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Joel Skousen: Top Prepper Reveals How To Survive The Apocalypse

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Many of us may not know exactly what it is that is heading our way, but there are millions of Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme measures to get prepared.

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11 comments to Joel Skousen: Top Prepper Reveals How To Survive The Apocalypse

  • GoldTooth999

    What is little brother Mark Skousen doing in these so-called perilous times? Mark is hanging out with Gingrich on a cruise line promoting stocks. Despite the looming threat of locusts and pestilence, Mark even finds the time in his busy schedule to attend FreedomFest and to have a great time in a Mormon sort of way. In 2012, Joel worked the alt. media talk circuit telling everyone Romney was an outsider.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Odd but interesting observation.

    Surviving & living during the times of ROMAN EMPIRE, the daily rate of pay (I’m sure this was considered a GOOD PAYING JOB), was a single silver denarius for a single day of work. The denarius was about 1/10th ounce (or a silver dime).

    That amount, surely supported that soldier, his wife and kids, food & housing, etc. Probably 5-10 kids and everything they needed for living, eating, paying taxes, etc.

    I am also sure, that those soldiers did NOT get paid on their “days off”.

    My point? Is that using the OLD payment method & valuation of silver, a family lived quite WELL on less than 30 ounces of silver per YEAR.

    THAT may be all we will need to survive a “financial apocalypse”. Or maybe not, but it is worthy of a bit of time to consider the possibilities.

    Myself? I’m thinking that today’s coming apocalypse, will probably require about 20 ounces of silver per MONTH for all the living expenses, give or take a little bit.

    • Eric

      I wouldn’t count on it Craig. We all have different skillsets/situations. For you it might be 20 ounces, for others it might be 100.

      If you can live off $340/month right now. Then 20 is a good estimate.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Don’t be silly Eric, you know I’m not talking about “today’s” valuations, etc.

        The Debt Clock’s silver value numbers, fits pretty well with the ancient Roman pay-scale. ($811 per ounce)

        That would make a Denarius, about $81 today. While that’s really only about $14 per hour (before taxes), it’s still not enough to care for a family of 8.

        I don’t think (perhaps we BOTH think) that silver will easily become $100 per ounce, even BEFORE any price inflation hits the markets. (we both know that silver right now, at a G/S ratio of mining extraction numbers of 10 to 1, would put silver at $120 for the last twelve months.)

        And if you remove the manipulations, we could probably raise the price of G & S by a factor of 3X, 5X, or higher.

        In THAT situation, 20 ounces will be exactly $2000 in today’s purchasing power, etc. I can live very well on $2000 per month.

        Some people, can only pay their house taxes & car insurance with that amount each month.

        However things go, it certainly is going to be very full of surprises for the sheeple, and even WE are sure to be shocked at what we see.

        • Eric

          Silver doesn’t get more valuable. The price may change, but it’s the world around it that changes. Even if it was $811/oz. the world will be different. The one thing you don’t have might cost you 500 oz. like bribing a border guard for instance. You guys are making way too many assumptions.

          Your overconfidence is your weakness.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            There are so many different ways to look at it. I can’t say one is right or the other is wrong.

            There are all kinds of historical examples and then there are “gut instincts”.


            Besides the Roman Soldier daily wage (10-14 hours of hard work building roads, aqueducts or fighting wars) for 1/10th ounce of silver (Denarius), that would be combat pay, skilled trade work.

            Or, at the turn of the 1900’s, when a 2000 square Foot home would cost only about $2000-$2,800 and 20 silver dollars would buy a Gold Double Eagle (I imagine that the MONTHLY wage, may have been as low as $20 ???? So in THAT context, the idea of 20 ounces of silver being a FULL month’s modern value pay and living expenses is NOT in the Twilight Zone.

            And in the context of a Roman soldier earning less than THREE ounces per month is another valid bit of history, but it’s impossible at this point, to know exactly WHAT kind of “silver ounces per month” that WE will need for a full featured monthly wage.

            We look at history, we look at the criminal markets, we look at the debt clock numbers, (even though we are NEVER given the FULL accounting of ACCURATE numbers.)

