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Public Schools Are Now Running Fingerprint Scanners in School Cafeterias… It’s Never Too Early To Start Obedience Training!

by L.J. Devon, Natural News:

Students at Harrison Street Elementary school in Geneva, Illinois, will no longer have to keep track of their lunch money. Geneva School District 304 is putting in a new biometric scanner system that will read students’ thumb prints at the lunch checkout line. Privacy experts warn that this kind of system could turn unsuspecting students into suspicious subjects, monitored by school administrators and tracked down by local law enforcement.

The biometric scanner, installed by a local company called PushCoin Inc., has the potential to speed up the lunch line, by forcing students to press their thumbprint into the system. One fifth grader from the district says, “It’s good, because you don’t have to carry your own money or anything like that. It’s just there. Your thumb is easy, because you just have to put your thumb on (the device),” Signs Of The Times reports.

Schools installing biometric scanners for ‘convenience’ while breaching student privacy

Other area school districts are considering the biometric scanners for their lunch lines, too. Unit District 95 board president Doug Goldberg is looking to install the system for the 2017 school year.

“I will tell you that many of the kids aren’t very good about keeping track of their ID cards. And so moving to biometrics was felt to be sort of the next generation of that individual, unique ID,” he said. “We’ll record their thumbprints, there will be thumbprint readers at all the cash registers, and they’ll simply come by and — bang — hit their thumbprint.”

PushCoin Inc. connects the child’s biometric ID with their parents’ home and email addresses. Parents receive email updates regarding the status of their child’s lunch account. This technology is not new. Other school districts around the country have put thumb readers, iris scanners and even facial recognition technology in place to make automated processes more efficient, and to track and monitor students.

Privacy experts warn that a biometric system can lead parents, students and school administrators down a slippery slope. For the sake of convenience, the privacy of every individual student is surrendered when they give up their biometric ID. This information can easily be intercepted for identity theft, monitoring of students, or targeting of individuals.

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