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John Embry: Housing Market Implosion from Dallas to Toronto

from Shadow of Truth:

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1 comment to John Embry: Housing Market Implosion from Dallas to Toronto

  • anon

    Why would ANYONE in their right mind, take out a MORT-GAGE (MORT = death; GAGE/GAUGE = MEASURING DEVICE) and tie themselves down to a house, which they MUST pay an exorbitant “rent-to-own” RENT on, every month, probably until they die – hence, “mort-gage”?

    Why? Is there anything like job security? No. Even in a big city, if you lose your job – you’ll lose the house, too? Oh. Then you’ll move into an apt., right, and pay SLIGHTLY LESS IF YOU’RE LUCKY, AND ARE ABLE TO FIND ANOTHER JOB!

    They’ve got us all on the hamster-wheel of debt-servitude – going round, and round, and around – and never truly living life in the simple ways most of our ancestors did. All to completely control us. They’re PSYCHOPATHS, that’s what psychopaths do. Control.

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