            And with all the varieties of data, we TRY to come up with some kind of idea of what may happen, and yes, we are ALL fully aware that it will probably be VERY different than anything we have imagined or calculated.

            We all approach the future with SOME kind of plan, trying to increase our chances of survival in decent shape.

            You have your bugout bag & supplies to remain mobile and flexible.
            Ed_B has his mountains, and I have my rural acres, water well & garden area.
            What we have in common, is the knowledge that a crash is coming, and it’s gonna be the biggest thing the world has yet seen (other than atomic wars, asteroids, etc)

            We all have our PM’s, ammo, food, skills, and some kind of planning. None of us are blind sheeple.

            It’s GOOD that we are a wide variety of people, plans & places, because it ensures that at least SOME of us will be successful and will survive. If we ALL had the exact same plan or ideas, then we might all die. Our variety helps our chances.

            Good Luck to you Eric, Ed, Howard, Millicent, Glitter, and ALL the rest of my SGT fellowship.
            It’s sad to think, that some of us, may not make it thru the next 5 years, but try to survive.

            Be clever, patient, alert, and do your best.

            • Eric


              Don’t go down without one helluva fight!

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                Agreed. Give it a good effort.

                But, there is ONE thing I don’t have, is any BITCOINS. (Yet I do NOT feel naked.)
                I can see where the Bitcoins may be useful in getting out of Venezuela, or doing some dealings in Zimbabwe, or moving money out of China’s capital controls, but for me?

                I don’t think it will be missed. But I could be wrong (I’ve been wrong before- divorced TWICE…so I know how to make mistakes.)

                S&P / DLB.

                • Eric

                  You can always buy the “bitcoin investment trust” (GBTC)

                  It will serve you about as well as bitcoin during a collapse.

    • Ed_B


      That is an interesting observation and is one that I have considered for a long time now. Although my estimate includes a number of “guesses”, I would like to think that they are well educated guesses and not just some WAGs. So, my method is as follows: 1) my thought is that it will take an oz. of silver per day to pay for what a husband and wife will need after the SHTF. This is somewhat historical and somewhat guesswork but when one is estimating, this is what they are likely to come up with. That means that I need 1/2 oz. per person per day. 2) because of 1, and the fact that I have 7 people to prep for in our family, that would be 3.5 ozs. per day. Now, assuming that the SHTF will be bad but maybe not as bad as some think, my estimate of duration before things return to some degree of “normal” is 3 years. 3) because of 1 and 2, the amount of silver I need to get myself and my family through the worst of times is: 0.5 oz/day x 365 days x 3 years x 7 people = 3832 ozs. Because of the guesswork involved in this, I then rounded this up to 4,000 ozs. Note that this is what is needed for survival. Since I would like more than mere survival, I have added a 50% bonus to this amount to arrive at 6,000 ozs. This is do-able and a very good start has been made on this. In fact, I hope to reach this goal sometime in late 2016.

      In addition to this, I have also stacked some gold. All of that is in 1-oz. coins. I would like to have a 100:1 silver to gold ratio, so will be needing 60 ozs. of gold in my stack. This too is do-able but may not get done in 2016. We’ll see. In any case, if gold and silver can help get us through a very serious SHTF time, it will have been well worth the effort and expense.

      Not to be left out of all this is a similar effort made in terms of food, water, water purification, meds, tools, fuel, batteries, solar chargers, and other critical preps.

      Like life itself, prepping is multi-faceted. It has to be to address so many areas of need.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I congratulate you on trying to logically figure out, the amounts and things that you think will sustain you and your family for the future.

        That is the trait of a GOOD prepper. We try to figure out enough “Future” things, so we are not caught TOO much by surprise when the SHTF.

        Everybody certainly has their own ideas of what is enough, but at least, we preppers here at SGT, are a pretty intelligent bunch.

        Don’t forget those respirators & house filtration for all the volcanic ash that may someday come your way. Those respirators/filters, may be a good idea for EVERYBODY on this planet.

        You never know what local or global event may happen to create a genuine need for filtered air. Even the dust storms in China & Africa brings a lot of problems with exotic mold dust from Africa, or industrial dust from China (or if Hanford or other nuclear sites go Ka-Blewie).

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