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“I don’t think we should make a federal case over it,” exclaimed the 82-year old senator

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein says it is time to forget about Hillary Clinton’s misuse of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

“Hillary Clinton is going to win this primary. I say enough is enough. Let’s get to the major problems facing this nation,” she told ABC News on Sunday.

The scandal is not about Clinton’s comprising national security or thumbing her nose at State Department security protocol, according to the 82-year old senator.

Instead of a national security issue, the email scandal is about Clinton’s personal life.

“I think this is a woman who wants a little bit of a private life,” she said. “She wants to be able to communicate with husband, with daughter, with friends and not have somebody looking over her shoulder into her emails.”

In fact, people were looking over her shoulder. According to Inspector General Steve Linick, Clinton’s unsecured email server was hacked on several occasions. Clinton violated department rules by failing to report the attacks.

“Notification is required when a user suspects compromise of, among other things, a personally owned device containing personally identifiable information,” investigators wrote in a report. “However, OIG found no evidence that the Secretary or her staff reported these incidents to computer security personnel or anyone else within the Department.”

After Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, aka “Guccifer,” gained access to the email of Clinton confident Sidney Blumenthal, the FBI initiated an investigation into Clinton’s misuse of the email server to determine if classified information was mishandled. “It was like an open orchid on the Internet. There were hundreds of folders,” Lazar told NBC News before he was extradited to the U.S.

According to Feinstein, however, Clinton did nothing wrong. She blamed the State Department for the scandal.
“I read all 42 pages of the report. The conclusion of the report does not say that. What it says is that the department does not handle these electronic platform operations well and needs to do better,” Feinstein said.

“I mean, what do people want?” Feinstein asked. “Having said that, it is what it is and, you know, I don’t think we should make a federal case over it.”

Feinstein did not address the fact Clinton violated Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code stating it is unlawful to send or store classified information on personal email. Moreover, she is in violation of Section 1236.22 of the 2009 National Archives and Records Administration requirements.

Feinstein’s forgiveness, however, does not extend to government whistleblowers. In 2013, she accused NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden of treason.

“I don’t look at this as being a whistleblower. I think it’s an act of treason,” she said. “He violated the oath, he violated the law. It’s treason.”

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  • videoctr

    Pardon Snowden, then send Shrillery Clinton to prison and take the Clinton Foundation money on RICO violations. Use some of that money to pay the soldiers families as reparations for the Benghazi attack.

  • F16hoser

    The major problems facing the nation are 82 year old senile Senators like Frankenstein breaking THEIR oath of office to defend the Constitution. Feinstien is a Cancer spreading thru the Halls of Congress and California Voters are too stupid to realize it.

  • hill

    she like clinton cares nothing for rule of law…you know she is bought and paid for…there is no honor or integrity in her…ask your self what law she would honor…which she would break…clinton exposed every secret we have allowed DOS to have …what if they gave her the launch codes…could she keep that secret…her conduct proves that answer is NO.

  • fonestar

    Feinstein you dumb bitch! People like YOU and Clinton ARE the problem!!

  • willygroper

    by all means…let’s get to the important issues!

    kardoucheians planetary sized caboose

    metrosexual facilities

    pedo voyeurers/molestor/infestor rights

    selling of postal facilities to enrich the mouth piece’s hubby


  • Donny Brooks

    Anybody else, and these politicians/pigs would demand crucifixion. I don’t don’t why I read such articles; my hatred and loathing of these moronic, immoral pigs is so great that reading about their actions and comments simply enrages me and drives my blood pressure up. What we are seeing with respect to Hillary Clinton is a clear-cut, black-letter case of criminal actions in which negligence or an innocuous desire for privacy is entirely irrelevant. It seems clearly apparent that she is guilty of treasonous actions as defined by the laws they shove down our throats and yet, because she is clearly the person chosen to advance the “elite” agenda, her despicable actions are being downplayed. (I really wish we’d all stop referring to our overseers as the “elite” because they are anything but; they are all despicable pigs so let’s call them as such.) But what do I know? Shit, put Hillary in the position of having Life-and-Death power over much of mankind and we get not only the blessings of her unqualified wisdom and benevolence, but the economic guidance of her glorious husband. You know….that sexually deviant pig who was so instrumental in nullifying the one former, minor restraint on Wall Street know as Glass-Steagall. It appears that some inscrutable form of cosmic justice require that we reap the actions of those who would continue the exploitation and plunder of the weak. So let us all blindly promote the success of Hillary and her better half. For surely there has never been two more immeasurably qualified pigs to dictate the governance of a stinky pig-sty, an idea once known as America.

