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Obama Took Oath of Office on the Bible Then Celebrated Gay Marriage Ruling

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:

In a speech to commemorate the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn questioned how President Barack Obama could place his hand on the Bible when he took the oath of office and still celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage by lighting up the White House with the colors of the rainbow.

“Mr. President, did you not lay your hand on the word of God to assume the oath of your presidency?” Cahn asked. “Then how did you take the same hand and enact words and laws that war against the very word on which you swore your oath, and you uttered the words, ‘so help me God,’ but on the day that the order of God was struck down, you issued the order to illumine the White House in the colors of the rainbow to celebrate that striking down.”

“Mr. President, by what authority did you get to take the sacred colors of God’s covenant, the colors of his throne, and the colors of his mercy in the face of judgment and turn them against the purposes of God and the word of God on which you swore your oath? Does a president have the power to veto the ordinances of the living God?” Cahn asked.

Cahn also questioned where the U.S. Supreme Court got its authority to “overrule the rulings of the most high.”

“So it must be asked this day, Supreme Court justices, from where did you get the authority to overrule the rulings of the most high? And by what authority did you strike down the laws of the eternal? And who gave you the power to annul the word of the almighty and pass judgment on the judge of all existence?” he asked.

“You are neither the highest court or the final authority. There is a supreme judge, who wields a supreme justice that will not sleep forever,” Cahn said.

“America cannot be great without returning to the God of its greatness. Without humility, repentance, and revival, the ambition for greatness will end up as nothing more than a tower of Babel,” Cahn said, adding that “We’ve come here today, because our trust is not in man or woman. We’ve come here today to seek the power of God.”

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1 comment to Obama Took Oath of Office on the Bible Then Celebrated Gay Marriage Ruling

  • Ed Ritter

    Let’s get up to speed. This video is from May 2014. It establishes that “Michelle” or Michael Obama is a man, not a woman. He is the homosexual partner of his “husband”, President Obama.

    Rabbi Cahn probably could not have known this just after Obama took office. Now, there is no doubt that the Obamas are homosexuals, and not terribly interested in living in accord with Biblical teaching.

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