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Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump – Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away

from Mark Dice:

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8 comments to Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump – Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away

  • Sergio of the jungle

    Sre everyone on zero hedge took the stance that this was a racial matter, an attack on whites. I haven’t watched the video here but read the transcript and couldn’t find a racial reference. Not being there, it’s possible that racially based inferrences were implied. However, if everyone took a moment and analysed how we got to this state of affairs, where can we lay the blame for the fact that 50 million Americans are unemployed, that the only means to survival is being dependant on government? How did we get to the point that government can borrow money into its hands to pay for this? How did we let our independence go to where we now demand safety and security from our governments? If the system allows for the bailout of the 1%, then it is reasonable to demand, in the absence of a national debate on an alternative system, a bailout for everyone. I see his response as reasonable in light of the system’s incredibly generous promises.

  • CalSailX

    Damned Dice click bait! LOL… Poor young man talk about learned helplessness, my God it’s Louisiana. To be able to starve or freeze to to death in that state, you have to be a special kind of ignorant. Hell he acts and talks like a woman! Give me what I want or… threats…

    I think what bothers me the most is there are six other young men there that are going along with this dumb ass. Can’t be his friends, because a friend will pull you aside and let you know when you’re about to do something utterly stupid!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    There are some blacks who want a “race war”, (which would be really a losing battle when you consider that blacks make up only about 13% of the USA population, and the majority of those are single mothers with too many babies, and the available males who are NOT already in jail, and who are not old or sick, is a pretty small number.)

    Anyway, here is a SMART black man, who is angry at the stupid blacks who have NO idea just how well prepared the “white race” is for defending themselves, (not to mention the fact that there is no black community that owns tanks, missiles, jet fighters, etc.)

    I wonder how many blacks are qualified operators of those advanced war machines? PS. it’s pretty hard to win a shooting battle when all you have is a couple of handguns, one AK and less than 2 full boxes of ammo.

    OK, here is the smart one, and this is filled with FUN facts, it actually ENJOYABLE to watch the 12 year old WHITE girls advancing thru the tactical shooting competition.

  • C.i.

    Only A Short Time And This Idiot Will Be Removed By His Peers……

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Yes, it often happens that idiots who are “big & bad” and always looking for trouble & excitement, they’ll get what they are looking for. They will find all the trouble they want, even if it kills them.

      But I do like that 9mm “assault style pistol” he’s holding. Not likely he got it with honest money, if he bought it all.

      Out in the jungles of South & Central America, etc, when the natives are out hunting for monkey meat, it’s always easier to find and kill the noisy ones first.

      That’s why the smart natives are afraid of snakes, spiders and crocs, because those things don’t make a sound until it’s too late, but there is nothing to fear from the noisy monkeys in the trees, because you always know right where they are at.

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