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Laura Ingraham’s Hot Mic: ‘This Is A Train Wreck!’

from noConcision:

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7 comments to Laura Ingraham’s Hot Mic: ‘This Is A Train Wreck!’

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Wow. The team that tries to put together the “presentation” (I won’t call it “news”), are a disorganized bunch of incompetent idiots.

    So glad that the internet still has somethings that are not always scripted and controlled, but yes, the elites are working on controlling everything we see and hear.

    If they could find a way to control our private conversations, they would do so. Yes, they have got amazing surveillance systems, how to turn on cellphone mics and listen to us, how to use “smart TV’s” mic & camera to spy on us (ala “Big Brother is watching”).

    Car tracking systems and microphones to spy on us, antennas built into roadbeds to track all the cars driving on the highways. Traffic cams, RFID readers. Face recognition everywhere.

    More DNA databases, etc. It is sickening.

  • Silver Shield

    Looks like she has a shitty producer and she is having to make up for it live on air.

  • Millicent

    When they want to get rid of you they start screwing around with your head…

  • tomche

    “Laura Ingraham Lost It On a Hot Mic ‘We’re Gonna Lose Every F^cking Station We Have!’”

    Hey, if you are going to issue a quote as a teaser to get us to watch your vid – at least make sure the quote is real.
    I watched the entire piece and Laura never said those words.

    Wasted time…

    • SGT

      Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Blame the original poster first, us second. I’m going to change it.

      • Eric

        I noticed that too. But it was still funny to watch.

        Only the dipshits still get their news and information from these tools.

        6% approval rating. Lol. One of these days they’ll realize that nobody is listening.

      • tomche

        No worries, Sean. Every now and then 1 may seek by. Besides, as Eric so correctly points out – “Only the dipshits still get their news and information from these tools.” Keep up the great work at SGTReport!

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