly, she would prove worse for the country than even the current President.

Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to become president. Her treachery, propensity for criminal behavior and her depraved indifference for her fellow Americans, makes her at the moment, the most dangerous woman in America. SHE IS WORSE THAN OBAMA!

In every scandal that she has been a part of, the body count skyrockets, far beyond the normal actuaries of mortality. Nothing sticks to this woman. If Hillary ever becomes President, history has shown that she is capable of the greatest reign of terror ever perpetrated by a sitting President. Warmongers like John McCain are doing their best to lead the US into World War III on behalf of the globalist bankers. However, McCain looks tame compared to Clinton. After reading the following, even an Obama phone recipient would be hard pressed to throw their blind support behind Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Is the Enemy of the People

Richard Nixon was run from office for the deletion of 18 minutes of audio tape to cover up a burglary at the Watergate Hotel. This event was considered to be the greatest scandal to ever be visited upon the office of the President. Yet, Nixon’s Watergate transgressions pale in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. How this woman is not in prison, is mind-boggling.

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