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NASA and Nuclear Activities: More Scrutiny Needed

from The Daily Bell:

Russia has no plans to deliver US astronauts to ISS after 2018 — US wants ISS program extended through to 2024 — Russia has no intention of concluding more contracts for delivering US astronauts to the International Space Station after 2018, the deputy chief of the state-run corporation Roscosmos, Sergey Saveliev, has told the media.

Maybe the Russians don’t want to participate anymore because NASA is engaged in too much space-station fakery.

Or maybe there are other issues such as increased US military activity around Russia. Chances are we will never know.

In the modern age, high-tech government programs are almost immune from serious scrutiny.

Governments issue press releases on their accomplishments and reporters and editors dutifully rewrite those releases and publish them.

China’s space program was seen as advancing rapidly before the release of a video that showed bubbles floating in space. Apparently, the space walk in question had actually taken place in a large water-filled pool.

NASA has recently stated space suits shall be equipped with snorkels. This has led to the suggestion that NASA’s space activities take place underwater, as in China.

A slew of Youtube videos purport to show the bubbles. You can see one HERE.

Other NASA space videos analyzed by critics are perplexing as well.

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