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Dump Hillary? Clinton Slammed Yet Again By Mainstream Media

from The Daily Bell:

This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton … -Salon

Like machine-gun fire, rat-tat-tat, three major mainstream publications in a row have recently posted stories featuring a “weak” Hillary Clinton.

This further strengthens our hypothesis that the Hillary may not ever make it to the presidential race.

We first wrote about this late last week in an article entitled, Signs from Mainstream Media that Clinton’s Campaign Might be Over.

Here’s our lead from that article:

When we start to see admissions in the mainstream media that Hillary’s public persona is perceived as “crooked,” we have to wonder if she is going to end up as the Democratic nominee.

The operative word here was “crooked.”

In these three articles, which we are analyzing now, the operative word for Hillary is “weak.”

According to Internet search facilities, there are over 500 characterizations of Hillary as “crooked” in the past month, with most of them coming in the last week.

There are 50 characterizations of Hillary as “weak” – almost all in the past week.

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2 comments to Dump Hillary? Clinton Slammed Yet Again By Mainstream Media

  • Randy

    HAH!! LOVE IT!! Absolutely effin’ just LOVE it!! The lame stream media is finally turning on her and biting her big, fat, ugly, lumpy ass, and HARD TOO, I might add!! All of the evil that she has wrought upon the world for all these years is at long last coming back to haunt her! Some call it the chickens coming home to roost. Others may call it karma, and still others call it poetic justice. But as long as it’s some truth instead of more lies, I’ll go with that.
    She IS weak, she IS a liar, she IS a murdering crook and she DESERVES no less than a nice jolt of reality shot into her bloated carcass from good ol’ Sparky!!
    This is the hallmark of an unrepentant and incorrigible LIAR, it is someone who thinks that it is OK to tell lies if it suits them and their agenda. They see no difference between a lie and the truth, it’s all just some words to them and none of them really mean anything outside of instant gratifications.

  • anon

    This is encouraging, and hopefully not just a PSY-OP on the American people. I mean, MAYBE public opinion is finally taking Hitlery to the wood-shed, and the MSM with its 6% (Congressional-level) public approval rating simply MUST listen to the voice of WE THE PEOPLE to remain in operation? (Vox Populi, Vox Dei)

    I HOPE this is what is happening. The MSM KNOWS that an ever-increasing segment of the American public is “on to” Hitlery Clinton, and the BUSH-CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE. An ever-increasing number of Americans don’t want to live under a system where they only get TWO “CHOICES” for President: 1) Another (this time Jeb) BUSH, or 2) Another (this time Hillary) CLINTON.

    (Or, conversely, the MSM is just calling Hillary “weak” to give the public the impression that Hillary’s candidacy is being called into question at the top-levels of our socioeconomic structure (at Goldman Sachs, & JP Morgan, etc.), and by their lackeys in the MSM, while, behind the scenes they are desperately trying to figure out a strategy for how to get her into the White House, and the Oval Office, and dupe the American people ONCE AGAIN!)

    Really? Those are our “choices”? Another BUSH, or another CLINTON? Are you serious?

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