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Paper Silver Is EASY To Get. PHYSICAL Silver… Far, Far, Far Harder.

from History channel, via You know it?:

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3 comments to Paper Silver Is EASY To Get. PHYSICAL Silver… Far, Far, Far Harder.

  • Mike

    Silver today is much easier to extract than long ago. Today all that is needed is a truck full of gravel mined by machines. No visible ore necessary. Then with the use of chemicals PMs which would have never been extracted in the past without running into a vein magically appear. The Human labor is simply no longer there. Same goes with oil. Tried to make this point on a different story but it was lost.
    If in Roman Times 1 oz of gold could buy you a nice toga or 100 years ago could buy you a nice suit what should it purchase you today? If golds value was the same as in the past today it should buy you 500 nice suits not just 1. People seem to forget that actual real work went into making a toga from farming flax to processing it to converting it into material then transported, tailored etc..All by human hands..Same thing with a nice suit 100 years ago. Today we have bug resistant machine farming and harvesting, machine textile plants and transportation not to mention modern tailoring, sewing machines etc. All with human operators but not what I would consider work compared to REAL WORK!
    This can be explained simply by only two reasons..1st Gold has lost considerable real value over time as an asset ***OR*** Not only are we robbed through managed inflation we also are being robbed of technical advancement and innovation that has made everything far cheaper in all of human history including oil. So inflation exist but so does human innovation that we are just not seeing in the price of anything…Double whammy. I suspect what has been taken as far as innovation far exceeds regular inflation.

    • Eric

      Mike, when you get done making me 500 nice tailored suits I will gladly pay you one ounce of Gold. Let me know when I can pick those up.

  • Silver Shield

    I am constantly amazed at how lucky, expensive, difficult, expansive and intensive it is to find, mine and refine a single ounce of silver.

    I am also amazed for the same price people can by a pizza or how burger flippers want $15 an hour or how Jesus was betrayed for 15 ounces of it.

    Peak silver is here on the cusp of the first global generational fiat Ponzi collapse and people here think the music will last forever.

    Stack on!

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