  • Ed_B

    Well, fugg it. I agree that enough is, indeed, enough. Arrest the bitch, put her ass on trial, convict her, and send her to jail for the remainder of her life. Offer her some goodies to out that SOB of a “husband” of hers and then give him the same treatment. THAT will be when enough really IS enough.

    Agree with the comment above about seizing ALL of the assets of the Clintons AND their “foundation”. Using that money to improve the medical care of the vets would be good… and no, I do not mean turn it over to the damned VA, which is a giant cluster f***. Use it via a voucher system so vets can get some decent care at a medical facility of their choice.

  • RGR 777

    any one who EVER HAD/HELD a security doc knows how bad this is…if she is not SEVERELY punished for comprising TS/TK SAP NOFORN …THEN how can we keep any secrets…like the NUC launch codes…just saying

    • videoctr

      I’d sign a petition for confiscating the Clinton’s Foundation money and arresting her. Where is the outcry? It should be called the “Enough is enough, arrest her now” petition. Enough of their criminality and profiteering.

  • Howard Roark




  • anon

    There simply HAS TO BE A WAY to insure that Hitlary NEVER ~ EVER ~ GETS ANYWHERE NEAR ~ THE WHITE HOUSE ~ EVER ~ AGAIN !!!

    • anon

      Can you imagine 4-8 (FOUR! to EIGHT!) YEARS of looking at that face, after having looked at Barry Soetoro’s for the past 8 (EIGHT!)? IF I thought that either one of them was ACTUALLY GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY (AMERICA) AND WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, I wouldn’t care one whit about their appearance. Beauty may be “skin-deep”, but ugliness goes to the bone!

  • SweetHomeChicago

    Did anyone notice?

    “I think this is a woman who wants a little bit of a private life,” she said. “She wants to be able to communicate with husband, with daughter, with friends and

    not have somebody looking over her shoulder into her emails.”

    DON’T WE ALL WANT SOME PRIVATE LIFE? Is it possible? Not in the US!

  • d

    FEINSTEIN,CLINTON,PELOSI,BOXER,REID,SCHUMER,MCCONNELL,RYAN,BIDEN,OBAMA,LYNCH,HOLDER…ALL sharing the same cell…NOW that would be a lesson to tell to your children….DO NOT .lie ,cheat,or steal… matter who you think you are..for there are LAWS that must be obeyed by ALL….and these people that I have mentioned to you are the worst kind of ‘ law breaker’…those that break the ‘trust of the people that have put the country , their lives and their children s lives in their care..THE WORST kind of human beings….imho

    • KRELL427

      I think they should build a zoo and put them all in there behind glass,and offer free admission to the public to observe what kind of criminal animals where running the country.

  • victoria

    Fire this senile Feinstein bitch in November! Hillary is criminal traitorous scum, selling secrets from her private open server and working around freedom of information requests.

  • tomche

    Diane, you are an old, shrivelled witch. Go lay down.

  • anon


    Right. Feinstein: “Enough is enough”, already! Hitlary Clinton is good for GOLDMAN SACHS! So, SHUT UP! (and go back to your hovels and eat your gruel, you – USELESS EATERS!)

  • anon

    “A government of laws, and not of men.” – John Adams

    I think if John Adams could come back to visit us today, he might wish to revise his exceptional quote (to read like this):

    “A government of laws, and not of men (or Witches who take bribes from GOLDMAN SACHS!)”

    • anon

      One more quote (It has been said, that a good number of those on the “left” (as well as their counterparts on the “right”) are atheists, in addition to being woefully un-educated, and ignorant – so with that in mind):

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

      Therein, it could be said, lies the problem in America today. A people that does not stand on principle, will fall for anything – such as to the lust for “money” (especially quantitative-easy “money”, such as $675,000.00 for 3 speeches to Goldman Sachs) – or to those who have fallen to the lust for easy “money”.

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