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Morning Joe Blasts Hillary Clinton’s ‘Mindboggling’ Deceit Over Emails

from Washington Free Beacon:

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2 comments to Morning Joe Blasts Hillary Clinton’s ‘Mindboggling’ Deceit Over Emails

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    My brother’s lawyer had reason to give advice to him concerning his part in an altercation of which he was falsely accused. He was told to say nothing to the police investigators, (led by a bull-dyke prosecutor looking to advance her career) as they could make their case on a verbal mistake on his part. I’m sure that Hillary’s lawyers have also told her this same thing on numerous occasions; “Say nothing, you saw nothing, you heard nothing, as there are no deaf mutes in prison.”

  • Steelerdude

    I am totally amazed that she still has a single follower…they have got to paid or given free anti-depressants … COME ON YOU IDIOTS THAT ARE VOTING FOR HER, WAKE THE
    F_ _ _ UP!

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