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How the West Got Rich

from Gold and Liberty:

I find it funny (and terribly sad) that so many supposedly informed and educated people don’t understand what a miracle capitalism (and the Western tradition, including English common law) truly is. Many of us, perhaps most of us wouldn’t even be alive today if it was not for the concepts which spread from north western Europe, to North America, and then beyond. We live in amazing wealth. Even the poor in the West have amazing wealth relative to the poor throughout history and relative to parts of the world where commerce is stifled by statism, fear, ignorance, and war. (War is a product often of statism, fear, and ignorance.)

When everyday people are allowed to think and to pursue profit in peace the world progresses. Life gets better. Inventions happen. Commerce happens. Where liberty is embraced wealth is not far behind.

And yet, so many people do not understand this. It is a tragedy.

Of course there are many vested interests that do not want people to understand that liberty brings wealth. (And with it power for the middle classes.) These people are the people who hold the reins of the state or who resent the fact that progress is often uneven. (Often the same people in the West.) These people would prefer to keep the average person bridled. Better a plodding regimented existence in which the political class remains in relative power than a dynamic world where the status of the statist is sharply diminished.

Staists of various stripes are the true “conservatives.” They want to tame the human spirit.They want to control the world and the people within it. Theirs is a philosophy which is fundamentally based on fear, both of the common person and of real progress. It is the capitalists which are the true revolutionaries when one zooms out on the great map of history.

I say viva liberty! Viva the bourgeoisie. Viva thought. Viva commerce. Viva capitalism. Viva peace. Viva progress. Viva the West.

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  • rich

    A $1 Billion Central Bank Guide for Enriching Friends and Family

    Governor funnels at least $72 million into cousin’s lender
    ‘This goes beyond your usual allegation of crony capitalism’

    Gyorgy Matolcsy is rewriting the rules for central banking inside the European Union to include family and friends.

    Since being tapped to run the National Bank of Hungary by Prime Minister Viktor Orban three years ago, the former economy czar has funneled the equivalent of almost $1 billion to six foundations he set up over the objections of his supervisory board and to the irritation of EU officials.

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