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Impending Coup in Venezuela as People Suffer Under Socialist Regime

from TRU News:

A coup in Venezuela could be on the horizon soon, as the people grow increasingly tired of the socialist regime of Nicholas Maduro.

Henrique Capriles has told the military to make a decision, according to CNBC, between the constitution and the president.

“I tell the armed forces: The hour of truth is coming,” Capriles said.

Last week Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency and gave himself and the military greater power. The National Assembly voted against it. The move was spawned by the massive economic crisis the country is facing.

Maduro claims he will ignore the decision of the Assembly and has accused the U.S. of trying to have him overthrown.

Venezuela is out of cash, due to the dropping oil prices and the country’s socialist economic policies, which began with the presidency of the late Hugo Chavez. He spent a tremendous amount of money on social programs, but now the people are hard-pressed to find food.

Riot police officers fire tear gas during clashes with opposition supporters in a rally to demand a referendum to remove President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, May 18, 2016. REUTERS/Marco Bello

People line up in the wee hours of the morning for bare essentials, and they are greeted by law enforcement dressed in riot gear. Store shelves are empty, and when food is found, most people can’t afford it.

Inflation has gone up more than 180 percent and is expected to rise dramatically next year.

Hospitals are dirty and lack basic supplies, according to LA Times.

People have been protesting in the streets, but they are afraid of being sprayed with tear gas or hit with the canister.

This comes as socialist politicians in several countries have drawn support from voters, especially from young people. In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn won the election in the Labour Party, which promised “21st century Socialism”, as reported by The Telegraph. In the U.S., Bernie Sanders has given Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a run for her money, as reported by TRUNEWS, despite calling for an income tax rate of 90 percent.

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