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Outraged Americans Have Had Just About Enough of the TSA

by James Holbrooks, Activist Post:

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Sunday, about 450 passengers missed their flights because of long lines at TSA security checkpoints. This brings the total to around 800 in the past week alone — and nearly 4,000 since February.

Earlier in the week, O’Hare had advised travelers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flights because of wait times that were longer than usual. But even with an advanced warning, many stranded passengers were left fuming.

“Got here two and a half hours before my flight and it took security two to three (hours) to get through,” one stranded passenger told local affiliate ABC 7.

But Chicago’s travel woes aren’t confined to O’Hare. At Midway International Airport on Thursday, one flier, Sean Hoffman, shot a video of an excruciatingly long security line and uploaded it to YouTube. The clip has over 2.2 million views so far and, according to Hoffman, had gone viral by the time he arrived home in Oregon.

“Are you fucking kidding me TSA? What the fuck?” Hoffman asks at the end of the clip. The video struck such a nerve that the Chicago Tribune covered the story in a Monday article.

“I just kind of felt the TSA’s getting more and more (awful) over the years, so it was just a breaking point,” Hoffman explained to the Tribune about why he shot the video.

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3 comments to Outraged Americans Have Had Just About Enough of the TSA

  • anon

    “Outraged Americans Have Had Just About Enough of the TSA”?

    What took so long? And, will these “outraged” Americans actually DO anything about it?

    • Ed_B

      Bet your ass. This outraged American gave up flying over 10 years ago because of TSA BS. I am not alone in this. Lots of people who could fly no longer do so. Unfortunately, too many still do, so the airlines are not feeling the financial pinch like they should be. That’s how to get relief from all the BS in the world… grab ’em by the financial balls and squeeze until they squeal. That and only that will get the job done. They will just blow off anything less.

  • rich

    “My little lost boy please share! His only chance is FDA approval of SMA rx It works

    FDA is right up there, too…despicable.

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